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There are 3 necessary stages for starting a white hand?

There are 3 necessary stages for starting a white hand?

Introduction: This stage belongs to the stage of maintenance and development. The success of entrepreneurship is critical at this step. It requires you to pay attention to it at all times. At the same time, as an entrepreneur, you need to continuously learnUpdate corporate philosophy, development path and business model.

  The first stage is to prepare for your own entrepreneurship through learning. This stage is the key to your entrepreneurial pursuit. Then, only when you are fully prepared and in the entrepreneurial period can you be comfortable. However, you should master the most effective methods during this period of study, otherwise you oftenIt will be counterproductive. Therefore, choosing a certain type of learning platform is likely to be seriously inadequate. The author believes that this platform to assist you in learning must have the following conditions: First, it has a large number of successful cases and successful entrepreneurial stories, and armor improves its ownThe ability to do things, secondly, is to have a lot of business opportunity information, corporate information for selection, conversion, and should also include a wealth of news information, and there are not many websites that can meet these requirements. Among them, as the world ‘s first ChineseTianxia Business Network, an advertising business opportunity portal, is one of the large and rich websites.

At this stage, there are also three periods of study: 1. Finding your favorite industry and foothold during the job-hopping period. 2. Accumulate your own entrepreneurial experience through part-time work. 3. Waiting period. Waiting for and finding entrepreneurial opportunities. Remember that the business is not familiar.Don’t do it!

  The second stage is to create your own business and guarantee a certain profit. This stage is the starting point for entrepreneurship. It is also related to whether your business can be profitable, and whether it is successful or not.Go on.

Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a project for entrepreneurship, and a good project must log on to a good platform to find it.

It is understood that, in order to help the majority of netizens more easily find the most suitable entrepreneurial project, Tianxia Business Opportunity Network came into being. It completely covers the latest and most popular and most profitable entrepreneurial projects. It also includes wealth business opportunities, real estate, Education, and other wealth-creating information, fully meet the various needs of different netizens, truly a world of Internet, unlimited wealth in front of the business opportunity portal.

At this stage, it is particularly important to note that this stage should go through the following stages: 1. The planning period makes a detailed plan for the entrepreneurship that you have already thought of, and you must pay attention to everything yourself!

  2. The creation period implements your own business plan according to your own plan. The shorter the creation period, the better, and the less you spend, the better!

  3, the survival period of the enterprise has been started, it is very important to maintain survival, think of a way to make the enterprise survive, only by living there is the possibility of profit and development.

  4. Earn your first bucket of gold as soon as possible in the struggle period, so that you can breathe a sigh of relief. The third stage allows the enterprise to develop to a stable level of profit, and continues to operate. This stage belongs to the stage of maintenance and development.This step is critical. It requires you to pay attention to it at all times. At the same time, as an entrepreneur, in the process, you need to continuously learn and continuously update the company’s concept, development path, and business model.

Therefore, the world’s business opportunities provide targeted entrepreneurs with reasonable business strategies for free, as well as entrepreneurial stories, entrepreneurial bibles . so that entrepreneurs can think and think in the process of entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurs are in this large number of entrepreneurial experiences., Make more accurate profit-making decisions for your business!

At this stage, the following three periods are included: 1. The key step in the adjustment period to ensure the fruits of victory. The goal of the struggle period has been achieved. It is time to consider new business ideas–expansion or the status quo?

  2. Consolidation period Strengthen the stage of the adjustment period and prepare for development!

At this time you should be a coach, not a player, so that every player is gradually in place!

  3. During the development period, the company has been operating at a steady and rising profit level, and you can easily become a boss, but it does not mean that you can sit back and relax, because the successful experience today may be out of date tomorrow, and it is the safest.The approach is to keep attacking and keep the enterprise moving forward!

8 tips to help sleep, recharge your skin

8 tips to help sleep, recharge your skin

The weather is cold and the indoor temperature is just right, but you always can’t sleep well. Why?

Here are 8 tips to help you sleep, help you to solve your sleep problems, and get a good sleep!

