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How to slim down with honey?


How to slim down with honey?

Honey can lose weight. Everyone knows it, but do you know how to use honey to achieve the best results?

Still not happy to learn with Xiaobian!

銆€銆€1, honey white vinegar diet method of amino acids contained in vinegar, can not only consume the aunt in the human body, but also make sugar, protein and other metabolism smoothly.

According to the study, obese people consume 15 ml of 20 ml of vinegar daily, and can lose about 3 kg in one month.

銆€銆€Honey white vinegar diet method: (1) 20 minutes before breakfast, drink on an empty stomach (2) Chinese food and drink immediately after dinner 2, papaya honey water papaya sweet, sexual flat slightly cold, function to help digestion, spleen and stomach, lungs,Cough, cool off the thirst.

Honey is able to heat, cooked is warm, can make up, sweet and calm, detoxification and slimming; soft and sturdy, can moisten dry.

Shu tend to get wet and moisturize the five internal organs.

銆€銆€Ingredients: 1 papaya, honey, moderate amount of water.

銆€銆€Practice: Wash papaya with water.

Plan the papaya skin, go to the pot, and slice.

Add papaya to the pot and add some water.

After rolling, change to medium heat for 30 minutes.

Add honey to taste.

Stir the sugar water at any time.

銆€銆€3, honey apple porridge because the amino acid composition of rice is relatively complete, the protein is mainly rice sperm protein, easy to digest and absorb, in fact, there are not many aunts, you can consider reducing weight, many women are not wrong to lose weight without eating rice.

銆€銆€Ingredients: 1 cup of white rice, 1 apple, 2 tablespoons of raisins, 10 cups of water, 4 tablespoons of honey.

銆€銆€Practice: Wash and drain the white rice, slice the apples after washing.

Add 10 cups of water to the pot, boil it, add white rice and apples, cook until it boils, stir slightly, and cook for 40 minutes.

Put the honey and raisins in a bowl, pour in the hot porridge, mix well and serve.

銆€銆€4, honey sweet potato This dish is crystal clear, sweet and delicious, not sticky, no meat after eating, but stop, prevent you from eating more oily food, reduce traces.

銆€銆€Ingredients: sweet potato, 20 grams of honey, 15 grams of sugar osmanthus sauce, 250 grams of sugar, 20 grams of maltose.

銆€銆€Practice: Cut the sweet potato into jujube nucleus, add it to the pot, and add white sugar for 2-3 hours.

Put the pan on the fire, pour the sweet potato, honey, sweet-scented osmanthus sauce, sugar and water, first boil it with a fire, then slowly cook until cooked, until the soup is thick, remove the plate.

銆€銆€5, honey mint tea mint taste cool, mainly contains volatile oil, the main components of oil menthol, menthol, menthone, mint, benzene, limonene, etc., with the effect of evacuating wind and heat, detoxification and detoxification.

Mint tea can stimulate the movement of food in the digestive tract and help digestion, especially after stomach upset or eating too much greasy food.

However, mint can reduce the amount of milk in the mother, and it has certain irritation. It is not suitable for lactation, pregnant women and children.

銆€銆€6, honey black tea slimming method honey black tea can raise the lungs warm stomach, laxative, for constipation, spleen and stomach and embolism.

The caffeine in honey black tea has an excitatory effect on the vascular system and heart, thereby allowing blood circulation to promote metabolism, while promoting sweating and diuresis, while promoting sweating and diuresis, so that the two-pronged tube accelerates the excretion of capillaries (and substances that make the body feel waste)) and other old waste materials in the body to achieve the effect of eliminating fatigue and detoxification.

銆€銆€7, honey water to lose weight honey has detoxification, whitening effect, drink a large cup of warm honey water in the morning, you can “wake up” the large intestine small intestine, you can also excrete the toxins deposited in one night, in exchange for refreshingCool, here are some ways to slim down the body of honey.

With this method of weight loss, many people lose 3 kilograms in less than 3 days.

In fact, the symptoms of constipation and the feeling of anxiety can be eliminated.

銆€銆€8, milk honey weight loss method to replace a fresh egg egg white, a spoonful of milk and honey, plus a small amount of peppermint oil and lemon juice, mixed with a quick action, then put a cream sheet in the chin and chin areaJust fine.

Egg whites and lemons are the best partner for firming skin, while honey and milk make the skin moist and smooth, and with targeted sports, the double chin will disappear without a trace!

