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Young love is a little more DIY

Young love is a little more DIY

Nowadays, a DIY toy called Patty Bear is popular on the surface. In the store, the child will choose the blank material, then add velvet, add ornaments to it, and even record its unique tone, and then bring this unique bearCome back home.

This can’t help but think of girls who fall in love with married men too much. What they ignore is just the experience of a boy growing up into a man, just eager to bring a “love product” home.

  The self-confidence of Shanmengmen’s pledges is far greater than what they pay for girls in real life.

A married man is always more meticulous than a hairy guy, and pays attention to details. Some kind of person pulls a chair for you at the restaurant, and reminds you to fasten your seat belt when you get in the car.and many more.

These little details in life will definitely make the girl’s heart feel extremely ironed.

At that time, the girl should only have the joy that she had secretly received. She would not think that for many years, the man in front of him had actually learned to be compassionate and caring for those around him.The ground was exposed, but the girl compared it with the boy of the same age around her, and naturally it was incomparable.

  A woman full of love often puts all good imaginations on the other person, only to find out in the end that what she loves may be the sum of imagination, but if the other person is a married man, it is almost impossible for a girl to discover the truth.may.

Because if he is successful enough, then the money, social level and marriage taught him how to get along with a woman will almost satisfy all the girl ‘s good wishes; if he is not successful enough, then usually he is also in the wife ‘s relationshipWith the help of Xie Xiang, I gradually understand how to achieve my dual personal efforts, as well as talents, luck, and so on. With the years, I also have a sense of Xi’an.

  Young girls should actually enjoy watching the transformation of a lover from a hairy guy to an elegant and stable married man, just like accompanying a caterpillar to a butterfly with a beautiful pair of wings, the process itself is aThis kind of happiness, although it will definitely undergo a painful process of transformation, but also because your lives will be closely connected to each other and will not be easily broken by the outside world.

  Love, still a little more DIY, don’t be too greedy for “finished products”.

Is love in my heart or in bed?

Is love in my heart or in bed?

I love grapes, so I call them grapes.

I will throw a beautiful arc, let the grapes fall into my mouth 100% accurately, and then my eyes will laugh like tears of grapes.

  No one knows anyone, so gold is extravagant, but I fell in love with this abominable guy who would scold.

He is such a domineering guy.

He laughed like a bad guy, but it wasn’t, so I always called him a “blunder”. He never knew to fight, then to unfamiliar, a reincarnation, but walked very tired.

  I thought I was free and easy, I thought I could grasp it, and I thought I could wave my hand without taking away a cloud.

I just forgot, I forgot that I was emotional.

  Perhaps the most beautiful time for love is the bud.

A chasing game, I am laughing, happy, teasing in pride, and I like to see his angry and gritted teeth after being teased and said, “Bite you!

Don’t be embarrassed, wait for the day to annoy you, treat you like a shit!

“I will fall down and laugh with tears, but I believe it will be so heavenly.

  To love someone is to have no secret in front of her.

I have always thought so, so since he told me his private Q password that day, I put him in my heart.

But love is a game of two people, and three people is a hurt.

As much as he minds me, I also mind his past.

  If a woman is willing to have a child for you, it means giving her life to this man.

So I can’t, can’t hurt a woman who is willing to give him a baby.

  ”Give me a baby!

“He looked at me and said.

I know that the brave woman is not me.

This is an ambiguous season. Even the temperature difference is so lingering. Is love the same?

  With three holes of facial masks on the front, I felt like a ghost. I woke up in the early morning, went online, made a cup of strong coffee, and simply lost sleep.

Some people say that the life of love is three months, let’s figure it out with your fingers, and the love with him is exactly three months, and is about to die.

  He flexed from side to side and across the road flexibly. At the moment he looked back, there was already a lot of traffic. He was over there and I was over here.

  透过车流的缝隙,静静的注视他,‘真正爱你的男人在过马路时一定会牵着你的手的’,远远的看着他的脸,那一如昨晚缠绵爱恋的笑容It now looks so distant and fuzzy.

Now I love him more in bed.

So what about him?

  It hurts.

I came to this stranger place just because he was here. I used to think that my company would bring happiness to Jin Chanruo.

The distance of 600 miles is neither far nor near, but now I find that when I exaggerate the distance of 600 miles, we do not get closer because of this, the heart seems farther away.

  I do n’t know how to drink. I ‘m a guy who once drank red wine and fell to the wind. He is sad and drunk. It ‘s thicker, deeper and more blurred. I wo n’t let him know or grind my heart and sadness.

Love is not forced and demanded.

Tomorrow, I will leave.

  ”you’re drunk.

He admits that the gentle kiss continues until it is soft and blurred, and they are conquered by each other madly, craving deeply, letting this tacit feeling be engraved in the softest part of the heart.Blame: “Grape, I love you.

“He said suddenly.

I’ve been laughing, smiling drunk, he rarely said love, I think, maybe he’s drunk too.

What conquers a man’s heart is never related to the body.  In the early morning, in his sleep, I left.

  The city was surrounded by chaos and crisscrossed in the early hours of the morning, and overnight heavy rains blocked the traffic in this city.

It took a long time to get to the taxi. My happy sister turned away from the world, and I wanted to cry.

It really feels like a dog being bullied by Hirakawa.

I have no goals and I can’t find a road sign.