  Pillow spray can help you fall asleep and can’t sleep?

Spray a little sleep spray on your pillow!

Most of these products have added some plant essential oils that can calm and soothe emotions and help to relax. When you lie on the pillow, you will be surrounded by a comfortable smell, and the whole person will slowly relax and enter a sweet dreamland.

  Fixed sleep time Fixed sleep time is very important. Try to stay up late or get up late to keep the physiological clock stable, and you will feel drowsy at about the same time!

  Do not go online for half an hour before going to bed. Listening to too high music or watching news programs that will become angry with you will not prevent you from doing a body massage for yourself, applying body lotion with a relaxing effect, and tightening your neck and shoulders., Arms, legs, etc. to make some relaxing movements, can help you more comfortable.

  Temperature and humidity suitable for sleep will also affect sleep!

  Too hot will be too cold, and some people will not sleep well. Insufficient humidity will make you dry and wake up in the middle of the night. Keeping indoors at about 24 degrees is the most comfortable sleep, while maintaining humidity at 60% is the best.
  Before going to bed, you can put a glass of water on the bed, and when it ‘s cold or air-conditioned, do n’t prevent you from putting on socks and gloves when you sleep. It helps to keep your hands and feet warm and sleep better.

  Take a relaxing sleep-aid bathtub and spend all day busy, still can’t relax at night?

  If you are a person with a tight bandage that is difficult to decompress, it is recommended that you take a warm bath before going to bed, which can be 15-20 minutes. When bathing, add some aromatherapy products with soothing and relaxing effects, and then leave the entire head in the bubbleWhen you take a bath, completely empty up and let yourself enter the meditation space. After soaking in the bathtub, you will feel that the whole person is too much relaxed and invaded by heavy drowsiness. You want to hurry to lie down.

  When using the fragrance to create a soothing sleep bubble bath, first light up the essential oil candles in the bedroom!

  The smell of a high-quality essential oil candle is comfortable and rich, which will make the entire room full of charming aroma, so that when you step into the room, you will be surrounded by the comfortable smell, and slowly feel more relaxed than passing over.Unconsciously, I feel sleepy.

  Avoid light disturbing sleep Light is the biggest culprit affecting sleep, which makes people sleep unsteadily, and even wake up frequently due to light sleep!

  If you can’t grasp the light in your bedroom (night mate with your roommate or pillow person), you may wish to wear eye masks to help you avoid light. Some eye masks also add a soothing aroma to help you relax and sleep more sweetly!

  Hair care products can also help you sleep. Hair care products can also help you sleep more peacefully, and you can have a beautiful hair when you wake up!

  Kashi launches special hair products for night time, which can intensively repair hair for 8 hours during sleep time, and the product also adds multi-level fresh floral fragrance, so that you will be surrounded by your own hair.

  Try the Sleep SPA If you have been experiencing poor sleep quality or insomnia, try Deng Qier’s diffuse wave sleep therapy.

  This SPA treatment uses a unique soft wave vibration massage that promotes the body to shake, helping to release pressure, rebuilding the harmonious frequency in the body, and performing shiatsu massage for the 400 energy points of the scalp to promote left and right brain balance while improving shoulder and neck musclesTightness helps improve sleep quality.

Let the bath and health walk

Let the bath and health walk

Bathing is an indispensable thing in our daily life. Every time we go to school, get off work, and get into the warm bathroom, we can let the skin go to a “feast.”

A healthy bathing method can no longer clean the skin, and it can prevent diseases and let us enjoy healthy and happy.

  The best bathing time is the simple and extremely effective way to eliminate fatigue. The body fatigue often manifests as muscle soreness, while the warm water bath has a stimulating effect on the sympathetic nerves, which can achieve calming effect.Figure: After the athletes exercised a large amount of exercise, after 5 minutes of bathing in 43 seconds of bath water, the lactic acid in the blood hardly changed, and after 10 minutes of washing, the lactic acid concentration decreased by 7-8 microns, and the bubble was further washed.After 30-60 minutes, the lactic acid in the blood is basically restored to the level before the fatigue.