銆€銆€9, honey chamomile tea a cup of honey chamomile tea per meal, can increase your satiety, and greatly reduce the cumulative absorption.

In addition, this slimming tea can also significantly improve edema, which is one of the best drinks choices for weight loss.

Be careful to get sick!


When the pressure is high, you must vent!

Be careful to get sick!
When the pressure is high, you must vent!

Adong is a pragmatic and honest procedure. He is usually easy-going, courteous and courteous.

But recently, my friends have found that Adong’s temper has become particularly violent, and he’s worried if he doesn’t agree.

When the code that was hit before was silently modified, even if it was wrong, Adong became particularly impatient and especially born.

Every day I became very worried about love and broken things, feeling that I could do nothing.

It turned out that Adong was worried about the pressure caused by the pressure of the new project, which led to a series of symptoms such as insomnia, tastelessness and high mental stress.

The psychological stress of psychological stress is too large, and the immune system is reduced.

The study found that both long-term psychological stress and short-term psychological stress can affect the vitality of the immune system.

Over-pressure can cause unhappiness, depression, anxiety, pain, dissatisfaction, pessimism and feelings of sullenness. I feel that life is not fun, self-control is declining, suddenly angry, tears or laughter, independent work ability declines, usually activePeople become lazy, usually quiet people become emotional, the original easy-going character suddenly violent and irritable, can not tolerate and avoid the sensory stimulation, suddenly intolerable to music, electro-optical, family members or subordinates.

In addition, cases of excessive physical stress leading to physical diseases are not uncommon.

The study found that the top ten diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, are related to psychological stress, so it is important to learn to relieve stress.

You can release your brain’s endorphins when you have a lot of stress. You can also help produce chemicals that stimulate happiness and happiness.

When you are angry, it is best to try running, walking, swimming, push-ups and yoga. These can help you reduce stress, release anger, and burn calories to achieve physical fitness.

Give yourself a fake reading of a novel, singing, tea, or simply doing nothing, sitting in front of the window in a daze.

The key to this time is your inner body, a kind of tranquility, a kind of relaxation.

Listening to your favorite music is a wonderful language for human beings.

Listening to the beautiful songs that you feel like, makes you feel more relaxed, feels relaxed, immersed in happiness and forgets troubles.

Singing and singing is also a kind of temperament. It is also a relief to vent your unhappiness in your heart.

Talk to confide can balance the inner feelings with the external stimuli, and get rid of the disease.

After encountering unfortunate, troublesome and unsatisfactory things, don’t be depressed and suppress yourself, and bury your thoughts in your heart. Instead, you should trust these troubles, be calm, understand people, or talk to yourself.It is also good to talk about the animals around you.

When a person is psychologically unbalanced and has troubles, he should go to nature.

The air around the mountain or the waterfront contains doped anions.

Anions are essential for the survival of humans and animals.

The more diabetes in the air, the more oxygen is obtained from the organs and tissues of the human body, the metabolic function is prosperous, and the regulating function of the neurohumoral fluid is enhanced, which is conducive to the health of the body.

The healthier, the easier it is to calm down.

Eating food and enjoying food is also a good way to eliminate stress.

Find a few friends, or just yourself, go to a restaurant you like and have a meal of your favorite food. Don’t worry about getting fat (even if the big meal doesn’t have any effect), don’t think about anything, just enjoy it.Gourmet.

How to identify pressure warning signals?

Physiological signals 1. The nervous system When you are under stress, the frequency and extent of headaches are increasing, and muscle tension is also prone to occur, especially headaches, shoulders, and hips.

銆€銆€2, the skin is particularly sensitive to stress.

Dry skin, spots and stings are typical signs of reaction.

銆€銆€3, digestive problems, such as stomach pain, bloating and indigestion, may be the pressure signal that the body sends us.

銆€銆€4, cardiovascular system palpitation and chest pain are also often related to stress.

Mental signal 1, attention is difficult to concentrate, often caused by too many things in the brain to turn around.

銆€銆€2, indecisive, lack of determination, often change their own decisions, even for the most insignificant things.

銆€銆€3, memory loss often forgets.

銆€銆€4, the pressure to adjust the judgment, leading to some decisions made by mistakes, resulting in some faults.銆€銆€5, prone to fear and depression.

Emotional signal 1, easy to irritate or moody, usually means that you are under pressure.

銆€銆€2, loss of confidence, think that life is worthless, full of failures, often feel the future.

