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Massage the four acupuncture points after soaking feet has wonderful results

Massage the four acupuncture points after soaking feet has wonderful results

According to Chinese medicine, there are four roots in a person: ear, nose, milk, and heel.

The most basic of the four is the heel.

However, modern medicine believes that many blood vessels are densely packed on the soles of human feet. Soaking the feet with hot water can accelerate blood circulation and promote the metabolism of the feet and legs.

  At the same time, hot water has a mild stimulating effect. Since numerous nerve endings on the soles of the feet are closely connected to the brain, stimulating the nerves of the feet can make people feel comfortable and relaxed.

Not only can speed up falling asleep, but also effectively eliminate the fatigue of the day.

When the feet are soaked, the reproduction in the water can enter the whole body of the human body through the soles of the feet, so that the kidney and liver meridians are maintained.

  Rubbing the Yongquan point The Yongquan point is the sole of the foot of the human body, located in the depression in the front of the foot, but the first point of the kidney meridian.

Pressing Yongquan points can nourish kidney qi, relieve fire and lower blood pressure, and strengthen muscles and bones.

When you have finished soaking your feet every night, when you are ready to go to bed, you can use your hands and palms to alternately massage and rub the Yongquan Point, pressing it more than ten times each time.

Keep rubbing this point can reduce the symptoms of cold hands and feet.

  Rub the Laogong acupoint to place the palm of your hand. When the 2nd and 3rd metacarpals are biased towards the 3rd metacarpal, the middle fingertips are used when you fist your fingers.

Make a fist in one hand and rub the Laogong acupoint in the other hand until the palm is hot.

Alternate hands.

Long-term rubbing of Laogong acupoints has the effect of clearing heart fire and reassuring, and is used to treat insomnia and neurasthenia.

  According to the kneading Qi Chong points, the Qi Chong points are located two inches beside the depression above the upper edge of the pubic symphysis in the lower abdomen.

There is an artery under this hole.

First press kneading qi to acupuncture points, then press kneading arteries alternately.

This method can promote blood circulation in the legs and warm hands and feet.

  Pat Shenshu Point Shenshu Point is located beside the spinous process of the second lumbar spine.

At 5 inches, it is the so-called “lower eye”.

Consistent massage and patting Shenshu points can help increase blood flow to the kidneys and improve kidney function.

  Warm reminder: To those of us who usually don’t pay attention to keeping in good health, soaking feet is good for the human body. Through the introduction of the above content, let us further understand the benefits of soaking feet.

It seems that China’s health regimen is amazing. In fact, there is still a lot about health regimen. I hope that everyone will pay more attention to various health regimens around them and improve their physical fitness.

Too fair skin is a sign of illness?

Too fair skin is a sign of illness?

The function of the internal organs of the human body will be reflected on the end face.

If you are busy, you may wish to observe your face frequently, and you may discover the secrets of your health.

  Ear redness represents the condition of the kidneys.

Red or purple auricles indicate poor circulation.

Drink less alcohol, eat less refined foods, eat less sugar, and exercise more to promote circulation.

  Eye circles are dark, and the complexion is dark. If you find yourself looking like this, it means that your kidneys are overburdened.

To reduce the amount of salt and sugar, vegetables that can be unsweetened should not be sweetened. Cook chestnuts with duck meat, roast Chinese cabbage, etc. for dietary therapy, and use red and white radish to cook broth.

In addition, soup with pork loin is also effective.

  Sudden increase in forehead wrinkles This situation indicates that your liver is overburdened. You should eat less animal feces, such as pork, and eat more light foods, such as pork liver, spinach, tofu and fish.

  The red tip of the nose represents the condition of the heart.

The red or purple tip of the nose may be high blood pressure, or too much salt and alcohol.

  Swelling of the upper lip This is most likely caused by complications of a gastric ulcer.

Eat more potatoes, sweet potatoes, chestnuts, potato, lotus root and other warm foods.

If the skin is too rough, try using bamboo shoots, sea cucumber, and lean stew.

  The skin is too fair, which may be caused by qi and blood deficiency.

Red dates and peanuts can be soaked in warm water, cooked over low heat, and boiled with some honey until thick.