  But it doesn’t mean that the longer the bath, the better.

Bathing time varies from person to person, depending on the amount of exercise. According to your own specific conditions, you must pay attention to the water temperature. The appropriate water temperature can accelerate the body’s metabolism, regulate the body, make the body excited, and generally can tolerate higher temperatures.Some hot water baths can lower the concentration of lactic acid in the blood, but the water temperature is too high, but it will cause fatigue due to energy consumption in the body.

  For most ordinary people, the bathing water temperature is most suitable for 40-42 months, the time is generally 10-15 minutes, the longest is no more than 20 minutes, preferably not more than twice a day, the bathing time is too long, the number of timesThe effect of frequency on eliminating fatigue can be counterproductive.

  How long before going to bed is the healthiest bath. It is best to bathe 2 hours before going to bed.

Sleep often comes after the body temperature drops, and the hot water bath raises the body temperature, which causes the brain to release “sleep hormones.”

If you can only take a bath before going to bed, you can use a wet towel to cool your forehead for 5 minutes after the bath, let the body temperature fall back to normal level, and fall asleep as soon as possible.

  Scientific bathing is effective against disease.

When the appetite is not good, use hot water to stimulate the stomach. After the body is warm, use a water of about 20 seconds to draw a circular spray around the chest. Rest for 5 minutes for 5 seconds, repeat five or six times.


Muscle pain, when the neck is stiff, spray in the painful area for about 40 minutes in hot water for 40 minutes.

In particular, the head, shoulders and waist that are prone to pain can be softly moved while punching, and can promote blood circulation once they are rotated back and forth.


People with cold hands and feet are often cold-headed in the summer, and they can use cold and hot alternating showers to dilate blood vessels and promote blood circulation.

First use 43 quartz hot water, fully warm up, then rinse with cold water for 10 seconds.

Repeat 5 times.


Wait for too long in the air-conditioned room. When the whole body is cold, use 43 months of hot water to wash the shoulders and place the following.

When the shoulder is flushed, the shower head can be fixed and the shoulders can be moved up and down.

When you punch your feet, do the stepping exercise while punching.


When you have low back pain, use 43 hot water of salt water to wash back and forth around the waist. It is best to make the waist flexion and extension.


When there is edema in the foot, use 43 hot water to wash back and forth from the toes to the instep.

Then, use the cold water of about 18 seconds to wash the same place for about 10 seconds, and you can rush while walking.

Repeat 5 times.


In the case of neuropathic constipation, the fractured intestine is washed with hot water for 43 seconds for about 3 minutes, and then washed with warm water for 25 seconds for 10 seconds.

Repeated 5 times, the action of the large intestine can be activated.


Fatigue of the feet, heavy lifting with 43 seconds of hot water and 3 minutes of the heart of the foot.

  Avoid it!

Five conditions should not be bathed when the blood pressure is too low.

Because the water temperature during bathing is high, the blood vessels of the person can be dilated, and people with low blood pressure are prone to collapse.

  It is not suitable for bathing after drinking.

Taking a bath after drinking, blood sugar can not be replenished in time, prone to dizziness, vertigo, general weakness, severe hypoglycemic coma may occur.
  It is not suitable for bathing after a meal or during drought.
After a full meal, the whole body surface blood vessels are stimulated by hot water to expand, and the split blood flows to the body surface. The blood supply to the abdominal cavity is relatively reduced, which will affect digestion and absorption. When sleeping, it may cause hypoglycemia, even collapse, and faint.

  It is not advisable to bathe immediately after work.

Whether it is physical labor or mental work, you should take a break and take a bath, otherwise it will easily cause the heart, lack of blood supply to the brain, and even syncope.

  Do not bathe when you have a fever.

When a person’s body temperature rises to 38 ° C, the body’s energy consumption can be increased by 20%, the body is relatively weak, and bathing is prone to accidents.