I began to fear the unknown around me, and I was too cowardly to step forward.

  The car was still submerged, paid the fare, walked in the rain, repeatedly warned, and repeatedly reviewed.
I think I have a good memory, recording every bit of my life.

So I think I can’t forget all this until the day I can forget.

  It was surrounded by water, cars, and people. I felt more and more lonely and bewildered in the noisy crowd. There was a feeling of being thrown away. The unstoppable hurricane of a passing car drove me wet, a muddy water, a faceTears, sitting on the roadside, crying fiercely, I would not call him.

From the moment I walked out of the house, I decided to give up. I would rather lose myself than find him again.

I feel that since he can rest assured that I leave alone, there is no need to call him again.

Never owned it, and started getting used to it without you.

If, of course, only if, there has never been you in my world, where will my heart be now?

  Finally, returned home.

It was dark, and the man who came to pick me up was the nerd who played chess with me and allowed me to regret chess and lazy chess.

Seeing me covered in dirt, he felt the painful eye circles turn red, holding my hand in his palm and frustrating until he threw the cold hand to fever.

Tears are like rain.

I have ignored this person’s existence countless times, like the mud on the soles of my feet, and I will not feel a little heartache when I throw it. In front of him, I have publicized the waywardness and treacherous countless times, but this person has been missing me for the past few days.Looking like crazy, hugged me tightly on the cold wind platform: “Don’t run away, please.

“I cried even harder, because I saw him cry.

  Back home, I turned on the machine, threw myself into the bathtub, and immersed myself in the water until I couldn’t breathe.

The phone rang, it was gold.

Looking at the number that has been chrome into memory, watching it calling, calling, tears began to spread little by little.

“I’m worried about you. I know you’re angry. I’m sorry. I’m sad. I’m wrong.

“He came and said.

“You’re not wrong. It’s my fault. I’m wrong.

“Then shut down and sleep.

It was just that I was crying, but I didn’t cry.

Because I just caught a cold, I cried.

I didn’t cry, I just cried.

that is it.

Love has flown far away and has changed with the seasons. Say goodbye to the face that once loved.

  Love is actually a matter for two people, I understand.

Love is in the heart, not in bed.

It is a society far away from love and close to ambiguous.

There is a way for men and women to go between love and dislike, and they can even go for a long time, that is ambiguous.

It’s just that you are not my signpost, and you will not be my goal.

Without my world, you would live well, and I think so would I.

What kind of gynecological disease is more suitable for Chinese medicine

What kind of gynecological disease is more suitable for Chinese medicine

Women will encounter all sorts of problems in their life, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease . When these diseases disturb your life, do you think of Chinese medicine?

These gynecological diseases are more suitable for Chinese medicine.

  I. Irregular menstruation Irregular menstruation refers to symptoms that exceed the normal range in terms of menstrual cycle, blood volume, blood color, menstrual quality, etc., manifested as early menstruation, delayed menstruation, irregular menstruation, more or less menstruation.

  Key words: Menstruation and TCM treatment of irregular menstruation due to the changing nature of the menstrual cycle and bleeding. Combined with the color of the menstruation, local and systemic symptoms, dialectical treatment from cold, heat, deficiency, and solid. The effect is satisfactory.

  Types of irregular menstruation menstruation: 1.

Blood-heat type 2.

Qi-deficiency type menstrual period: 1.

Blood deficiency type 2.

Blood cold type 3.

Qi stagnation type menstruation has irregular response methods: tonifying the kidney, or tonifying the menstruation to regulate qi and blood, tonify the kidney, help the spleen, sparse the liver, and regulate qi and blood.

Those who are sick in the Qi should be mainly treated with Qi, nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation; those who are sick in the Blood are mainly treated with Qi, supplemented with Qi for replenishing the qi.

“Through the water out of the kidneys,” the essence of regulating menstruation is in the kidneys.

  In addition, menstruation should be distinguished after the first disease.

If you are sick due to irregular menstruation, regulate your menstruation first; if you have irregular menstruation due to other diseases, you should treat your illness first.

And properly take care of different times and different ages, usually during menstruation.

  Second, the habitual abortion is less than 28 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is born naturally, does not have viability, 3 consecutive times or more, Chinese medicine is called “slippery”.

It is caused by lack of qi and blood, or weakness of kidney qi.

Abortion or miscarriage that occurs more than 3 times in a row is called “slippery”, and modern medicine is called “habitual abortion.”

  KEY WORDS: The most common cause of this disease is maternal congenital insufficiency or acquired damage; or the father’s congenital and acquired causes of poor male sperm;

There are also people who fall asleep due to inadvertent living after pregnancy, sexual intercourse, or emotional distress.

  Diagnosis Anyone who has a spontaneous natural abortion or a small birth more than three times can be diagnosed as a slippery child.

The clinical course of slippery fetuses can be manifested as fetal leakage, uneasy fetal movements, and it is difficult to stay at the beginning for abortion or miscarriage.

Some people even fall naturally every pregnancy.

  Note (1) Pay attention to rest, increase nutrition, forbid sex, and supplement vitamins B, C, E, etc.

  (2) Those with insufficient corpus luteum function should use progesterone as early as possible to prevent miscarriage, and the treatment continues until the 9th week and 10th week of pregnancy.