If you eat such food often, your face will become rosy.

  Cheeks are brown-red. Cheeks are a sign of high blood pressure.

Pay attention to reducing smoking or quitting, and regularly take blood pressure.

Eating grain like this is healthier

Eating grain like this is healthier

The cold winter is approaching, the temperature is low, the days are short and the nights are long, human activity is relatively reduced, and appetite is increased.

After we use the diet to increase the speed to resist the cold.

Don’t ignore the conditioning and maintenance of the body just to satisfy appetite.

The editor of Life House has specially collected all kinds of food and health information suitable for the severe winter for you, and make you and your family healthy and happy every day!

  Buckwheat noodles Soba noodles are a kind of dark flour, but don’t look at it, it has a high nutritional value.

Buckwheat noodles can be eaten in a variety of ways, but most people are used to making noodles.

Buckwheat has higher protein than rice and flour. Especially children growing up are more suitable to eat some soba noodles. The lysine and arginine in it will make parents and children grow faster and smarter.But when parents make buckwheat noodles for their children, they also need some alternatives.

  The best match for buckwheat noodles is to use minced meat and cucumber to cool together. Buckwheat noodles are cold and easy to hurt the stomach, so you must soak them for a long time when you make them, until they are soft, taste better, and easier to digest.

Cucumber can make buckwheat noodles more refreshing and not greasy, and minced meat is best to use mutton, which warms the stomach and is a good match with buckwheat.

  The most suitable food for buckwheat is the elderly and children. Occasionally eat buckwheat noodles, and the elderly can use to reduce blood fat and lower blood pressure.

During the growth period of children, buckwheat is indispensable. Although buckwheat noodles are delicious, they are not suitable for breakfast and dinner. They can easily damage the stomach or cannot be easily digested. You can eat too much at a time.

  Glutinous rice is most suitable for making glutinous rice. Glutinous rice can be used to make porridge or dumplings, but the healthiest and most magical method is to make glutinous rice wine.

Glutinous rice can help digestion, and also has a soothing effect. It can relieve the symptoms of fatigue and dizziness. These effects of glutinous rice are more prominent after changing the brewing of glutinous rice wine, and it is more convenient to eat, not limited by the amount used.

  We can mix glutinous rice, barley rice, lotus seed meal, yam meal, barley rice, Poria couscous, and brewed koji together. Put the mixed ingredients into the enamel pot, add water, and steam in the cage drawer for 1 hour., Take out and let cool, mix into the wine brewing, put the pot in an environment of about 25 ℃, about 36?
48 hours, the raw materials are fermented into wine.

If you like sweetness, you can add some rock sugar, and glutinous rice wine can be taken at noon and evening, not only to help digestion, but also calm and soothe the nerves, and also make the stomach feel very comfortable.

  In addition, barley is good for spleen and dampness, lotus seed and yam can nourish the spleen and kidney, and Poria is used to invigorate qi.

The novel glutinous rice wine is really the most nutritious and healthy match.

  Oat and Babao Rice Slimming Oats are commonly used by people to soak in milk. In fact, occasionally, oats are used to make Babao rice.In addition, it can delay the aging of human cells and is the best health food for middle-aged and elderly patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  More importantly, oat-rich soluble fiber can replace bile acid in vitro, reduce the cholesterol content in the blood, and reduce the intake of high trace foods. Because soluble fiber absorbs a large amount of water, it has a strong feeling of fullness. It is often eaten and lose weightThe effect of weight loss is particularly good.

  Oat Babao rice is soaked in water for one hour, then oat, black glutinous rice, long glutinous rice, coarse rice, white rice, soybeans, soybeans, lotus seeds, barley, red beans, etc., and then cooked.

  Babaofan has more abundant foods to supplement fiber and glucose, which is suitable for the staple food.