Tooth mark tongue

Tooth mark tongue

Tooth-marked tongue: When the edge of the tongue body sees the marks of the teeth, it is the tooth-marked tongue.

  Main diseases and related studies: Tooth-marked tongues are mostly caused by the weight of the tongue and are compressed by the margins of the teeth. Therefore, tooth-marked tongues are often seen with fat tongues.

If the tongue is pale and moist, the spleen is weak and cold and damp.

  The causes of tooth marks are mainly due to the deficiency of the spleen and the inability to transport water and wetness. The ancient body is fat due to wet resistance to the tongue. The teeth marks are formed by squeezing the teeth.It belongs to the deficiency of the spleen and dampness, due to the looseness of the tongue muscles and insufficient opening, which is the deficiency of the spleen.

  The main diseases of tooth marks tongue:-pale and moist with tooth marks, cold and damp;-light red with tooth marks, spleen deficiency or qi deficiency;-red and swollen mouth with tooth marks, mostly damp and hot sputumIn short, qi deficiency and yang deficiency can be combined: 1.

Qi deficiency type: weak temper, main card: talk about tongue quality, thin white tongue coating, fat and tender tongue, tongue marks, pale or yellow complexion, shortness of breath, heavy head swell, fatigue, fatigue, spontaneous sweating,Reduced diet, bloating after eating, general nausea, diarrhea, and weak pulses.

Rule: Buzhong Yiqi.


Yang deficiency type: Main palate: Tongue quality is white, tongue surface is moist and more fluid, or tongue surface is water slippery, tongue body is round, fat and tender, with tooth marks on the sides.

Pale or blue-black, tired, tired, sleepy, light and not thirsty, less appetite, cold in the abdomen, Wen Fangshu, cold stomach, cold limbs, clear urine pond, or see swelling, pulse sinkingmicro.

Rule: Xin Wen Bu Yang.

  Commonly used proprietary Chinese medicines are: ginseng Jianpi pills, Huoxiangzhengqi pills, Shenling Baizhu pills, Fuzi Lizhong pills, Jiawei Baohe pills and so on.

Beautiful wedding becomes lost

Beautiful wedding becomes lost

Ms. Li grew up in superior family conditions.

After falling in love with Prince Charming for three years, it was a hundred years.

However, the good times did not last long. After the honeymoon, the young couple began to have some friction due to life chores. Later, the conflict escalated.

Not long ago, my husband was tired of this life and lived in a friend’s house.

Ms. Li was very surprised and indignant about the incident. She felt that the other party had changed her heart and had a sense of loss that had been abandoned. In extreme despair, she came to see a psychiatrist for consultation.

  Ms. Li shed tears and confided her distress after marriage: Mr. Li was considerate to me before marriage and found that he found a happy boyfriend and enjoyed the sweetness of love everywhere.

At that time, I really didn’t find anything about my boyfriend that wasn’t suitable for me, until I remembered how happy it was!

Now that the good times are no longer, after the honeymoon, I found out that my husband has changed into a person, it may be “the original shape”!

I have n’t found that there is such a lazy person in the world. The smelly socks you wear can be left under the pillow for ten and a half months. If you want him to buy something, do some housework, you call him ten or eight times. HeCan be indifferent.

When he’s in love, if he gives him an instruction, how dare he disobey him!

His temper has also deteriorated. He used to keep me in the past, but now he seems to be giving up.

When I am in love, I always look forward to getting married. Many friends say, “Marriage is the grave of love.” I still don’t believe it. Now I can truly feel this pain.

  Ms. Li’s situation is more representative among newlyweds, and there has been a process from unfitness to gradual adaptation.

At least, from love to marriage is a return from romance, ideal and even fantasy love to real life.

It is reasonable to say that both men and women before marriage should be fully psychologically prepared, otherwise the huge gap from dream to reality will be enough to catch you by surprise.

Ms. Li didn’t have enough mental preparation for her role change before marriage, so after the honeymoon, she felt that her husband and her ideal requirements were far away.

The destruction of her dream brought her a heavy blow, so it was difficult to adapt to her life after marriage.