  (3) Uterine malformations should be corrected before the end of pregnancy, causing contraception for one year.

  (4) If the internal cervix is loose, repair of the internal cervix will be performed before the last pregnancy.

If you are pregnant, preferably at 12 weeks?
An intrauterine suture was performed at 20 weeks.

The sutures are removed when there is a threat of labor at term or when it is planned to select a sex birth.

  [Prevention and health]It is advisable to adjust the tire before pregnancy.

If you have irregular menstruation, you should adjust your menstruation first; if you have a slippery fetus due to other reasons, you should first treat it and then conceive;

It should be noted that women who are prone to miscarriages should not be too pregnant, and the two pregnancy periods should be at least one year apart.

  Third, the keywords of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease: recurrent chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is mostly secondary to acute pelvic inflammatory disease, due to incomplete treatment and prolonged illness.

Or the patient’s constitution is poor, the pathogenic bacteria have weak virulence, and it is chronic from the beginning.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is mainly due to internal invasion of the disease, leading to damp and hot stasis, and qi and blood stagnation, loss of collaterals and clots in a long time.

  Types of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease: chronic low cavity, susceptible to fatigue, pain in the lower abdomen, soreness in the lumbosacral region, anal swell, fatigue, increased sexual intercourse, defecation during and before and during menstrual periods; irregular vaginal bleeding or dysmenorrhea, prolonged menstruation, Excessive leucorrhea and so on.

Often secondary to female infertility.
  Treatment: Due to the repeated characteristics of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, it is more troublesome to treat. While cooperating with physical therapy, it is mainly taking Chinese medicine.

Damp-heat stasis type: pain or double lower abdomen pain, leucorrhea and yellowish color, odor, menstrual flow, red tongue, yellow greasy fur, slippery pulses.

  Governing law: clearing away heat and dampness, dissolving silt.

  Chinese patent medicine: Jinji powder 2.

Cold and wet stagnation type: cold pain in lower abdomen and lumbosacral region, local pain is relieved by increasing temperature, aggravated after menstruation or exertion, leucorrhea is more abundant, no odor, late menstruation, blood clots, cold chills, pale tongueOr there are silt spots, white greasy fur, and late pulse.

  Governing Law: Warm and disperse cold, dampen phlegm.

  Chinese patent medicine: Shaofei Zhuyu pills.


Qi stagnation and blood stasis: lower abdominal pain, lumbosacral soreness, more or less taken off, sticky white matter, premenstrual breast swelling, chest pain, dark menstruation, blood clots, dark red tongue or bruisingStagnant spots, thin white fur, pulse strings or astringent.

  Governing Law: Shugan Qi, Huayu analgesic.

  Chinese patent medicine: Xuefu Zhuyu pills.

  Prevent and nurse to keep the vulva clean.

  Treatment of acute pelvic inflammatory disease should be thorough.

  Increase nutrition, exercise and improve body resistance.

  Physical therapy laser acupoint irradiation, drug iontophoresis, ultrashort wave, microwave, ultraviolet, spectrum, acupuncture, etc., all can promote blood circulation in the pelvic cavity, which is conducive to absorption and absorption.

  4. In the pelvic cavity of a woman with uterine prolapse, the center is the uterus and vagina; the front is the urethra and the bladder; the rear is the rectum.

Usually, these organs have ligaments or fascia as supporting structures.

During pregnancy and childbirth, these supporting structures become weak and relaxed due to injury or excessive contraction, without proper exercise and rest after delivery, and the ligaments and fascia have not recovered to their pre-pregnant state, causing some or all of the pelvic organs to fall from their normal positions., Resulting in genital prolapse.

In severe cases, the uterus can even prolapse outside the vaginal opening, forming a complete prolapse of the genital tract.

In this way, the patient feels that a ball has protruded out of the vaginal opening.

  The degree of uterine prolapse is mild and mild, and the cervix is less than 4 cm from the hymen edge, but does not reach the hymen edge.

Severe is that the cervix has reached the edge of the hymen, but the edge has not been exceeded. During the examination, the cervix was seen at the vaginal opening.

  Ⅱ degree light, the cervix has prolapsed outside the vaginal opening, but the uterine body is still inside the vagina.

The severe part is that the cervix and part of the uterus have been protruded out of the vaginal opening.

  The Ⅲ degree cervix and uterine body all prolapsed outside the vaginal opening.

  Key words: Qi deficiency and Kidney deficiency Qi deficiency: manifested as uterine movement down or prolapse, exacerbation after exertion, lower abdomen with falling sensation, weakness in limbs, multiple leucorrhea, and pale white.

  Kidney deficiency: manifested as sub-uterine shedding, backaches, soft legs, frequent urination, especially at night, dizziness and tinnitus.

  Oral Chinese patent medicine: Buzhong Yiqi Pill, Ginseng Jianpi Pill, Ginseng Deer Antler Pill Acupuncture: once a day or every other day, 2-3 weeks is a course of treatment.

  V. Uterine fibroids Uterine fibroids are the most common type of tumors in female reproductive organs. They occur in women aged 30-50 years old, and the proportion is as high as 70-80%, especially in older unmarried women, infertile women and womenWomen who live out of harmony.

  CONCLUSION: One of the most common tumors is that the pathogenesis may be due to excessive estrogen levels in the body. Long-term estrogen stimulation may cause uterine smooth muscle cell proliferation.