Sleeping improperly, ghost pressing in the middle of the night

Sleeping improperly, “ghost pressing” in the middle of the night

Many people suddenly feel as if they are being weighed down by heavy weights, and they can’t breathe dimly, as if awake but not awake, like sleep but not sleep, want to shout, not move, people feel uneasyXie and horror seemed to have something pressed on him, and some people superstitiously called it “ghost pressing”.
Gong Shouhui, deputy chief physician of the Department of Neurology, the First People’s Hospital of Xiangfan City, Hubei Province, pointed out that in fact, this is called “nightmare” in medicine and belongs to a symptom of sleep paralysis (paralysis).
Most of them are caused by incorrect sleeping position, especially due to high pillows.
  Dreaming usually occurs during light sleep, and nightmares are when people wake up during deep sleep.
The central nerve that controls people’s movements is still dormant, while the central nerves that can convey consciousness are active, resulting in conscious but unable to move.
  Gong Shouhui said that nightmare is a symptom of sleep paralysis (paralysis) in sleep neuromedicine.
  In addition to lying on a high pillow, there are also reasons to like sleeping with your chest down, or sleeping with your head down, or having a thick quilt or putting your hands on your chest. You are overstretched during the day, and you are full.
  Long-term high pillow will not only compress the carotid sinus, but also affect the patency of the airway and snoring easily, and easily cause neck discomfort or hump.
The human head will continue to be at the highest position of the human body; and the natural physiological curvature of the cervical spine will be artificially changed, so that the tight tendons and the skin compress the neck meridians.
头部血管如果长时间处于供血供氧不足状态,使人心烦意乱,夜难成寐,一旦入睡很容易出现梦魇现象  头部长期处于供血供氧不足的情况下,会影响脑细胞新陈代谢,导致人Memory loss, middle-aged and elderly patients with cerebral dementia and brain atrophy.
It is easy to cause vascular sclerosis, and the physical waste cannot be removed in time to form a thrombus, which leads to cerebral infarction and cerebral hemorrhage.
  From a physiological point of view, the pillow is preferably 8-12 cm.
Try to sleep on your right side and avoid the above incentives, then nightmares will not occur.
Don’t rush to bed before you’re tired and dozing off.
If you are tired, you will likely have a “nightmare” when you dream.

Yoga loves males too

Yoga loves males too

Clean, healthy, natural, fresh . like the air with dew.

When Chen Kun looks at you, they can all observe as comfortable as green plants.

Ranked in the muscle man’s eight-pack abs, Chen Kun’s refreshing is even better.

What’s even more surprising is that this big boy loves yoga.

  According to the “Body Line” magazine, Chen Kun has been practicing yoga since the last year of college, and it has been more than five years since then.

Chen Kun said: “The first contact with yoga was in a farmhouse in Amsterdam. I saw an old lady in her sixties practicing yoga. I am a Buddhist. Before I contacted yoga, I had a meditation habit.I think this thing works for me.

She taught me some basics of yoga and I have been practicing it myself since I came back.

“When it comes to the topic of yoga, people around me interjected and said how difficult it is to do posture, that leg, that huge, not practicing with the teacher, is not easy to practice.

“That’s because most people don’t know much about yoga.

Chen Kun didn’t take it for granted.

  ”The yoga I practice is mainly meditation, and I also practice extremely large postures, but not so mysterious.

The main thing in yoga is to regulate breathing. The correct breathing method can regulate your mood.

There is a saying: Human life is just in one breath.

It sounds esoteric, but it does.

“Sit cross-legged, relax your limbs, and balance yourself in meditation.

This is Chen Kun’s description of his state while practicing yoga.

  For him who does not like cardiovascular exercise, yoga is the most suitable.

There is a slang term for “who slips by what bird”.

In fact, some people choose a certain lifestyle.

Slow and long, soft and warm, this description can be used to describe yoga, but also can be used to describe Chen Kun.

  Yoga has become an important part of Chen Kun’s life.

He said: “Yoga has changed me a lot, and my body is more flexible. The important thing is to make me more peaceful and natural, including my attitude towards life.

Yoga has become my concept of life.

In fact, my level is very ordinary, many actions can not be done.

If you can’t do it, you can’t do it, take your time.

“With temperament like Chen Kun and such intensity of work, it’s not easy to stick to exercise.

But for yoga, he maintains an hour of exercise per day.