In fact, it is not that his husband has undergone a drastic change after marriage. Men and women when they are not in love always imagine each other too well, and it is difficult to find each other’s shortcomings; and when they are in love, both parties always intentionally or unintentionally cover their weaknesses to win each otherAfter feeling married, I found out that the other party really had too many problems.

Coupled with Ms. Li’s own psychological weakness, she grew up in good times, has a strong vanity, relied on her weight, and has a poor ability to tolerate setbacks. She also had a strong sense of disappointment due to her high expectations of her husband before marriage.

  From the perspective of social psychology, the expression of love after marriage is indeed different from that in love. After marriage, love includes more pay, responsibilities and obligations.

Psychologists and sociologists believe that marriage is the continuation of love and requires more wisdom and tolerance to be maintained. In a mature marriage life, it can show true personality charm.

There are no perfect people in the world. Don’t place excessive demands on your husband or wife; and everyone has their own different perspectives and behaviors. You can’t impose your own opinions on each other, and don’t force the other party to always be consistent with yourself.Will help achieve a happy marriage.

It is conceivable that for a person who has a difficult relationship with husband and wife, even if he has a high IQ, it also means that he has more or less some personality psychological problems.

Therefore, it is necessary to continuously learn from life, gradually improve their personal weaknesses, and strive to improve their “emotional intelligence”.

  After Ms. Li’s three psychological consultations, she had a sufficient understanding of the changes in married couples’ lives after marriage, and through further communication between the couples, the relationship was gradually reconciled.

Taking Cordyceps sinensis varies according to disease

Taking Cordyceps sinensis varies according to disease

Ten effects Cordyceps sinensis is a traditional and valuable medicated diet tonic. It has a flat and sweet taste, has the functions of nourishing the lungs and kidneys, relieving cough, benefiting from deficiency, and nourishing essence.

  According to clinical research reports, Cordyceps sinensis has ten functions: ① antibacterial, ② immune regulation, ③ anti-cancer, ④ anti-inflammatory, ⑤ nourishing the kidney, ⑥ increasing the adrenal cortisol content, ⑦ resisting arrhythmia, ⑧ resisting fatigue, ⑨ expectorantPant, sedated hypnosis.

  Adapt to the crowd Suitable for deficiency of lungs and kidneys, insufficient essence gas, short cough, shortness of breath, spontaneous sweating, night sweats, impotence, nocturnal emission, impotence, sputum and blood.

Because of its gentle and gentle energy, it can replenish yin and yang, so it is also a good medicine for tonics for those who are old and weak, suffer from post-ill health, and have postpartum weakness.

  When choosing how to buy, you must first pay attention to the appearance and color.

Cordyceps sinensis has a silkworm-like body with a length of about 3-5cm. The surface is dark yellow to yellow-brown, with 20-30 ring patterns, and 8 pairs of feet (4 pairs in the middle are more obvious).

The peduncle is expected to be about 4-7 cm in length and about 0 in diameter.

3cm, the surface is dark reddish brown to tan, with fine vertical wrinkles, slightly swollen.

The cross section is white with a slight smell of gas and a slightly bitter taste.

In the selection, the insect body is complete, plump and enlarged, the outer color is yellow and bright, the inner color is white, and the short constellation is preferred.

It should be noted that some empty Cordyceps sinensis are sold after the active ingredients are extracted. The content of this Cordyceps sinensis is small and the appearance is not full.

You can also take a closer look. If there are foreign objects such as iron wire inserted in Cordyceps, it is a fake product.

It is recommended to buy products from stores or reputable vendors.

  Consumption of Cordyceps sinensis tonic deficiency varies from person to person due to illness, or it can be taken alone or in combination with other medicines.

It can be simmered in water, stewed in soup, mixed with medicated meals, and can also be used to make wine and tea.

For example, weak back pain, slippery dreams, impotence, premature ejaculation, tinnitus and forgetfulness, can be used with 2 grams of Cordyceps sinensis each time.Chuan Duan, etc., Jiantang drink service.