銆€銆€3, feeling wet and exhausted and lack of enthusiasm.

銆€銆€4, the sense of isolation often feels isolated and helpless.

Behavioral signal 1, sleep is easily disturbed, whether it is insomnia or excessive sleep, you are the signal that you are under pressure.

銆€銆€2, drinking and smoking more often than usual, this is an attempt to find a short-term mental relaxation.

銆€銆€3, withdraw from the companionship of friends and family or the friendship of colleagues, which usually means that you feel that you can’t cope with this relationship.

銆€銆€4, difficult to relax, often irritated and fidgety, you are likely under pressure.

Adjustments to lifestyle habits If your stress stems from continuous energy consumption, that is, the mental exhaustion we often say, rest is the best way to relieve stress, for example, you have been working continuously for half a month, working around the clock,However, there are still many things that have not been done. You are upset, dissatisfied, and stressed. Therefore, it is better to take a break and adjust your physical condition before you are fully engaged in your work.

Old Chinese medicine[recently too laborious]memory is poor, attention is not concentrated, rest is not good, often upset and discouraged, this is the performance of stress and fatigue.

Old Chinese medicine practitioners have recently worked too hard, replacing cockroaches, cassia seed and other materials of homologous medicine and food, using ancient formula, and extracting and refining them through modern science to make health teabag drinks.

Applicable to those who are tired and tired.

It is good to get rid of the exhausted spirit and work hard to be efficient.

(Click on the picture to enter the mall) Change your mindset and learn to relax yourself. Under the right circumstances, find someone who has trustworthy and want to talk about poop; if you want to rest, you will have a rest; if you want to entertain, you will be entertained. If you don’t want to do things, you can put it down temporarily; you can pursue excellence, but noThe demand is perfect.

Physical exercise If the body has already sent you a warning signal of stress, then exercise is the secret of decompression that can surpass the beauty of drugs.

A 30-minute jog can promote the secretion of certain forms of morphine in the brain. It makes people happy and keeps jogging. It can help you to guard against arrogance and arrogance, and eliminate impetuous bad habits.

Tennis sports are expensive and sweaty. It is an ideal exercise to vent your emotions, relieve self-repression and re-energize.

Swimming is the recommended sport in the summer. Water can bring us back to the mother-like sense of security and help to eliminate depression.

The effect of Taijiquan on emotional adjustment


The effect of Taijiquan on emotional adjustment

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the activities of the Qing dynasty are based on the function of the viscera, and that “the question of yin and yang should be like a big theory” says that “people have five visceral five qis to live with anger and sorrow.

He also believes that the heart is happy, the liver is angry, the lungs are sorrowful, the spleen is thinking, and the kidney is fearful.

Abnormal changes in human emotions can lead to turbulence and dysfunction.

銆€銆€The former Taijiquan used to be called the 鈥減erception movement鈥? because the exercise is inseparable from the feelings of people.

The first practitioner should pay attention to whether the action is correct, and then pay attention to mastering each essential point in the practice.

Such as whether to achieve a virtual collar, with chest pull back, shoulders and elbows, loose waist and loose, gas Shen Dan Tian and so on.

However, this is only a preliminary intentional conductor. Later, it will gradually be used to guide the air and to transport the body.

Tai Chi Chuan’s intentional method is to control the movement of the human body and internal and external operation, to eliminate distracting thoughts and to seek emptiness.

It is said that the study is that the cerebral cortex motor center is in an excited state when practicing boxing, and the other areas are in a relatively restrained state. This relative intentional silence makes people throw all the troubles in the back while practicing boxing, and concentrate on the boxing.Therefore, after practicing boxing, not only can people be refreshed, energy is abundant, and long-term exercise can make people feel open-minded and emotionally healthy.

At the same time, Taijiquan regulates the nerve function, which is also conducive to the recovery of the patient’s condition.

In the above-mentioned “Su Wen, Ancient Innocent Theory”, he said: “The gloom is nothing, the qi is from it, the spirit is kept, and the illness is always.”

Swinging on the bed, shaking the slender water snake waist


Swinging on the bed, shaking the slender water snake waist

People can have no outstanding figure, but they must not have no “waist”, otherwise people will lose the visual enjoyment that sways in the wind.

銆€銆€The fat-reducing muscles together with the coach warned that “it is not going to do the sit-ups.”

Because shaping the shape of the body, the key is to increase the body’s basal metabolic rate, increase muscle saturation, reduce fat and increase muscle.