If you are at home, you won’t get up after 7 in the morning and you won’t go to bed more than 10 in the evening.

  If he was in the crew, he would get up an hour and a half in advance, practice yoga for one hour, and wash for half an hour.

Ask him what motivates him to keep going?

“Like me!

“It’s a natural answer,” I can’t escape anything like the word, as long as you like it, you won’t find it difficult.

“Because I like to choose yoga, and yoga gives Chen Kun a healthy body and a calm mind.

Psychological counseling for college entrance examination students

Psychological counseling for college entrance examination students

Psychological counseling is hot before the test. “I feel it’s useless to listen.

This past weekend, a key middle school in Zhengzhou City specially invited a team of psychological experts from Beijing to provide psychological counseling for senior high school students. All senior high school students in the school must participate.A senior high school student bluntly said: “Not only did I not reduce the pressure, but I felt more and more nervous.

The senior student also told reporters that this kind of psychological counseling is effective for some students, but most students benefit from it.

  And some parents also questioned the school ‘s approach: “The exam is coming soon, and the child ‘s time is already very valuable. At this time, how much effect can it take to spend so much time on psychological counseling?

Is it worth it?

“Similarly, there was a high school senior candidate who listened to the psychological counseling organized by the school. When asked by his parents, the candidates simply said,” I can’t listen after listening to a few words. It’s useless.

“It is understood that in recent years, more and more schools and parents are very enthusiastic about how to adjust their children’s mentality before the test.

Not only does the school invite psychologists to provide counseling to candidates, some parents have also been “learning lessons”
. From March this year to the present, many large and small psychological counseling lectures have been held in Zhengzhou, attracting many listeners.Over children.

  A parent told reporters: “My daughter is about to take the middle school exam. She belongs to the kind of child who” will be dizzy every test. “This time I want to help the child replace the burden of thought.

As for any gains after listening, the parent took out his notebook and said, “I felt that I was” symptomatic “with my daughter’s condition, and I wrote it down and went back to try it.

“Is psychological counseling useful?

  It is understood that the pre-examination psychological counseling organized by the school is a group lecture. The school organizes all students in the graduating class to listen to psychological counseling conducted by a psychologist or a team of experts.

  When reporters interviewed Zhou Jianxun, the head of the Ministry of Minority Health Education of the Zhengzhou Health Education Association, Zhou Jianxun said: “This kind of psychological counseling before the exam has indeed been very” popular. “Many middle schools hired psychologists to counsel candidates before the test.

Zhou Jianxun said that there are some problems with this kind of psychological counseling before the exam.

The biggest problem is the lack of pertinence. Psychological counseling faces hundreds of graduates. Most of the content is a wide range of common problems, resulting in a variety of assumptions, such as “What if you are nervous when you take the exam?

“” If you leave your brain blank after you roll out the test papers, what should you do?

“Wait, this kind of coaching has its positive side, it can make 30%?
40% of the children benefit, especially the junior students who are about to take the mid-term entrance examination, because they have not experienced a similar big exam, and they have some psychological preparation for the rehabilitation exam after listening to the guidance of a psychologist.

  However, this kind of counseling also has its negative side. It is lack of pertinence. Every time hundreds of candidates take counseling together, more than half of them avoid benefiting from it, and even become more nervous after listening.

“Some children have good psychological qualities and there is no psychological pressure, so receiving psychological counseling is a waste of time for them.

“To make matters worse, Zhou Jianxun said, some children who were not already nervous became nervous after receiving psychological counseling.” I have met a high school senior who had a failure experience in the middle school entrance exam.It had been adjusted, but I did not expect that after listening to a psychological counseling lecture, I became very nervous because of the original shadow.

“The deputy chief physician of the Ninth Ward of the Eighth People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou City said:” The docking of psychological state with test scores may also evolve into a dangerous psychological cue, exacerbating the burden of candidates, and some candidates do not have a link between scores and psychology. WhenYou keep reminding that stress can have serious consequences, and they may become more worried.

“Also, this kind of psychological counseling only teaches without practice and lacks interaction. Psychologists give lectures and leave after the lecture. There is no follow-up, no communication and interaction, no evaluation, and I don’t know what the effect is after the lecture.