After the illness, the body is weak, or the normal body is prone to colds, and those who suffer from chills and spontaneous sweating can be commonly served with Cordyceps and chicken, duck, cattle, pig, lamb and other stew.

For example, 5-10 pieces of Cordyceps sinensis and one husband duck can be used to remove the miscellaneous belly. Add some rice wine and boil and eat to enhance the physique.

Or use 4 cordyceps per day and take it on an empty stomach after decoction.

  Other products due to the high price of natural Cordyceps sinensis and the shortage of natural resources, people have researched and explored artificial cultivation methods.

The method of in vitro culture using isolated strains of Cordyceps sinensis has gradually matured. The isolates obtained from Cordyceps sinensis have many names. Currently, some medicines or health products and their strains on the market are not genetically related to Cordyceps sinensis and are produced through fermentation.Many of the product types are not gradually true Cordyceps sinensis strains, so pay attention to selection.

Xiaoxue solar energy tonic health drink sea cucumber black chicken soup warm up

Xiaoxue solar energy tonic health drink sea cucumber black chicken soup warm up

When Xiaoxue’s solar terms are coming, what should Xiaoxue do?

Xiaoxue’s solar terms pay attention to warming up, what should I eat?

Xiaoxue’s solar terms do not prevent drinking some health soup, not only can nourish the health, but also warm up the body and warm the heart.

Today I recommend a sea cucumber black chicken soup.

Ingredients for sea cucumber and black chicken soup: 1 sea cucumber, 1/3 black-bone chicken, 2 pieces of gelatin, 5 red dates, 10 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 5 grams of yam, ginger, salt, water Moderation: 1, soak the sea cucumber in advanceOK, the gelatin foam is good, the black chicken chops small pieces for later use, wash the yam and slice them, wash the red dates to remove the core, and the ginger slices for later use;Put all the ingredients in a saucepan, add enough water, boil over low heat and simmer slowly for 4 hours, season with an appropriate amount of salt and serve.

First, the sea cucumber warms the kidneys, but don’t be superstitious about the nutritional value of sea cucumbers. People are not unfamiliar with it. It is as famous as ginseng, bird’s nest and shark fin, and it is one of the eight treasures in the world.

Sea cucumber is always a precious food and a precious medicinal material.

According to the “Compendium of Compendium of Materia Medica”: sea cucumber, sweet and salty, tonifying kidney, replenishing the essence, taking urination, aphrodisiac, and treating yang, its temperature is tonic, and it is full of enemy ginseng.

Sea cucumber has the effects of improving memory, delaying gonad aging, preventing arteriosclerosis, diabetes and anti-tumor.

From the perspective of Western medicine, sea cucumber can have many functions because it repairs and strengthens the body’s immunity.

Analysis of the metabolic components of sea cucumbers found that this is mainly because the active substances contained in the sea cucumbers are acidic, polymerized, and doped, which can greatly improve human immunity. As long as the human body has strong immunity, it can resist various diseases.

Many people are superstitious about the nutritional effects of sea cucumbers and believe that eating more sea cucumbers can improve sexual function, but in fact, this is amplifying the effects of sea cucumbers.

Purely from a nutritional point of view, there is no decisive difference between Hai participation in ordinary food such as Tremella, food is not the more expensive nutritional value, and the more you eat, the better it is for your body.

Sea cucumber is a very good food. Occasionally, it can make people get high-quality protein and polysaccharides, but eating too much is not good for your health. Food complications and various kinds are the principles of healthy eating.

Second, how to dry hair sea cucumber?

Sea cucumber is delicious and delicious, and it is the first of 100 supplements. Naturally, it is very particular about eating. It must not be as rude and simple as treating radish and cabbage.

The key is whether the dried sea cucumbers can be made well.

The hair is good, the meat is smooth, soft and elastic, and the taste is delicious; if the hair is not good, the quality and taste are affected.

When foaming sea cucumbers, follow these steps appropriately: 1. Wash the sea cucumbers with water and remove the surface salt.