Chinese medicine believes that the formation of this disease is due to qi and blood disorders, emotional trauma, liver qi stagnation, visceral and abdominal dysfunction, and feeling of external evils, resulting in blood astringent qi reversal, stagnation of meridians, and occlusion of the tunnel causing clinical stagnation and blood stasis, Phlegm dampness.

  Symptoms Vaginal bleeding: Vaginal bleeding is the most common symptom of uterine fibroids.

  Abdominal masses: Abdominal masses are often found in occasional or census compression symptoms: such as fibroid compression of the bladder can produce frequent urination, urgency, urinary retention; compression caused by constipation; compression of the ureter, internal and external veins and nerves, thusOccurrence of ureteral obstruction, hydronephrosis, lower limb edema or neuropathic pain.

  Infertility: Because fibroids impede fertilized egg implantation, or factor uterine fibroids grow at the uterine horn, preventing sperm from entering the fallopian tubes, factor uterine fibroids may also cause ovarian dysfunction, etc., causing infertility.

  Abdominal pain, leucorrhea increase circulatory system symptoms: can cause secondary anemia

Don’t let the mood be overcast _1

Don’t let the mood be “rainy”

The continuous spring rain, the sticky air, and the grey sky become “more dense”.
Under this sky, our mood “can’t help it” has become “grey” and “rainy”.
“So depressed”, “exhausted” and “so boring” have become our mantras.
I wondered, where was the happy and passionate you hiding?
Why does it all get so bad?
How can we reproduce the “clear sky”?
In this regard, psychologists said that temperature, humidity, air pressure, sunlight, etc. in our lives will affect mood.
In spring, it is cold and hot, low air pressure, high humidity, and rain and rain, and the sun is rare. Those depressed and irritable negative emotions are more likely to come in, and the mental illness is more likely to be repeated.
An epidemiological survey at the University of Munich in Germany also found that human emotions are closely related to climate change.
For example, in hazy weather, the sky is dark and the air is dirty, which easily stimulates the visual center of the brain, causing people to have depression and pessimism.
Emotion transfer method 1, go to exercise.
During exercise, the brain releases endorphins, a veritable excitatory hormone.
Therefore, doing more sports, such as running, jogging, yoga, playing ball, dancing, etc., can help you get rid of stress and stay alive.
2. Close to nature.
The famous French writer Moaro believes that the most extensive and benevolent sanctuary is nature.
The vastness of forests, mountains, and the sea makes individuals seem small.
The grudges between people are not worth mentioning, and the trauma of the soul can be soothed.
Therefore, if you put yourself in the embrace of nature, go to the mountains and look at the flowers and plants, all your worries will drift away with the wind, and your mood will return to peace.
It is recommended to set foot in the countryside on weekends to experience nature.
If the economic situation and time permit, it is better to let go of your work and travel for a while to enjoy complete relaxation.
3. Talk to a friend.
Bacon said, “If you tell happiness to a friend, two people will share happiness, if you pour out sorrow to a friend, you will be divided into half sorrow.
“So, when you are unhappy, you can find out your friends and have a chat, and talk about your bad emotions in order to get the sympathy, enlightenment and comfort of your friends.
At the same time, you can get more emotional support and understanding as you talk about your troubles.
4. Listen to music and sing.
Music helps to regulate emotions. When you are in a bad mood, don’t forget to listen to your favorite song, or open your throat to express a song that expresses your mood at the moment.
With singing, your feelings of depression, depression, or sadness can be released.
5, shouting to solve Qian worry.
When the heart is depressed, you will feel a breath of gas in your heart, and you will feel uncomfortable without venting it.
At this time, you can go to the open place and make a shout of your heart.
When you shout, try to confide what you feel depressed.
The more authentic and thorough this disclosure is, the better.

Summer Pediatric Cold Home Care Recipes

Summer Pediatric Cold Home Care Recipes

In the summer, your baby will often have a little cold and cold, so you do n’t have to take medicine. You can learn this home-made nursing recipe for children with a cold in the summer!

  Tofu is rich in nutrition, known as “vegetable meat”, sweet and slightly cold, can nourish the spleen and stomach, clear heat and moisturize, facilitate urination, and detoxify heat; onions are warm and have detoxification effects.

  Recipe ingredients: 2 pieces of fresh tofu, 2-4 onions, ginger slices, soy sauce, sesame oil, and MSG.

  Production method: 1.

Wash and cut the tofu into small pieces or strips, soak in clear water for 30 minutes and set aside.


Set the pan on the fire, add tofu and fry slightly, add an appropriate amount of water, ginger slices, soy sauce, boil and cook for 20 minutes, add in the onion, boil and add sesame oil, sprinkle with MSG.

  Suitable for the crowd: Babies over 8 months Health Tips: This product is suitable for children who have cold feeling outside, stomach heat, and hoarse throat.

Weak and cold, and those with more sputum and fire should not be used.

Who has pressure to turn into a vulnerable group?

Who has pressure to turn into a vulnerable group?

There are cars and houses, enjoying high salaries, brand names all over the body, often in and out of corrections and various high-end hotels and shopping places in the prime location . In people’s minds, this group of people is known as a white-collar and gold-collar special groupNo matter who is in front of or behind, the scenery is endless.

