[Is rib degeneration high?]_ Nutritional value _ Calories

[Is rib degeneration high?]_ Nutritional value _ Calories

We all know that obesity is very harmful to the body, especially for people who love fatty meat and high-conversion food, getting fat is inevitable.

So, does delicious ribs cause weight gain?

Pork ribs are the choice of many families when buying meat. Because of their diverse eating methods and relatively simple preparation, they are popular with many people.

Is cough ribs high?

Can I eat it often?

Let’s talk about weight loss first.

One gram of protein produces 4kcal of energy, one gram of small amount produces 9kcal of energy, one gram of glucose produces 4kcal of energy, and one gram of pure alcohol produces 7kcal of energy.

The first step in fat reduction is to rationally control the absorption of energy, so that the energy is in a negative equilibrium state, with less absorption and more consumption, it is possible to use the traces stored by us. The energy of the human body mainly comes from protein, traces and small amounts.substance.

Therefore, eating these three substances to lose weight with less effort.

In fact, people have a mistaken area about protein and think that they should eat less high-protein foods, but the opposite is true.

The protein intake during weight loss is higher than usual, reaching 20% -25% of the total increase, and the intake of normal people accounts for 10% -15% of the heat ratio.

Protein can increase satiety, maintain nitrogen balance, reduce the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, increase bone mineral content, increase protein intake, and even reduce lean body mass consumption.

But protein is different from protein to protein.

Also divided into high-quality protein and non-quality protein.

Animal protein, soy protein are high-quality protein.

Different proteins play slightly different roles in the body. The fat-reducing effect of soy protein replaces casein. Whey protein can reduce the breakdown of muscle protein. Combining exercise can increase lean tissue and increase whey protein intake can also helpTo improve glucose metabolism and reduce weight.

Many people think that pork belly contains a lot of feces, but they do n’t know that the stool of pork ribs is actually more. The stool content of 100 grams of pork ribs is about 60%, and the stool content of 100 grams of pork belly is about 30%. You should choose lean meatFish, shrimp, chicken, duck, beef and mutton are all good choices. If you have to eat something with your aunt, then pork belly is better than pork ribs.

Finally, in terms of food, coarse grains should be used as much as possible.