  Psychological counseling should be targeted at the phenomenon that psychological counseling is currently popular for candidates. One person is not worried. “Because of the popularity, many schools are irrational and do not consider the actual situation.There is a great potential for comparison, and some psychological counseling agencies that do not have the qualifications and strengths are also taking advantage of it. ”

“In fact, schools should do screening work for seniors in advance.

Zhou Jianxun said that some candidates who suffered from “college entrance examination syndromes” such as memory loss or “come dizzy every test” should be screened out very early. Please have experienced teachers, psychologists, and targetedIndividual coaching, so you can also track, interact and feedback, and get good results.

For group coaching, the positive side should be acknowledged, but don’t force all candidates to listen.

I know myself best and ask my child’s opinions. Those candidates with good psychological quality and no pressure can not listen at all.

You can choose to eat these 10 kinds of corn and black rice for weight loss

You can choose to eat these 10 kinds of corn and black rice for weight loss

Click to buy Many female friends want to have a sloppy figure, and among the various scientific and various weight loss methods, the main core is around rational diet and adherence to sports.

Today we mainly talk about this diet. Dieters who eat more miscellaneous grains in their diet have a headache for their health. The key is that they can lose weight. Let’s introduce the 10 kinds of miscellaneous grains that are getting leaner and thinner.

  10 kinds of miscellaneous grains that are getting thinner and thinner1, corn Corn is a crude fiber food. After eating, it will easily make you feel full, and it is rich in nutrients and can be very low, which is very helpful for weight loss.

  2. Black rice Black rice is rich in vitamins, impurities, and a variety of trace elements, has low conversion, and is healthy in nutrition. It is a food eaten by a diet.

  3. Oat is rich in soluble fiber, which can make the human body absorb food nutrients for a longer time, so that it is easy to achieve and maintain a feeling of fullness. In addition, it can also speed up the fermentation of peristalsis and low metabolism. The weight loss effect is very good.

  4, Chixiaodou is rich in protein, vitamin B1, calcium, iron and other nutrients, has the function of swelling and water, the effect of weight loss is very good.

  5. Coix seed Coix seed is a high-fiber food. This fiber is essential for weight loss. In addition, coix seed is a food with low feces and low content, which can reduce weight and maintain body.

  6, black beans Black beans contain cellulose, saponins, anthocyanins, soy protein and other ingredients, which saponins can prevent fatty acidification and prevent weight gain.

  7. Peanut Peanut is a low-sodium food, which is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which increases the consumption of calories. It also contains a variety of cellulose, which can remove internal waste and prevent slight accumulation.

  8. Pea Pea is rich in supplementary fiber, which can quickly initiate peristalsis and improve constipation. It also contains ascorbic acid, gibberellin and lectin, which can enhance metabolism and accelerate slight burning.

  9, buckwheat buckwheat is rich in protein, impurities, a large amount of cellulose, vitamins, etc., can digest trace amounts, prevent obesity, and can also clean the stomach.

  10. Mung beans Mung beans are detoxification products, which can promote lipid metabolism and make it difficult to accumulate a small amount under the skin.

  The above are the 10 kinds of miscellaneous grains that are getting more and more thinner. These miscellaneous grains are common foods in our lives. Everyone can make more miscellaneous grains when they are cooking, so that they are both nutritious and worry-free.Gaining weight is a great benefit for those who do not want to diet and lose weight.

Parents must read: Urging children to learn is also an obsessive-compulsive disorder

Parents must read: Urging children to learn is also an obsessive-compulsive disorder

Immediately after coming home from work to see if the child is sitting at the table and doing his homework, the child urged him to do his homework as soon as he watched TV. This is a true portrait of some parents paying attention to their children’s learning.

Experts say that it is necessary for parents to urge their children to learn, but do not suffer from “obsessive-compulsive disorder”.

  Wang Limin, a professor of medical psychology at Harbin Medical University, imitates that using “obsessive-compulsive disorder” to describe the current performance of some parents in urging their children to learn is not an exaggeration.

Some parents will see if their child is doing homework after work. If the child is not writing, they will say, “Still playing?”