Dietary food should be eaten like an emperor, lunch is like a civilian, dinner is like eating, insist on low diet, low blood sugar diet; fitness should be combined with aerobic exercise will have excellent results.

銆€銆€The movement of the goldfish is very effective in stimulating the erector spinae.

Pitch, hands and arms, the back of the hand touch the forehead, control the core strength of the body, let the upper body and lower limbs leave the ground at the same time, control 2-3 seconds and then relax.

It is also possible to tilt the arm forward or to hold it on the back side of the body, which can clearly feel the stretching of the abdominal muscles and the tension of the back muscles.

銆€銆€Right angle In yoga, this posture is called right angle. When inhaling, control the body to lean forward. The upper body is at right angles to the lower body. The hands are gripped upwards. When exhaling, the body slowly relaxes and recovers.To the erect state.

銆€銆€The excess meat on the waist side is the key to shaping the waist.

銆€銆€Lie on your back, bend your knees, put your feet on the ground, and touch your right knee with your left foot.

After the left hand is inserted into the head, the elbows are enlarged and the right hand is slender.

The right arm drives the body slowly to the left knee, including the chest (the elbow always keeps a straight line with the ear, the head and the alignment do not bend forward), maintain the posture, and then slowly relax.

Then the other side repeats the same action, doing 4 groups of 10-15 each.

Small Ai Ye greatly used, boiled water to wash the head, to remove oil and itching wounds, plus it can grow new hair


Small Ai Ye greatly used, boiled water to wash the head, to remove oil and itching wounds, plus it can grow new hair

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As early as in ancient times, it was useful to boil water with Ai Ye, because Ai Ye has many kinds of effects, so people often use Ai Ye water to bathe, wash their hair, soak their feet.

In addition to being used in a large number of daily health care treatments, it is also necessary to make a variety of Ai Ye beauty cosmetics and food.

This kind of Chinese medicine, which has been closely related to our lives, has been hailed as 鈥渕edical grass鈥?

In fact, Ai Ye is also a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory herb. It can also relieve itching and dandruff with wormwood water to make the scalp feel fresh.

[What is the effect of Ai Ye shampoo?

銆?1, sterilized wormwood contains bactericidal and disinfecting substances, still retain the same effect after drying.

Therefore, using Ai Ye water to wash the head can cause fungal infections on the scalp, which can inhibit the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

2, adjuvant treatment of seborrheic alopecia has natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, so for people with seborrheic alopecia, it is especially convenient to use Aiye water to wash hair.

Because Ai Ye water can treat seborrheic dermatitis, it can remove oil and prevent hair loss by washing the head with Ai Ye.

3, to dandruff, itching, anti-hair loss scalp breeding excessive dandruff will be very troublesome, and the use of Ai Ye water wash head can eliminate the role of itching and dandruff, so that the scalp feels fresh and natural.

Moreover, while dandruff and itching, it does not hurt the hair of the scalp and hair at all, and it also has the function of nourishing hair follicles and preventing hair loss.

[Ai Ye shampoo method]Step 1: Boil a bowl of wormwood water with wormwood, the thicker the better.

Step 2: Put the whole scalp above with wormwood water, then wrap the hair with a towel so that the wormwood water remains on the scalp for 10 minutes.

Step 3: Rinse with shampoo or warm water.

Step 4: “Ten fingers are combing” and repeatedly comb the hair 100 times with your fingers.

[Ai grass soaked feet (supplement of kidney and cold prevention of hair loss)], method (1) generally take Ai Ye 50?
100 grams, put in the iron basin and add water to boil, then pour into the tub.

(2) It is best to use a tub with a foot bath, without an iron basin or an aluminum basin, because the metal is cold and not conducive to warming.

(3) After the water temperature reaches about 40 掳C, you can start to soak your feet.

At least the amount of water should be able to submerge the entire instep, and the foot can be exceeded. Set the following.

(4) The bathing time is preferably about half an hour. In the meantime, if the water is cold, it is better to add some hot water. It is best to soak it to a slight sweat.

2, the hour scale of the foot bath, want to warm the kidney yang, prevent hair loss, you can choose around 21 o’clock in the evening, because the kidney blood is relatively weak at this time, at this time, the feet, after the body enlarges, the blood vessels in the body will expand,It is good for promoting blood circulation and promoting blood circulation and metabolism in the body.