  However, recently, there have been reports that more than half of this special group of people are gradually becoming psychologically “vulnerable groups.”

They are under unimaginable pressures, often because unless they are already indifferent, more than half of them are forcing them to dislike or even get bored with their jobs. Their psychological pressure is getting stronger and their physical conditions are getting worse.difference.
… “Boss Difficulty” in marriage highlights the fragility of white-collar workers. In a matchmaking agency set up by the All China Women’s Federation, staff members often see white-collar workers who are well-dressed and have good manners.

They have a house and a car, and their conditions are excellent.

But even so, you still have to overcome the matchmaking agency to find the “half” in your life.

  In an interview, a reporter from once encountered a typical elderly white-collar worker. When the staff of the Women’s Federation’s matchmaking office notified her to meet a man, she was so shy in her early thirties, she saidUntil now, she has n’t really met once. When she was in school, she concentrated on studying. From high school to university to graduate student to work, she has been busy. After more than ten years of busyness, she waited until her classmates and friends around her were “When she dragged her daughter, she suddenly said that she should also get married.

  Li Ya, the staff member of the All-China Women ‘s Federation ‘s secretary-general, told that there are still many white-collar workers looking for “the other half”
through the Women ‘s Federation matchmaking agency. In other people ‘s minds, white-collar workers ‘mating conditions must be very high.That ‘s like, “In fact, I do n’t want the other party to have much money, and how high a part is, as long as they can appreciate and like each other.

But even this is still very difficult to find.

“Many white-collar workers said helplessly.

  ”The Women’s Federation once hosted a white-collar worker who graduated from a medical university. Her standard of spouse selection was so low that she felt a little bit sad. She repeatedly said that as long as the other party could accept her cleanliness, it was enough.

Li Ya said that the white-collar worker works in a medical device company. Because of his outstanding ability to work, he is notorious in the industry, but with the increase of age and seniority, the men around him always feel that they see her.Sometimes there is a feeling of “it can’t stand the cold”, so even if I like it in my heart, it can only be discouraged.

  Li Ya also told that in recent years, marriage and marriage have become a common problem for white-collar workers, and work pressure and psychological pressure have been increasing. As a result, more and more white-collar workers have noticed the importance of marriage and love.Problem.

This is also a popular leader of various “white-collar dating” clubs and various television stations like “Rose Covenant”.

  White-collar and gold-collar workers can’t withstand the five major pressures. reporters learned through interviews that, in fact, the work of white-collar workers is not as interesting as expected.

  -Staying away from family life makes the white-collar workers almost exhausted.

  ”Half of the young people in our company are not married or even in love. They say that one is no time and the other is no mood.

“Li Yuan’s company is a foreign company outside Anding’s door. When talking with reporters about the emotional life of the company’s colleagues, Li Yuan used the word” depressed “:” The company’s affairs are already too busy every day.,哪儿有时间谈恋爱呀,就连公司里结了婚的一些同事都快‘后院起火’了!Li Yuan also told reporters that, to be honest, it is not that they can’t make time, mainly because they have no passion or mood.

  In fact, the phenomenon described by Li Yuan is widespread among white-collar workers.

Inexplicably irritable, depressed and bored, some white-collar workers gradually alienated the wind and snow and family life.

Unmarried began to refuse love and marriage, while married was regarded as an optional rest place.

They refuse or rarely communicate with their families, and things like watching movies, listening to concerts, and visiting parks have left them for many years.

  -Everyday high-intensity work fatigues white-collar workers.

  Song An is the creative director of a German advertising company outside Jianguomen. As early as three years ago, he was already a standard white-collar worker with an annual salary of 120,000.

As the military advertising industry has been getting longer, Song An feels more and more pressure on him.

“I spend more than twelve hours a day in the company.

There is no way. In fact, everyone knows that the end of work has already passed, but looking at a lot of unfinished work at hand and looking at colleagues who are still working at your side makes you have to put away your heart and go back to

According to reporters, the normal working time of an average person is 8 to 10 hours, which is the load of human health.

If you work more than 12 hours for a long time, it will cause stress to the human body.

But white-collar workers like Song An who work more than 12 hours a day are not a minority.

Song An told reporters that after driving home late at night, he felt that he had no energy to talk.

  -Complex interpersonal relationships make white-collar workers more and more hypocritical.

  ”I feel that my biggest ‘growth’ after work is that mood and anger are no longer visible.

“Yanko, who just graduated from university the year before last, is an employee of an Internet company. When she was the youngest in the company, she told her reporter the biggest feelings after working:” I can ignore it when I am unhappy beforeSomeone else was angry, even crying with a grin.

But now, no matter how uncomfortable he feels, his mouth still smiles like ‘rotten peach’.

“In fact, Yanzi’s feeling is also the common feeling of many white-collar workers.

Long-term depression and concealment of one’s true feelings, in the face of colleagues and supervisors began to become indifferent, the judgment of things is not right or wrong, even the daily armed work is not like or even bored.
  -Fewer and fewer friends can push their hearts, making white-collar workers increasingly lonely and lonely.
  ”The colleagues in the unit are busy with each other, and there is only hidden competition among colleagues. Therefore, it is basically impossible for colleagues to push each other, and some of the original friends are even close to each other because of time and location.Feelings are indifferent and slowly lose touch.