Have you finished your homework?

“” How many times have you watched TV?

“” I haven’t done my homework yet?

Go homework!

“As long as the child doesn’t move, parents urge and chase over and over again.

Some parents even call to urge or ask their children to do their homework when they go to work.

  Such parents, if they see that their children do not obey the order to do their homework in time, will be furious until the children pick up their workbooks. If the children sit at the table soon, they will feel relaxed and full of hope.

  Professor Wang Limin said that many parents do not understand that this kind of repeated and excessively bad stimuli can cause children to have bad conditioned reflexes and reduce learning efficiency. That is, when a parent takes a mouth, the child’s most direct response is to not want to listen, upset, and some will cause rebellious mental.

  If parents have the above experiences and experiences, please correct them in a timely manner, which is good for the physical and mental health of parents and children.

What to eat can make your skin beautiful

What to eat can make your skin beautiful

When summer arrives, savvy beauties detoxify and lose weight, and they will lose weight in 5 weeks.

  Taking food as the sky, in addition to being full and healthy, a scientific diet can also improve the skin.

Today, let ‘s take a look together. What can you eat to make your skin beautiful?


White and smooth low-fat yogurt beautiful recommendations: As a healthy food, three to five times a week, the health benefits of yogurt have a long history.

Experts say the study will uncover more concentrated yogurt in more recent areas.

Not just yogurt, any fermented dairy products, including yogurt, contain lactic acid bacteria, which can protect you in many ways.

  Research suggests that yogurt can reduce the risk of diabetes.

Health expert Ms. Senma pointed out: “There is a lot of strong evidence that yogurt can reduce irritating gastrointestinal syndrome, inflammation of the digestive system and gastrointestinal disorders.

At the same time, yogurt can help relieve stomach ulcers and vaginal infections.


Beautiful eyes beauty contains fatty fish (salmon, sardines) rich in beautiful recommendations: The maximum content of fish 2 to 3 times a week is omega 3 fatty acids, the most we have DHA, EPA.

“Fish with impurities not only plays a vital role in the health of our body’s cell membranes, it also protects us from the danger of disease among us,” said Professor Rowell-Taswin (a nutrition expert at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York).

  ”These threats include heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, depression, fracture pain, and obesity-related diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis.

“Ms. Senma pointed out that fish can protect humans against Alzheimer’s disease.

Many foods today, including walnuts, linseed oil, and some sauce brands, have omega 3 fatty acid content.

Among the omega 3 fatty acids, only DHA and EPA can be directly absorbed by the body.


Natural Hormones Beans Beautiful Recommendations: 3-4 times a week Beans are a low-fat food, a very good source of nutrition and fiber.

Beans have protective functions against cardiovascular and retina.

At the same time, beans have a magical effect on stabilizing female hormones.

Beans have been eaten for a long time, and people may not consider it as a new healthy food.

Professor Kees said that in fact, beans are one of the healthiest foods, and women have the potential to eat more.

  International journal studies on cancer have found that most beans, especially lentils, fight the retina.

Studies by the International Drug Archives have found that doctors have found a relationship between the low incidence of cardiovascular disease and the high absorption of beans.

Absolutely, this includes: peas, soy beans, lentils, peanuts.

  In Professor Kes’s thesis, beans contain soluble and insoluble fibers that help lower cholesterol.

And the isoflavones contained in beans can help regulate female hormones and reduce the symptoms of menopause and menopause in women.

In addition to soy milk, isoflavones are also found in red clover, kudzu, mung beans, alfalfa sprouts, and chickpeas.

The protease-inhibiting factors of legume vitamins help fight vitamins, slow down vitamin differentiation, and prevent lumps from forming.


Ruddy and beneficial tomatoes (watermelon, red grapefruit, red navel orange) Beautiful advice: 3 to 5 times a week called lycopene in these fruits, many reports suggest it helps fight prostate cancer, and more detailed investigations showIt’s just as great for women’s normal health.

“Studies have shown that lycopene is effective against titanium.

“Experts say that lycopene is also an antioxidant that helps women fight heart disease.

The latest research shows that lycopene can also protect against UV rays from sunlight, making you look younger.