The nerves that are tense during the day and the kidneys that have been tired for a day can be completely relaxed and fully adjusted at this time.

After the bubble is finished, a proper foot massage for a few minutes can also relieve fatigue, promote blood circulation and help prevent hair loss.

Whether it is to wash your hair with Ai Yecai, soak your feet, you can only say that you can adjust your recovery hair loss, and you can absorb the fatigue of the day in daily life.

And some skin allergy friends should choose carefully.

[The most scientific and effective way to stop hair growth]Once you find hair loss, take active treatment, so as to avoid the final trend towards an irreversible future.

At present, the Chinese medical law has the advantages of mild medicinal properties, stable drug efficacy, and high rate of variability.

The traditional Chinese medicine spray which is effective and contains no hormones and will not harm the skin of the scalp -[Zhongyu Yurong Liquid]is the best choice, mild and no substitute, and can be used safely during lactation.

By insisting on use, it can nourish the skin, repair the scalp hair follicles, activate the hair follicle activity, and make the nipples get more nutrients from the blood to form melanin granules, thus achieving the effect of preventing hair loss, hair loss, hair growth and hair care.Specimen is applied.

For postpartum hair loss, seborrheic alopecia, alopecia areata and other types of hair loss continue to cure more than 90%.

Because this pharmacist is a traditional Chinese medicine object supported by the state, it is very convenient to find the major platforms now.

[Other effects of Ai Ye Shui]The ancients also pay attention to the compatibility of flowers and plants. They will add other flowers and plants to the leaves of Ai Ye in accordance with the specific conditions of the body to play a therapeutic role.

For example: 1, there is a cold, joint pain, bronchitis, can add ginger.

2, there are varicose veins, peripheral neuritis, numbness and blood in the hands and feet, can add safflower.

3, there are red eyes, toothache, angry and upset, get angry and cold, feet and legs swollen, can add salt 4, sweaty feet, foot odor, athlete’s foot, eczema, can add pepper.

In addition, you can also cook wormwood tea to drink, remove the cold and wet effect of the body is good, especially in the white-collar beauty in the air-conditioned room, feel that ginger jujube tea trouble, then you can drink wormwood tea to ease fatigue.

Yunnan Luoping canola flower opens in spring


Yunnan Luoping canola flower opens in spring

In the morning light, the golden hills of rapeseed, the golden wilderness, the golden river embankment, and the tourists from home and abroad are among the local girls who wear national costumes in the Luoping rapeseed sea in Yunnan, which is known as the “world’s largest natural garden”.A cheerful dance, photographers hold up the camera to take beautiful moments.

This is the scene of the opening ceremony of the 鈥淐hina Luoping International Rape Flower Culture Tourism Festival鈥?on February 3.

銆€銆€Entering Luoping in February, hundreds of thousands of acres of rape blossoms open, mountains, cottages, roads, rivers are combined with rapeseed sea, the scenery is charming, Luoping has become a paradise for tourists.

Some tourists said, “This is the most suitable place to fall in love.”

銆€銆€At present, hundreds of thousands of acres of rapeseed flowers in Luoping County, Yunnan Province are opening in spring, mountains, villages, roads and rivers are combined with rapeseed and sea, and the scenery is charming.

銆€銆€On February 3, tourists enjoyed flowers in the blooming garden of rapeseed in Luoping County ecological rapeseed plantation. In the early spring of February, 800,000 mu of rapeseed flowers in Luoping County, Yunnan Province, the rapeseed town of Yunnan Province, bloomed as scheduled.It has become a highlight of Yunnan tourism and a model for agricultural tourism.

On June 1, 2002, the Guinness Headquarters in Shanghai placed Luoping 300,000 mu of rapeseed in the world’s largest natural Tiancheng Garden.

Luo Ping also vigorously developed the cultivation of rapeseed, and the current planting scale has reached 800,000 mu.

銆€銆€It is understood that this cauliflower festival will last until April 19.

The theme of the event is 鈥淭he Holy Land of Love路Golden Luoping鈥? It is a comprehensive festival that combines agro-ecological tourism, karst landforms, attraction attraction, and Buyi customs.

During the period, including the Food Culture Week, thousands of couples “You Huahai”, “Walking Luoping Discover New Vision” and “Charming Luoping” Tourism Forum, “February 2” Buyi Song Festival, Lunar Calendar “March 3” Buyi Water FestivalThe series of activities will be staged one by one.