“The pony of a computer sales company in Zhongguancun South Street told reporters that he now basically finds friends who can go out to drink and drink together and stay up all night,” because people who have found a friend who can tell their troubles are gradually reluctantSpeak up your troubles.

“Loneliness and loneliness have become another big psychological pressure on modern white-collar workers.

According to a survey, modern white-collar workers prefer to face the computer all day, telling their friends, who have never met, their joy, grief, and sorrow, rather than find a friend or relative who exists in reality to share.

  -Physical fitness is getting worse.

  ”Apart from cosmetics, cell phones and some tissues, the most things in my bag are medicine.

Eye drops, band-aids, gastrointestinal medicines, everything.

“Twenty-four-year-old Yang Yang has a car that everyone admires, and he is often a famous brand in less than three years.

However, at this time, Yang Yang felt that his physical fitness was not as good as when he was in school.

Faced with the computer every day, eye drops became an essential medicine for Yang Yang.

In addition, she often suffered from stomach problems and enteritis because she could not eat on time.

  As early as the beginning of 2000, a survey showed that 78% of white-collar workers in the society are currently in a sub-health state, and these diseases have caused these white-collar workers who are endlessly tired to be tired.

In addition, illness can easily cause depression, and some will lose confidence in life.

  Experts help white-collar workers out of the psychological error zone. While facing various pressures such as work pressure, psychological pressure, and family pressure, many white-collar workers also seem to faintly find that their psychology is far from being free and healthy as in the past.

As a result, many white-collar workers thought of using a psychologist to ease their psychological pressure.

  In 2003, the Beijing Municipal Health Department conducted a survey of the city’s psychological counseling institutions. Beijing Anding Hospital and Beijing Huilongguan Hospital were the authoritative departments for mental illness in the city. In the past two years, they have been undergraduate in the hospital’s psychological clinic.There are nearly 40,000 consultants with academic qualifications above, and 80% of them are white-collar workers enjoying high salaries.

  ”Even in the presence of a psychiatrist, not all white-collar workers are willing to give up their minds in full, and many white-collar workers always have reservations.

“Gao Shiyuan, a psychiatrist at Huilongguan Hospital, told reporters in an interview with,” In fact, it is also a serious mental illness that he is unwilling to tell his mind.

Originally autistic in psychology.

“Doctor Gao also told reporters that the mental illness of white-collar workers is mostly caused by excessive stress. The most typical feature is the loss of interest in many things,” said many white-collar workers, who gradually lost their interest in shopping and gathering with friends.Interest in dating, many married people are even less interested in sex.

“In recent years, the psychological problems of white-collar and gold-collar workers have aroused the recognition of relevant experts. Gao Shiyuan initiated a long-term investigation and research and summarized the following countermeasures to reduce the psychological pressure of white-collar and gold-collar workers in their lives and work.
  Doctor Gao first suggested that the majority of white-collar workers slow down their work.

He said, “If you’re overwhelmed by the stress of work, it’s best to immediately put your work down, slow it down, and take a break. You might do better.

At the same time, we must also pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of work and rest time, strictly implement the work and rest system established by ourselves, so that life, study, and work can be carried out regularly.

  Basically, we should pay attention to cultivate a good mentality, strengthen psychological cultivation, and develop the habit of psychoanalysis.

Consider making friends with a psychiatrist in order to get their help often.

  Doctor Gao also mentioned a very important point, which is to ensure extra sleep.

“To maintain adequate sleep, care must be taken not to violate the laws of nature.

“Now many white-collar workers are accustomed to work at night until one or two o’clock in the evening, or even later, and sleep the next day until noon or even the afternoon. Such a schedule is extremely bad, and it can easily cause psychological problems.

  In addition, Dr. Gao also proposed that white-collar workers should always keep one by one, and do n’t feel uncomfortable with themselves, set goals unattainable, do everything within their power, and adjust goals at any time may notThe behavior of the weak.

Handle the relationship between the cause and the family reasonably: the harmony of the family and the success of the cause are by no means indispensable. Their relationship is interactive, “home and everything”.

We must be mentally prepared to face pressure: we must fully realize that the high efficiency of modern society will inevitably bring high competitiveness and high challenge, and we must be mentally prepared for certain specific effects, so as to avoid temporary panic and increase stress.
At the same time, we must maintain a normal attitude, be optimistic and open-minded, and do not worry about adversity.

  Finally, be kind to others, “big things are clear and small things are confused.”

Zheng Banqiao’s “rare confusion” has been chanted to this day, because of the truth in life.

At the same time, white-collar workers should also pay attention to enrich their personal amateur life and develop personal hobbies.

The fun of life often makes people feel comfortable. Painting, calligraphy, chess, sports, and entertainment can add a lot of fun to life, regulate the rhythm of life, and stand out from the gradual and gradual tension, moving towards joy and relaxation.

Is poor sleep quality related to the weather?


Is poor sleep quality related to the weather?

Weather sensibility refers to the strong response to weather changes, especially to bad weather, and shows various symptoms of discomfort, such as tiredness, weakness, nervousness, depression, poor sleep, headache, migraine, lack of attention,Nervousness, irritability, gastrointestinal disorders, etc.

