[Passion after bath is really a misunderstanding]

[Passion after bath is really a misunderstanding]

Common vaginitis, balanitis, and gonorrhea are related to unclean sex organs during sex.

Therefore, it is very necessary to clean the hygiene of the perineum.

So how to take a bath to keep the reproductive organs clean without affecting sexual function?

Because the human body has an automatic regulation of blood flow, organs will “mobilize” some blood to them when they are busy with work.

After bathing, temperature and friction make the blood flow to the skin and keep staying. At this time, when the house is visited, the sex organs “grab” the blood to the skin, a difference in the allocation will occur.

We all know that penile erection is caused by a large amount of blood pouring into the penile cavernous body, which makes the penis hard and erect. If the sexual organs don’t get enough blood, it can easily cause sexual problems such as impotence and erectile weakness, affecting the quality of sexual life.