The disadvantages of women’s excessive exercise

The disadvantages of women’s excessive exercise

Regular manual exercise will not only make women healthy, slim, and improve their quality of life.

However, unreasonable physical exercise also brings various disadvantages.

Hearing loss.

High-intensity aerobics combined with accompanying volume music may damage women’s inner ear function, causing dizziness, tinnitus, pain in the ears, and the consequences of hearing loss to high frequency sounds.


Some health practitioners have found that teenage athletes tend to be masculine, with beards and even chest hair.

The root cause lies in the excessive exercise of weightlifting and other strength exercises, which led to a large loss of female hormones.

Fitness sequelae.

Women who often go to the gym to do equipment exercises, especially weight-bearing sports such as weightlifting, cause huge pressure on the pelvis, cause relaxation and fragility of perineal muscles, and severe cases can cause uterine drooping or prolapse, incontinence, etc., which can be described as fitness sequelaeMakes people uncomfortable for a long time.

  Therefore, bodybuilding experts suggest: do more balance exercises.

The outer diameter of the wall, with your feet close together, your back straight, your eyes straight up, your hands extended forward, your palms close to one side, your elbows bent, and you should do one back and forth exercise, 8-10 times a day.

Choose your exercise program.

The focus of women’s exercise should be on the physical shape, so balance, aerobics, and sit-ups are the first choice.

In addition, the current body type should also be considered. Those who are taller often do more throwing, equipment exercises, basketball exercises, etc. Those who are short and fat practice more long jumps, sprints, horizontal bars, and pull-ups.

Such as swimming, diving, skipping, etc., regardless of body shape.

  Really good idea: The smooth abdomen is enviable. In fact, you can have a little abdomen without having to do aerobic exercise.

Choose a new song that you like the most. Pay attention to the song that is broadcast more frequently on radio and TV stations.

At this point, when you hear this song, pay attention to tighten the abdominal muscles with the music. One day, you will soon find that the abdomen is getting flatter.