Calcium Promoting Vitamin D (from low-fat milk or orange juice) Beautiful advice: Absorb at least 400IU of vitamin D every day to help the bones absorb calcium.

Ms. Samma said that vitamin D reduces the risk of osteoporosis, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis, breast tumors, rectal cancer, and tumors.
In fact, recent research from the University of California Alternatives suggests that in the United States, vitamin D has potentially prevented half of cancers, rectal cancer, and ovarian cancer.
  Ms. Senma told reporters that a study predicts that many women may lack vitamin D.

“Exposing yourself to the sun and then applying sunscreen will hinder the synthesis of vitamin D, which will cause many women to get too low of these nutrients to reach the danger line.


Sweet and sour berry (blueberry, strawberry, mango bilberry) beautiful advice: 3 to 4 times a week is similar to the role of wine. The anthocyanins contained in these fruits can protect your body against cancer and effectively repair it.cell.

Professor Kees said that research has shown that anthocyanins can reduce the risk of the following cancers: diabetes, healing cancer.

  Berry subfoods provide powerful antioxidant protection, not only protecting the heart, but also fighting skin ageing, from the inside out.

Professor Kees told reporters that Bilberry can help women reduce the risk of urinary tract infections.

Berries contain nutrients and lutein to help protect eyesight.

Anti-aging Beauty Skin Care Collection


Anti-aging Beauty Skin Care Collection

How to fight aging, beauty skin care habits are important.

Stick to the conditioning skin care steps, you can stay young forever!

Xiaobian summarizes the most comprehensive anti-aging skin care experience for you, let’s take a look!

  1 The use of high-quality skin care products should have a set of ideal and correct skin care procedures, which play a very important role in skin care; and long-term use of high-quality skin care products is the secret of beautiful skin.

  2Choose the right skin care product. You should determine what type of skin, hair and fingernails belong to.

But care should pay attention to any adverse reactions to skin care products.

  3 Moisturizing is the key point of skin care. Don’t let the skin dry, drink water often.

I drink 2 liters of water almost a day.

Take a bath every day to care for your skin.

  4 The key to adequate sleep and anti-aging is to ensure sleep and regular life, so that people can immediately recover their mental and physical strength.

  5Facial Care: Massage the facial skin from bottom to top, once each morning and evening.

  6Precautions for care, use skin creams with high oil content, such as essence, to control the obvious horizontal lines.

  7 Before going out, apply a hot towel to your face to activate capillaries and soothe wrinkles.

  8.Apply some products containing vitamin c to keep your complexion ruddy, even if you don’t apply lipstick.

  9 When applying eye cream, do not ignore the stains around the corners of the eyes, otherwise they will deepen over time.

  10 nails also need to use nutrition cream to prevent yellowing.

  11 Cover with gauze or cotton with essence or moisturizing water on the ends for 20 minutes, and let your skin drink water overnight.

  12 Tired eyes: immerse a spoon in warm water, then put it on the eyelids for 5 minutes, until the temperature of the metal spoon slowly cools down, such a simple procedure to restore fatigue is completed.

  13 insist on doing some eye care exercises, you can try it in the office or before going to bed.

  14 Lip Care: Apply toothbrush with honey on the lips and leave it for 2 minutes.

  15 Use a lip balm before going to bed, apply it lightly around the lips after moisturizing, and gently massage with a gentle pat to make your lips smooth and diffuse.

  16 Aromatherapy: Maintain adequate sleep and massage therapy with peppermint oil.

  17 Adhere to a good and regular lifestyle, drink less water before bedtime, do eye massage when you have time, eliminate eyelid puffiness, and keep your eyes from aging.

  18 Do a facial particle scrub once a week, or use some fruit acid skin care products, or use an exfoliating cream to remove the aging horny skin, so that the skin will return to gloss.

  19 insist on using sunscreen every day when going out, uva in the sun is the culprit that causes skin aging, and it must be constantly effective sunscreen.

  20 insist on eating vitamins every day, such as cabbage, cabbage, peanuts, etc. that contain vitamins c and e, which help to dilute and break down the melanin that has formed.