銆€銆€Luoping is located in the junction of the three provinces (districts) of Minnan, Guangxi and Guizhou. It is known as the 鈥淪huttle Key鈥?and the 鈥淕uidong Gateway鈥?

The majestic Kowloon Falls, the graceful peaks of the forest, are hailed as “the most beautiful waterfall in China” and “one of the most beautiful peaks in China”; the beautiful Duoyi River, the majestic LubugeThe Three Gorges, the beautiful and charming Wanfeng Lake, the splendid jade belt lake and other wonders make people linger.

Some Chinese medicine weight loss program is suitable for autumn slimming


Some Chinese medicine weight loss program is suitable for autumn slimming

Losing weight and body sculpting is the cause of MM’s life. Almost all MMs have regrets for their own body shape. In the process of perfect body shaping, perhaps we will finally realize that perfection does not exist, only suitable and more suitable, and oneThe true and vivid beauty is both beautiful and beautiful.

銆€銆€In autumn, the clothes are getting longer and longer, and it is a good season for low-profile body shaping. In this issue, we recommend several new body sculpting schemes, and gradually use the speed of speed to attract the S curve!

銆€銆€Option 1: Passive movement I am shaped by her plastic massage. The environment is also very particular. In the romantic candlelight and Thai style room massage, women will feel much care.

銆€銆€Targeting the crowd: White-collars that do not love sports and accidentally accumulate the day after tomorrow are the most helpful “passive exercise” for body shaping. It is a massage. The development of modern medical massage began in the early 19th century. It can be divided into Swedish massage and sports meridian.Massage, Paris-style lymphatic massage three, three massage methods for different body MM.

銆€銆€Swedish massage, no doubt a bit of a relationship with this Nordic country.

The founder is Swede Lin P.


Ling (1776-1839), he pondered his own set of massage techniques, but unfortunately did not have time to write a book to go, many of the literature on the therapy was published by his disciple Keegan after his death.

銆€銆€If you want to relax deeply, try a Swedish massage.

The masseur will first apply a layer of massage oil to your body, then use the techniques of vibration, pat, rubbing, sliding, etc. to penetrate the muscles into the muscles.

It can lower blood pressure, increase blood circulation, improve muscle volume, and if the muscles are sore, it also has an analgesic effect.


Without a certain amount of muscle, it is estimated that it is difficult to adapt to this speed, so it is very suitable for MM that is not slightly stacked.

銆€銆€Sports meridian massage, which is a characteristic of traditional Chinese medicine, will take the kidney, liver and spleen, gallbladder, stomach, etc., can help us to clear the meridians, reconcile the blood, like the common endocrine disorders of urban MM, constipation problems, difficult to useAfter radical drug treatment, meridian massage has great advantages at this time.

A good masseur will massage the different meridians according to the characteristics of the internal organs in the body, so as to dredge and adjust to the root, which can balance and slim down, and improve immune function.


Chinese medicine believes that it is painful to not work, so the meridian massage will swell pain, but after a certain course of treatment, it will have a new feeling.

銆€銆€The Parisian massage is a lymphatic system. The lymphatic massage originated in the late 18th century and is an aromatherapy popular among European nobility.

If the lymphatic circulation in the body is not smooth, it will cause various discomforts in the body, and it is easy to gain weight!

Lymphatic massage is to use a gentle way to help the lymph flow, to eliminate toxins in the body.

If you don’t have time to detoxify your body for lymphatic massage, it’s also very effective if you only do it.

For example, the ear line behind the ear, the sides of the neck, the depression of the collarbone, and the sides of the arm, have lymph nodes.

A light pressure massage can promote detoxification.


It is mainly used to relieve fatigue and is very suitable for MM with insufficient sleep.

銆€銆€Option 2: Relaxing emotions and tangible therapists will choose and recommend different essential oils for different guests’ physical fitness.

銆€銆€Targeting the crowd: eager to be happy but often unhappy, emotionally easy to be nervous, the pressure-obese “pressure sister” body is really a wonderful creation.

Our mind truly creates our figure, that is to say, your mentality, emotion is a certain, your posture will become like that, if we are relaxed, positive, and self-improvement.

銆€銆€At the SPA, you can at least enjoy the main massage techniques mentioned in Option 1. Before each body sculpting treatment begins, the aromatherapist will look at the body first: the body is divided into 7 rounds, the first round is the leg, the second roundIt is the abdomen; the third round is the stomach, the fourth round is the chest, the fifth round is the throat, the sixth round is the head, and the seventh round is the sky wheel.

