5 solutions to say goodbye to singles

5 solutions to say goodbye to singles

First, if you are sure that you belong to the following types: beauty is not a party, snow and ice is smart, your career is small, but your arrogance is high, and you are not willing to marry.After waiting 30, I don’t want to disappoint myself.

Even now, I still think that love is a fresh and exciting life, and there is a perfect pursuit of love in the senses.

Then your choice should be a philosopher-type man. Such men usually like art, philosophy, and psychology. They are sensitive and idealistic.

They are usually easy-going and suspect that they have high expectations for the people they like.

Of course, it is also very attractive.

They also believe that “love is the perfect place: quiet, peaceful and kind”.

There are more people in the general entertainment industry.

So be careful before choosing.

  Advice to you: Love is a fresh and exciting trick, which can not only wash the dust a little, purify the tacky hearts, make the whole person relaxed, but also see your own consciousness from the added life interest, let your ownThe soul fluttered into the sky.

  Second, if you look a little bit more attractive, your voice is not rough, your skin is a bit slippery, and you can be considered a white-collar elite, then congratulations, you belong to this type: you are often lacking in busy workA sense of security.

Your goal is to take care of a man. This kind of man has a strong sense of responsibility and believes that life should be well-placed and will take care of people.

Find happiness in serving others (they will be good nurses, teachers, and fathers).

They would say, “Love is a goal worth sacrificing for it.

“Advice to you: Even an ordinary love relationship requires tempering to reach the other side of happiness.

  Third, if you weigh more than 10 kilograms of the standard weight, if your second sexual characteristics are obvious, then you are welcome to join this camp.

You have to wear Langsha stockings and Tingmei underwear often.

And your career is not as prominent as the first two.

Your target is a civil servant man. This kind of man is characterized by wearing high myopia glasses (some mental patients also have this feature to pay attention to differences). They have little chance of reaching women because of the working environment.Hundreds of chaos will be chaotic.

At this time, do not be soft-handed, take the initiative to attack, predict that raw rice cooks mature rice.

Very responsible and reliable, loyal and quiet.

Do not like their partner’s “sensitive” expression.

They say, “Love is built on obligations and responsibilities.

“Advice to you: If a woman can’t make any breakthrough in her career, then her greatest happiness is to choose to marry.

  Fourth, if you are frail and sick, your parents are lost early, you have read the poems of Mrs. Bai Langning, and the words of Li Qingzhao, then you belong to this type.

Although it is not beautiful and unpredictable, it is inherently beautiful.

Basically, I am an editor in some famous magazines.

Your goal is an author-type man. This kind of man is very literate, writes articles and gets some manuscript fees, and works a lot in public institutions.

Will be attracted by almost the same temperamental beauty, is a good listener and very compassionate, but sometimes extremely stubborn, loves reading and writing.

They will say, “Love is in my mind, heart and soul.

“Advice to you: Nowadays, it is no longer possible for people to believe that there will be a relationship between men and women in the world that only talks about love and does not care about it.

  Fifth, if you are sure that you do not belong to the above four types, then do not doubt that you belong to this type.

Maybe you have neither the temperament of Lin Daiyu nor the dignity of Xue Baoyu.

But his work income can also be regarded as a petty bourgeois woman.

Your goal is for all types of men, regardless of height or weight, rich or poor, married or not.

In contact with others, try to show your bravery and confidence.

  Advice to you: There are no girls in the world who can’t marry, and men who can’t marry their wives.

As long as you are “greedy” and lower your requirements.