  Meteorological experts explain that in general, there are four main ways in which the weather affects the human body: one is through the cold and heat stimulation of the skin surface and the lungs, the body’s material exchange, and the blood circulation of the skin is regulated;Too little sunlight makes people feel depressed. It can be seen that sunlight affects people’s mental appearance, biological rhythms, hormone secretion and material exchange in the body; third, the solid, liquid and gaseous harmful substances in the atmosphere will harm human health, thereby enhancing weather sensation.The fourth is that wind, rain, snow and other mechanical forces on the human skin surface can cause people to feel uncomfortable and even cause pain.

The unexpected intersection of TCM and nasal and throat cancer

The unexpected intersection of TCM and nasal and throat cancer

Nasopharyngeal carcinoma is a common malignant tumor of the nasopharyngeal mucosa. It occurs in patients aged 30-59 years old and is mostly male.

Its distribution has certain regional differences and ethnic characteristics, and the incidence of yellow races is high.

It occurs frequently in the above South China (Guangdong, Guangxi, Hong Kong, Hunan, etc.) and some countries in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Thailand, etc.), and has family aggregation and genetic relationship.

  The cause of this disease is related to genetics, environment, immunity, Epstein-Barr virus, and diet, but the actual cause is not very clear.

There is no name for nasopharyngeal carcinoma in Chinese medicine. According to its clinical manifestations, it can be attributed to such places as loss of honor, nasal abyss, true headache, upper gravel, and brain sand.

The original record is found in the “Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor”.

“Su asked.

“The theory of Qi Jue” said: Biyuan people, not only under the turbid tear.

Passed as stigma, eyes.

The symptoms of this disease have been described in more detail by successive doctors.

For example, the “Surgery Authentic” of the Ming Dynasty said: Loss of vanity is lost in front of the ears and between the ears. It is like the sputum nucleus, but it is hard for a long time. It gradually grows like a stone, and there is no pus after breaking.It is a lifelong death.

The Qing Dynasty “Yongzong Jinjian” said: (Shang Shijiu) was born on both sides of the neck, shaped like a peach and plum, the skin color was normal, hard as stone, and the spinal pain was not hot.

Growing up in the early years, it is difficult to eliminate, and it is difficult to conquer, and it is difficult to converge, and fatigue is also a problem.

It was also said that yellow turbid sputum flowed in the nose, if it did not heal for a long time; the blood dripped from the nose, and the person with dizziness, dizziness, and pain was named brain sand.

Regarding the etiology and pathogenesis of this disease, doctors of all ages also have a deeper understanding.

“Surgery authentic” said: those who lose their honor, gain first, then lose, and then become rich and poor; there are also those who are rich and rich, whose heart may be impaired by the six desires, damage to the gas, stagnation of fire, entanglement of phlegm, and stop theto make.

“Surgical True Interpretation” believes that: Shijiu is a liver stagnation, qi and blood stagnation become.

Physicians have recognized that the medicine of this disease is ineffective, that acupuncture is ineffective, that a lifetime of death can be very harmful, and they have summarized many effective treatments.

“Surgery Authentic” has the method of taking Orongsanjian pills internally and applying Feilong Aweihua ointment externally.

“Yizong Jinjian” also predicts that according to the method of identifying and treating symptoms according to symptoms, those who are in the first place should take Shugan Kuijian Decoction; those with qi deficiency should take Xiangbei Yangrong Decoction.

For external use, light white, honey, and mud.

For those who do not die for a long time, daily moxibustion with impotence tablets will be used to eliminate or soften or will be destroyed.

The improvement of the above experience is still without losing its clinical value.

  Modern Chinese medicine started late in the study of nasopharyngeal cancer. In the late 1960s, some hospitals in Guangdong and Hunan have successively established nasal and nasal cancer incidence groups to conduct research on the incidence and treatment of nasopharyngeal cancer.

However, the first public literature was published in 1973, and there have been many clinical reports on the use of unilateral prescriptions, dialectics, and treaties.

By the end of 1991, more than 70 articles had been reported, with a cumulative total of more than 3,000 cases.

From the analysis of existing data, the effect of traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine is obviously improved compared with that of radiotherapy alone.

Based on clinical observations, laboratory research has always been carried out.

In terms of diagnosis, research on syndrome types and tongue images was conducted, and it was found that changes in tongue images were related to syndrome types, clinical stages, efficacy, and prognosis.

In terms of medication, it has also been observed that the drugs for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis have a radiosensitizing effect, and the medicine for nourishing qi and nourishing yin can improve the immune function of patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma and so on.

How to further develop the unique effects of traditional Chinese medicine, including the development and exploration of new dosage forms and new methods, and the discovery of more effective drugs and prescriptions, is still an important application at present.