Take a clean, oil-free container, fill it with an appropriate amount of pure water, place the sea cucumber in the container and put it in the refrigerator freezer for 24-48 hours, and change the water every 8 hours until it becomes soft.

2. After foaming, cut the sea cucumber from the tail to the right along the midline of the abdomen, remove the inner tendons and sand mouth, and clean the impurities in the sea cucumber belly. There will be several tendons in the inner cavity of the sea cucumber. It is edible without removal, but it willIt affects the growth of sea cucumbers, so cut a few sections in it.

3. Fill the clean and oil-free pot with pure water. Put the cleaned sea cucumbers into it. After the high heat is boiled, cook on low heat for another 20 minutes. After the flame is turned off, cover it and let it cool naturally. Pick out the soft boiled sea cucumbers.Leave the hard sea cucumbers in the pot, and change to cool, pure water and cook until all are soft.

4. The clean and oil-free container is filled with cold and pure water, sealed with cooked sea cucumber, and then put into the refrigerator freezer, soaked for 48-72 hours, change the water once a day, and you can eat.

It should be noted that the sea cucumbers that have been sent out cannot be stored for a long time, and it is best not to exceed 3 days. If it is stored dry, it is best to keep it in a sealed wooden box to prevent moisture.

Health benefits of daily consumption of 6 kinds of rice

Health benefits of daily consumption of 6 kinds of rice

Rice can satisfy the hunger and is the staple food of the Chinese people. In fact, rice has many other effects besides being full.

Such as digestion, kidney and so on.

Here are six types of rice with different effects.


The most nutritious is that the ordinary rice, which was previously used as rice for daily use, is also known as the previous rice or polished rice. It has a translucent oval or oval shape, has a high rice yield, and has a small swelling, but a large stickiness.

As a daily edible rice, the previous rice contains essential nutrients such as starch, protein, trace amounts, vitamin B1, niacin, vitamin C, calcium, and iron, which can provide the nutrition and content required by the human body.

  Using the previous rice to make porridge to maintain health and prolong life. In the history of 2000 years, the top layer of the previous rice porridge oil can be replenished with liquid and refined, which is beneficial to the nourishing yin and kidney essence.Suitable for patients, maternal and elderly.
The previous rice has the effects of strengthening the spleen and stomach, replenishing qi, nourishing yin and promoting fluid, removing irritability, thirst, and intestinal diarrhea. It can be used for complications such as weak spleen and stomach, irritability, malnutrition, and weakness after illness. However, patients with diabetes shouldBe careful not to eat too much.


The most aided digestion is the so-called coarse rice, which is the “light yellow rice” in which the rice with shells is removed during the milling process to retain the husk and retain the germ and cobalt.

Crude rice contains more protein, trace amounts, and vitamins than polished white rice.

  The crude fiber molecules of the rice bran layer help the body move, and it is effective for digestive diseases such as stomach diseases, constipation, and hemorrhoids.

Compared with refined white rice, coarse rice supplements can reduce plasma and reduce the risk of hypertension and stroke.

Slightly suitable for the general population to eat, but because it is slightly larger than rice, it has a thick texture and a tight gap, and it takes time to cook. It is recommended that it can be soaked and soaked in cold water before cooking, and then continuously soaked in water to occupy a pressure cooker.


The most nutritious is black rice. Black rice is rich in nutrients. It contains protein, trace amounts, B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and other substances, and its nutritional value exceeds that of ordinary rice.

It can significantly increase the content of human hemoglobin and hemoglobin, is conducive to the health of the cardiovascular system, is conducive to the development of children’s bones and brain, and promotes the recovery of maternal and physically weak patients after illness, so it is an ideal nutritional health productfood.

  Black rice has the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing kidney, nourishing qi and strengthening body, strengthening spleen and appetizing, nourishing liver and eyesight, nourishing essence and astringent, and is an anti-aging beauty, nourishing and strengthening body.

Regular consumption of black rice has a better nourishing effect on chronic patients, patients during rehabilitation and young children.

