Anti-aging Beauty Skin Care Collection


Anti-aging Beauty Skin Care Collection

How to fight aging, beauty skin care habits are important.

Stick to the conditioning skin care steps, you can stay young forever!

Xiaobian summarizes the most comprehensive anti-aging skin care experience for you, let’s take a look!

  1 The use of high-quality skin care products should have a set of ideal and correct skin care procedures, which play a very important role in skin care; and long-term use of high-quality skin care products is the secret of beautiful skin.

  2Choose the right skin care product. You should determine what type of skin, hair and fingernails belong to.

But care should pay attention to any adverse reactions to skin care products.

  3 Moisturizing is the key point of skin care. Don’t let the skin dry, drink water often.

I drink 2 liters of water almost a day.

Take a bath every day to care for your skin.

  4 The key to adequate sleep and anti-aging is to ensure sleep and regular life, so that people can immediately recover their mental and physical strength.

  5Facial Care: Massage the facial skin from bottom to top, once each morning and evening.

  6Precautions for care, use skin creams with high oil content, such as essence, to control the obvious horizontal lines.

  7 Before going out, apply a hot towel to your face to activate capillaries and soothe wrinkles.

  8.Apply some products containing vitamin c to keep your complexion ruddy, even if you don’t apply lipstick.

  9 When applying eye cream, do not ignore the stains around the corners of the eyes, otherwise they will deepen over time.

  10 nails also need to use nutrition cream to prevent yellowing.

  11 Cover with gauze or cotton with essence or moisturizing water on the ends for 20 minutes, and let your skin drink water overnight.

  12 Tired eyes: immerse a spoon in warm water, then put it on the eyelids for 5 minutes, until the temperature of the metal spoon slowly cools down, such a simple procedure to restore fatigue is completed.

  13 insist on doing some eye care exercises, you can try it in the office or before going to bed.

  14 Lip Care: Apply toothbrush with honey on the lips and leave it for 2 minutes.

  15 Use a lip balm before going to bed, apply it lightly around the lips after moisturizing, and gently massage with a gentle pat to make your lips smooth and diffuse.

  16 Aromatherapy: Maintain adequate sleep and massage therapy with peppermint oil.

  17 Adhere to a good and regular lifestyle, drink less water before bedtime, do eye massage when you have time, eliminate eyelid puffiness, and keep your eyes from aging.

  18 Do a facial particle scrub once a week, or use some fruit acid skin care products, or use an exfoliating cream to remove the aging horny skin, so that the skin will return to gloss.

  19 insist on using sunscreen every day when going out, uva in the sun is the culprit that causes skin aging, and it must be constantly effective sunscreen.

  20 insist on eating vitamins every day, such as cabbage, cabbage, peanuts, etc. that contain vitamins c and e, which help to dilute and break down the melanin that has formed.