After the meal, you must do it

After the meal, you must do it

Don’t rush to smoke.
The harm of smoking after a meal is 10 times greater than usual.
This is because the blood circulation of the digestive tract increases after eating, which causes a large amount of harmful components in smoke to be absorbed and damages the liver, brain and heart blood vessels.
  Don’t rush to tea.
A large amount of tannic acid in tea can be combined with iron, zinc, etc. in the food to become difficult to dissolve, which cannot be absorbed, resulting in the loss of iron white in the food.
If the tea is arranged 1 hour after a meal, there is no such disadvantage.
  Don’t rush to take a shower.
After taking a bath after meals, blood flow on the body surface will increase, and blood flow in the gastrointestinal tract will decrease accordingly, which will weaken the digestive function of the stomach.
  Don’t rush to bed.
As the saying goes: “After meals, lie down, not half a catty or four or two.
“Going to bed immediately after a meal is easy to gain weight.
Medical experts warn people to rest at least 20 minutes after a meal before going to bed.
This should be the case even during siesta.
  Don’t rush to eat fruit.
After the meal, one fruit was regarded as the golden rule, but medical experts raised objections.
It takes 1-2 hours for food to enter the stomach before it is slowly excreted into the small intestine.
Eat fruits immediately after a meal, and food will be blocked in the stomach, which can cause digestive disorders in the long term.
  Don’t rush to walk.
“Hundred steps” after meals will affect the digestion and absorption of nutrients due to increased exercise.
Especially in the elderly, cardiac dysfunction, vascular sclerosis and blood pressure reflex regulation dysfunction, blood pressure drop after meals and so on.
  Don’t rush to drive.
It turns out that drivers who drive immediately after a meal are prone to car accidents.
This is because a person needs a large amount of blood to digest food after gastrointestinal digestion, which is likely to cause temporary ischemia of the brain organs, leading to operational errors.
  Don’t rush to loose the belt.
Relaxing the trousers after a meal will reduce the intra-abdominal pressure, which will weaken the support to the digestive tract, and the activity of the digestive organs and the load of the ligaments will increase, which may easily cause stomach sagging and the digestive system such as upper abdominal discomfortdisease.

Nourishing and nourishing beauty diet recipe honey salt pineapple drink

Nourishing and nourishing beauty diet recipe honey salt pineapple drink

Click to buy Everyone knows that beauty and blood is a topic that women discuss together, and spring is a good time, so do you know what food women eat?

Do you know any recipes for nourishing and nourishing blood?

Today we will introduce to you what foods you eat in the spring.

  Regarding beauty, women have never stopped their curiosity. They have developed a lot of foods that can improve their beauty and blood, so let ‘s take a look at them.

  First, honey salt pineapple drink material: 1 pineapple, 1 g salt, 100 ml water.

  Method: Prepare pineapple, pure water, honey, salt, pineapple meat, cut into small cubes, clean the chopped cup, put in a juice machine to squeeze out the juice, filter out the pulp residue, add an appropriate amount of salt and honey, stir wellPour into the cup and you’re ready to go.

  Efficacy: Pineapple contains a component that can break down proteins, dissolve fibrin and blood clots in tissues, improve local blood circulation, and eliminate antibacterial and edema.

  In addition, the pineapple contains sugar, salts and enzymes with diuretic effects. Appropriate consumption is beneficial to patients with nephritis and hypertension; pineapple has a sweet taste, has stomach-building and digestion, nourishes spleen, relieves diarrhea, clears stomach, and quenches thirst.function.

  Second, papaya lotus seed lily soup ingredients: papaya, lotus seeds, lily, red dates, white fungus, rock sugar, right amount.

  Method: Wash the raw materials and cut into small pieces. The lotus seeds are steamed, and the white fungus is shredded.

Add the raw materials to the boiled water for half an hour, add papaya and finally add lilies. Add the soup plate and garnish with mint leaves.

  Third, Zhuyu Erbao porridge materials: 60 grams of raw yam, 60 grams of raw barley, 24 grams of persimmon.

  Production: First wash the raw yam and raw barley into small grains, then put them in a clay pot and add the right amount of water to cook the porridge.

Then wash the persimmons, chop them with a knife, transfer to the porridge and dissolve, and wait until warm.

  Efficacy: The porridge and yam are like jade, and barley is named after pearl.

  In addition, there are some recipes for beauty and blood?

  Lotus seed longan soup use lotus seeds, longan and red dates to boil the soup together and add rock sugar.

It is best to send the lotus seed soup bag to the core before making it, so as not to have a bitter taste.

  Nutrition review: nourishing the blood and nourishing the nerves, strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach, especially for women with restlessness, neurasthenia and insomnia.

  Lotus root radish Drink lotus root, white radish together and add some sugar to drink.

This soup must not be overlapped before and after menstruation, otherwise it will easily cause dysmenorrhea and increase menstrual discomfort.

  Nutrition Comment: This dessert has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, stopping bleeding and solidifying the classics. It is especially suitable for women who lose weight and worry about anemia.

  Hawthorn Guizhi Brown Sugar Soup First, hawthorn and cinnamon sticks are fried in a bowl with gentle heat and 2 bowls of water, then add brown sugar to the heat, then stir and serve.

  Red dates and glutinous rice porridge use black rice with glutinous rice, red dates, and angelica to make porridge together.

Remind here that you must wash black rice, glutinous rice, etc., and soak them in cold water for several hours before draining.

  Nutrition review: Red dates and glutinous rice porridge has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing qi, strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach, and is especially suitable for women who often stay up late to work overtime.

  In fact, there are many foods in life that are very helpful to women’s blood and beauty.

Finally, I want to say that women must learn to be better with themselves, so that they can have a better body to create more life value and take better care of their families.

  Well, the above are the recipes for nourishing blood and beauty introduced by everyone. From these recipes, do you know what food women eat?

If you don’t know what food to eat for beauty, you can also refer to the methods in the article and hurry up to make blood and beauty together.