Each round corresponds to different pressure problems, some of the first round corresponds to the original family (called if the childhood is not enough care, cellulite will be easier to accumulate); the second round corresponds to interpersonal relationships, tension, serious easy to bulgeThe third round corresponds to willpower; the fourth round, called if there are a lot of extra meat under the arm, it is very eager to love. Finally, for different problems of different rounds, according to different physiques, the aromatherapist will choose, recommend differentEssential oils.

銆€銆€Option 3: Fengmanmei has a “new weapon” for the crowd: endocrine disorders, long-term frequent acne, dark-skinned “full-filled sister” fritters become full-fledged sisters, a large reason is due to endocrine disorders, so toxins can not be replaced,Only in the amateur cells that exist, in order to accommodate them, a small number of cells will automatically become larger, and as a result, they will be pressed into blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, and once they are seriously complication, they will become fat.

How can we help the endocrine system to restore balance?

銆€銆€Recently, some beauty salons have launched a new type of body sculpting weapon – silicon core patch.

Its principle is actually similar to acupuncture in Chinese medicine.

In order to feel the effect, the reporter specially tried it. Before going to bed on the first night, bathing and changing clothes, three pieces of discs were pulled out from the porcelain box, which were respectively attached to the navel and the double peaks (the scientific name is the Shenque point and the milk point).After 5 minutes, it started to have fever and a slight acupuncture, so I can bear it.

銆€銆€After getting up in the morning, I should have been greedy. I feel that the longer the time, the better. So I went to work when I was awake. When I was awake, I found that the acupoint stimulation is still very strong. I have no intention of working.It was found that the number of running the toilets increased, and the appetite for the meat dishes was not as strong as the day before.

銆€銆€In the view of Chinese medicine, obesity is caused by internal secretion disorder caused by visceral dysfunction, silicon chip can mimic the role of acupuncture, Shenque acupoints, supervision, belt, rushing four veins, tube the body meridians, and the internal organsexcellent.

The milk acupoint belongs to the stomach meridian. After the two acupoints are continuously stimulated, the meridians can be dredged, thereby adjusting the endocrine system, the central nervous system and the function of the organs.It is said that this silicon chip is very helpful for the rapid recovery of postpartum from the predecessor!

銆€銆€When it comes to meridians, it always feels very mysterious. In fact, its essence is an invisible, interconnected life internet.

銆€銆€Warm reminder: 1.

It is recommended to stick to the bed before going to sleep at night. After getting up in the morning, it will be removed. Basically, it will be enough for 6-8 hours.


Although invisible, it is equivalent to acupuncture, so don’t take other weight-loss drugs or foods at the same time, don’t drink alcohol, don’t eat too spicy things, and of course you can’t smoke.


Acupuncture weight loss can regulate food intake and cultivate good eating habits. It does not need to eat at will, but it can be eaten when there is real obesity. Don’t try to eat when you don’t want to eat. You can eat more fruits for supplemental nutrition.

Please drink water when you are thirsty (his experience is to drink 1-2 times of boiled water for 1 hour).


If you want to lose weight quickly, you can combine raw food therapy. After you start to stick the silicon chip, concentrate on raw food for a few days in the first 5-7 days (fruit, vegetables + condiments), and then eat 1 meal of raw food every day, and concentrate once a week.2 days to eat raw food, do not eat cooked food, normal diet at other times, this is conducive to conditioning the spleen and stomach, stabilize weight loss, ensure that no rebound.


It’s best to be willing to exercise, just walk for an hour.

銆€銆€The icing on the cake: sticking to the silicon chip, plus the detoxification and slimming massage, isn’t it more effective?

The Health Center recently launched a lunch break detox slimming package, detoxifying essential oil plus meridian brush, massage with the body massage, can accelerate metabolism, do it only takes about 20 minutes, white-collar workers can use the lunch break for an hour to massage, can relax,Can also achieve the purpose of body shaping.

Chinese medicine teaches you to massage your ears and lose weight quickly.


Chinese medicine teaches you to massage your ears and lose weight quickly.

The ear is the external manifestation of the five internal organs of the human body. Chinese medicine believes that there are too many acupuncture points on the contours of the human ear that are directly connected with the center of the brain to control appetite. Stimulating those acupuncture points can reduce appetite and achieve weight loss.

