What to do with bronchitis?

The old Chinese medicine gives you 7 kinds of diet prescriptions for conditioning!

What to do with bronchitis?
The old Chinese medicine gives you 7 kinds of diet prescriptions for conditioning!

Bronchitis is a common respiratory disease. It is mainly caused by infection or other factors. It is an inflammation of the trachea and the bronchial mucosa and surrounding tissues.

Although bronchitis is not a major illness, it is uncomfortable for people with diabetes and it should not be cured.

So, have you tried using traditional Chinese medicine to solve the troubles of bronchitis?

Let old Chinese medicine teach everyone today.

  What to do with bronchitis?
The old Chinese medicine gives you 7 kinds of diet prescriptions for conditioning!
  First, Ophiopogon japonicus drink 15g each of Huaihua charcoal, madder charcoal, Ophiopogon japonicus, Nansha ginseng, and 10g scutellaria baicalensis, add boiling water to decoction, take 1 dose daily, and take it in the morning and evening.

  2. Take the ten herbs from the ground elm soup, and cook with water: 15g each of violets, daisies powder, ground elm, raw ground, ground bone, 12g loquat leaves, and 9g raw licorice, mulberry, mulberryLeaves, Scutellaria baicalensis.

Take one dose daily, once each morning and evening.

  Third, Lily Bai Bucao Soup First, take 50g of Lily, 25g of Lilyweed, Asparagus, Agrimonia, Kung Fu leaves, habitat, 20g each of Calcareous Russula, Amomum, 15g Baiji, 10g AutumnStone, and 7.

5g of Panax notoginseng powder.

Then, after mixing the above several medicinal materials, the average is divided into 3 points, one for each morning, middle and evening, and decoction with water.

  4. Hundred parts of honey candy First, take 20g of 100 parts and fry them twice. Combine the liquid medicine with about 60ml of soup.

Then, take 20ml each time, add the right amount of honey and take the first step evenly. Take three times a day.

  Fifth, loofah Fujikawabei white and black First, take 10g of loofah vines that have been beaten by winter frost, put them in a pot, and cook them into soup.

Then, take 0 again.

1g Chuanbei, also decoction.

Finally, take the loofah vine water while it is hot in the morning, and take the Chuanbei soup while it is hot at night.

However, it should be noted that this prescription requires avoiding tobacco, alcohol, seafood, and spicy food.

  Six or seven seeds of Chinese medicine soup take 10g of zongzi, 9g of perilla seed, yellow wattle, lai zongzi, 8g of white mustard seed, cocklebur, and 5g of schisandra, wrapped with silk cloth, put in the pot,Pour in an appropriate amount of water. After boiling over low heat, take the medicine pack and drink the soup.

  Seven, northern melon ginger syrup First, take a northern melon, chopped, and add the same amount of maltose.

Then, evenly mix the two sides into a ceramic pot, add 500ml of water, and cook until the pumpkin is rotten.

Finally, remove the pumpkin dregs and continue to cook the clear juice. After the juice is concentrated, add 2g of ginger juice, stir well and turn off the heat.

Take 0 each time.

5g of concentrated juice, mixed with boiling water, 2-3 times a day.

  Warm reminder In addition to coordinating with traditional Chinese medicine, patients with bronchitis need to pay attention to their daily diet, and do not eat spicy foods such as spicy food.

Because, whether it is the disease itself or mixed with traditional Chinese medicine, such foods are contraindicated.