As black rice is not easy to cook, it should be soaked overnight before cooking.

Young children and elderly patients with weak digestive function are not suitable for consumption.


The most detoxified is glutinous rice and glutinous rice, also known as Jiangmi. Because of its fragrant and sticky texture, it is often made into flavor snacks, which is loved by everyone.

Glutinous rice contains nutrients such as protein, trace amounts, sugars, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B2, and a large amount of starch


The most beautiful is the barley, barley, also known as barley, barley.

Barley has high nutritional value and is known as “the world’s king of grass plants”.

Coix seed rice is rich in nutrients, containing Italian coix seed oil, coix seed fat, sterols, amino acids, arginine and other amino acid components and vitamin B1, diet and other nutritional ingredients.
  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that barley is sweet, mild, slightly cold, enters the spleen, stomach, and lung meridian, and has therapeutic and preventive effects on spleen deficiency, diarrhea, muscle acidity, and joint pain.


The most nourishing is millet millet also known as beam rice, corn, corn.

Its protein, trace, sugar, vitamin B2, niacin and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients.

Because millet is easily digested and absorbed by the human body, it is called “healthy rice” by nutrition experts.

  Xiaomi has the effects of strengthening the spleen, replenishing kidney qi, clearing heat, urinate, and treating irritability, and is a good nutritional rehabilitation product for the treatment of weak spleen and stomach, physical weakness, impaired essence and blood, postpartum damage, and loss of appetite.

Due to the slightly cold nature of millet, the stagnation of the Qi and the physique are relatively cold, and the elderly should not eat too much.

The best 4 skinny legs for OL

The best 4 skinny legs for OL

Do you want to wear a short skirt to show off your exquisite calf?

Then take a look at the following lessons together!

You must not fall!

  Beautiful leg trick 1: Lift your legs for 30 minutes every day, “radish” is gone.

  Method: Lying flat, feet straight up against the wall, legs close to the wall, at least 30 minutes to lift the legs, ideally after the legs are numb.

  Beautiful legs 2: Exfoliate, rub the lotion, prevent the thick heel.

  Method: Exfoliate and rub the lotion on weekdays, it can effectively eliminate the peeling phenomenon.

  If the crack is serious, put on the socks and sleep after rubbing the lotion, the effect will be better.

  Beautiful leg cheat 3: Simple leg movement, the effect is visible.

  Towel stovepipe method: Exercise 1: The thighs are forced to twist the folded towel, which can effectively eliminate the aunt part of the thigh.

  Exercise 2: The legs are flat (no things can be padded under the feet), the toes are upturned and straightened, 16 times left and right.

  Beautiful legs and secrets 4: hot feet, prevent the legs from aging.

  Method: Inject hot water into the deep and aligned small bucket. The water temperature is the limit of the heat that the foot can bear. It can be soaked for at least 10 minutes every day, so that the forehead is slightly sweaty.

31 don’t take a few deep breaths

31 don’t take a few “deep breaths”

Fatigue is now a chronic problem in the world.
Many mental workers go to work one day and feel tired and exhausted. Asking a doctor is no good idea.
For a while, I went to the bathroom or barber shop to ask someone to knock on my back when I was in this situation.
But you ca n’t just beat people every day!
Besides, why is it that the muscles are relaxed after being beaten?
  Later, I went to ask an acupuncturist and he told me: “A point on the shoulder of a person is called scapula, and there is a point next to the shoulder called” stomach “.The strength is enough, so I used this principle to sleep in bed for deep breathing exercises after a long day of work.
  The specific operation method is as follows: stand on your body, feet side by side, eyes straight forward (as when Taijiquan begins to prepare).
Imitate the action of pushing the palm and hand in Taijiquan, then pull two more to increase the vital capacity, and take a deep breath with the movement.
Do a hundred times.
The chest expansion exercise and fist-down chest exercise are used in the radio exercises.
Do 50 times in a row.
Breathe as far as possible while leaning down.
Fifty times doing the finishing exercises in the radio exercise.