Let’s take a look at how to massage the ear outline to lose weight.

Control the hungry index finger to press the right ear for one minute, and change the left ear to do the same.

The principle of slimming When the gastrointestinal tract sends a signal of “I am hungry” to the appetite-suppressing hypothalamus, people will have a desire to eat, and the corresponding acupoints can prevent the signal transmission.

To extend the feeling of satiety, gently tap the endocrine point of the right ear with the index finger for 60 times, and repeat the action for the left ear.

The principle of slimming The endocrine point of blood pressure can limit the appetite control center in the hypothalamus to the production of hormones that cause obesity and promote hormones that cause satiety.

Avoid eating your thumb and forefinger under pressure and pinch your right door for one minute.

Then change the left ear to do the same.

The principle of slimming Many times, people eat too much because the body really needs, but the pressure makes it.

Shrinking the gods can soothe the body, reduce physical tension, and relax the autonomic nerves that stimulate appetite.

Reduce the accumulation of abdominal adults and gently tap the acupuncture points of the right ear with a small finger for 60 times, and then repeat this action in the same part of the left ear.

Slimming principle Abnormal accumulation of the abdomen is due to flatulence and indigestion, exerting pressure on the stomach to absorb digestive hormones, increasing the acid content and decomposing excess food.

Its calcium content is five times that of cucumber and seven times that of tomatoes. It should be given to children in the fall!

Its calcium content is five times that of cucumber and seven times that of tomatoes. It should be given to children in the fall!

What is the tip of a quick-to-eat korean kimchi?
This simple kimchi is a simple dish of the ancestral folks of my family, and of course it is also passed to me!

And when did it start?

Then I have to ask my mother.

In the past, this was a quick and emergency replacement for the poor, and it was not a dish.

When I was young, I often appeared at my table, especially during the cheap season of Korean food (cabbage or cabbage). I saw my mother walked to the stove and learned about it. It took no more than five minutes for a kimchi to come out.Spatula.

It’s amazing, it’s scary at the time, I don’t know how to baby, I just think it’s a helpless day.

However, the changes in time and space, the diet is more light, health, and now it looks cute and unusual!

Its calcium content is five times that of cucumber and seven times that of tomatoes. In the fall, children should eat more!

Korean cabbage contains vitamin B group, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin U, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, organic acids, fiber supplements and other nutrients.

Korean cabbage is rich in essential trace elements of the human body. Among them, calcium, iron and phosphorus are among the top five in all kinds of vegetables, and the calcium content is the most abundant, five times that of cucumber and seven times that of tomatoes.

The vitamin K contained in Korean cabbage has the effect of coagulation of blood. Vitamin U can promote the metabolism of the stomach and promote the repair of the mucosa of the stomach; supplementing the fiber can promote defecation.

When I re-enacted this dish, I made some technical and taste adjustments. The material is of course the same Korean cuisine (approximately 1200 grams), and only one pepper with the main function is made.

Seasonings only use salt, vinegar, soy sauce, and vinegar, sesame oil (the original version is not twice, simpler).

璇€绐嶄竴: First, the cabbage is cut in half, and the slices are peeled off and then stalked (softened, tasted, and the taste is not consistent, so take down the soup) (PS: the knife is a netizen who settled in Switzerland and settled in the cold houseHow do you get a meeting?
Swiss knife, so good to use, I like it, thank you friend.

The pepper is chopped after seeding (if it is spicy, it is not necessary to remove the seed), 璇€绐?: Wash the sliced cabbage and then drain with cold water and add about 3 tsp of salt (about 20 ml).

璇€绐?: Grab the leaves with both hands, continue to overturn and grasp, squeeze to the leaves and soften and effluent.

璇€绐?: Then squeeze it out of the water and insert it into another container.

The rest of the work is seasoning!

60cc vinegar, some sesame oil, while adding the soy sauce, then mix well.

璇€绐?: Secret weapon, add a little black vinegar to enhance the taste!

(You can also make the original version: no sesame oil and vinegar) Finally, add the pepper to the decoration, gently evenly, announce: you’re done!

You can immediately put it on the table and wait for ten minutes to make it more delicious. As for the plate, watch the scene!

Plain, red, green, let you mix, slightly sour and bring natural sweetness and health without the burden of good taste is the same!

Don’t lie to you, even the children who are dumplings on the side of the side are all delicious. When you pack dumplings, you should ask me to pick kimchi and take a bite. You can’t stop!