[How to Marinate Rutabaga]_Rutabaga_How to Pickle_How to Pickle

[How to Marinate Rutabaga]_Rutabaga_How to Pickle_How to Pickle

Pickled foods are more common in life, and many people prefer to eat them. However, most people buy them from the surface of the city. In fact, pickling these dishes is also very troublesome. Let ‘s take a look at the rutabaga.Curing method.

Main ingredients: 10 pounds of kohlrabi, plenty of salt.

Steps: 1. Replace the kohlrabi with green leaves, remove the old leaves, and cut the root into two petals.

Then air dry to atrophy, then wash with water.

2. Put the cleaned kohlrabi in the tank, and put a layer of salt on it (spray the salt evenly). After finishing, put a weight or stone on it, fill it with water, and cover the dish.
3. When everything is ready, place at 12?
Fermentation in a room at 15 ℃, the fermentation time is 30?
40 days.

The kohlrabi marinated in this way is crispy, tender and refreshing, salty and sour, and is an appetizer.

Of course, if it is novice pickling, some problems will inevitably occur. Sometimes white mold spots will be generated during the marinating process. You can add salt and a small amount of high-grade liquor, and then put them in a cool and ventilated place. The mold spots will disappear after about 5 days.