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China Heavy Industry (601989): Pay attention to the progress of construction of military ships and high value-added ships and look forward to the improvement of profit quality

China Heavy Industry 厦门夜网(601989): Pay attention to the progress of construction of military ships and high value-added ships and look forward to the improvement of profit quality

2018 results are worse than expected The company’s 2018 results announced: revenue of 44.5 billion yuan, YoY + 14.

72% (after adjustment, the same below); net profit attributable to mother 6.

7 ppm, YoY-19.

68%; net profit after deduction is -1.

7 trillion, expected to narrow; performance exceeded expectations, mainly due to lower gross profit margins and asset impairment losses exceeded expectations.

The company announced 1Q19 results: revenue 60.

6.5 billion, YoY-0.

82%; net profit attributable to mother 5.

300 million, YoY + 92.

9%, the annual increase is mainly due to the increase in investment income by 9.

900 million; net profit after deduction is -5.

300 million, YoY-309%.

Revenue increased but gross margin decreased.

The revenue growth in 2018 was 15%, mainly due to the low base last year (the termination of offshore contracts in 2017 to offset the income); the comprehensive gross profit margin was 10%, a decrease of 2 percentage points.

In terms of business: 1) Revenue from marine defense and marine development equipment was 15.9 billion (YoY + 74%), and gross profit margin was 2% (YoY + 4ppt), mainly due to the termination of offshore engineering contracts in the same period last year to offset the reduction of income and costs; 2018The annual new order is 1.07 million yuan (YoY-47%).

2) Marine transportation equipment revenue was 11.1 billion (YoY-14%) and gross profit margin was 15% (YoY-1.

54ppt); 11.8 billion new orders in 2018 (YoY + 16%).

3) Revenue from deep sea equipment and ship repair and modification is 6.3 billion (YoY + 31%), gross margin is 15% (YoY-6ppt); new orders in 2018 are 4 billion (YoY + 18%).

4) Ships supporting equipment and electromechanical equipment revenue of 7.2 billion yuan (YoY-13%), gross profit margin of 10% (YoY-1 ppt); 2018 new orders 12.2 billion yuan (YoY-41%).

5) Military-civilian integration strategy Emerging industry revenue is 3.5 billion (YoY + 5%), and gross profit margin is 19% (basic flat).

As of the end of December 2018, new orders totaled 421 trillion, YoY-26%; handheld orders totaled 124.5 billion yuan, YoY-14%.

The development trend focuses on the military industry, military trade, and the progress of high-value-added ship business. We look forward to the turning point in operating performance.

In 2018, China’s first domestically-made aircraft carrier completed several sea trials, and the new destroyer steadily advanced; the company’s projects for Thailand, Bangladesh and other countries proceeded on schedule; in terms of civilian ships, it actively expanded the construction of high-value-added ships, and high-value-added ships accounted for profittwenty three.


西安耍耍网 We are optimistic about the growth prospects of naval equipment and high value-added ships, and look forward to the turning point in operating performance.

The profit forecast adjusts the forecast of income, gross profit margin, investment income and other items, maintaining the 19-year profit forecast unchanged, and the 2020 net profit forecast of 15.

900 million.

Estimates and recommendations currently correspond to 19 / 20e 1.


52x P / B.

Maintain the recommendation. Considering the recent upward adjustment of the ship’s estimated hub, the target price is raised by 13% to 6.

75 yuan, corresponding to 19 / 20e1.


78 times P / B, with a potential increase of 17%.

Risk steel price, uncertainty of exchange rate changes; uncertainty of military orders and delivery.

Taiji Co. (002368) Company Research: Multi-Core Needs Quality Change Long Cycle Starts Welcome Encore Accelerated Opportunities

Taiji Co. (002368) Company Research: Multi-Core Needs Quality Change Long Cycle Starts Welcome Encore Accelerated Opportunities

The company is a top domestic IT service company.

Tai Chi Co., Ltd. was created by CLP Power in 1987 and is a national team for upstream IT services.

At present, the 15 companies are controlling shareholders, and China Electric Power is the actual controller.

  The company’s traditional business is IT system integration and services. It has top-level integrators to understand customer needs and landing service capabilities. It has become a service provider with Ali, Huawei, and Tencent in the construction of the national Internet + regulatory platform.

  The connotation of integration has changed. Cloudization, dataization and service have promoted the moat and space of the industry.

Traditional system integrators have complete hardware integration. Through cloud computing, big data and customer needs deepening, service-oriented and software capabilities have become the key to competition, and the industry concentration of the integration industry is trying to continuously improve.

The company transformed from “IT service provider” in the main industry of system integration to “cloudization, dataization, and service” in 2015.

Relying on the strong resources of the party, government, military and public utilities, cloud computing and big data services have been launched in Beijing, Hainan, Haikou, Shanxi, and Tianjin.

Online business systems have been increasing year by year, and the product system has been continuously enriched.

  The company and CETC resources are further integrated, and the forces work together to accelerate the implementation of Encore.

Historically, the business content of the 15 branches of CLP has overlapped with Taiji Co., Ltd., and its R & D and industrial linkage actions are also limited.

In 2018, CLP Power plans to form the CLP Taiji Group with 15 entities as the main body. The establishment of CLP Taiji 青岛夜网 will further promote the coordinated development of resource integration and military-civilian integration between the 15th and Taiji.

The 15 institutes will become the research and development and innovation platform of CLP Power Taiji Group, and Taiji shares will become the industry development and capital platform of CLP Power Taiji Group.

At the same time, Liu Xuelin is also the director of the 15th Institute, the chairman of Taiji shares, and the chairman of Taijizi Group.

The positioning of the Group, the 15th Institute and Tai Chi is completely clear, and subsequent resource integration is expected to gradually emerge.

  The Encore industry is driving development opportunities, with revenue and profit margins accelerating.

Relying on China Electronics Technology Group, the company has continuously improved its independent and controllable industrial system through capital means. Since 2013, it has successively acquired Huidian Technology, Kingdee Middleware, and NPC Jincang. Equity Software Industry was placed under CLP Taichi in early 2019Architecture, the existing company has initially completed the industrial layout from operating system, database, middleware to management software and safe and reliable system integration. The accelerated landing of the Encore industry will bring development opportunities to the company, and revenue and profit margins will be promoted.accelerate.

  The first coverage was given a “Buy” rating, with a target market value of 22.3 billion and a corresponding PEG of 1.

5 times.

It is estimated that the net profit attributable to the mother for 2019-2021 will be 3.

8 billion, 5.

7.6 billion, 8.

5.3 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 39.


Comparable companies have an average PE of 43 times in 2020 and an average PEG of 2.

33 times.

Considering that Taiji’s numerous resources and capabilities are expected to achieve significant growth and that Enco’s growth rate may exceed expectations, Taiji shares 1 are granted.

5 times PEG, corresponding to 59 times PE in 2019, and the target city size is 22.3 billion.

  Risk reminder: The integration of CLP and Taiji did not meet expectations, the system integration business grew faster, and the innovation business did not meet expectations.

Parents must read: Urging children to learn is also an obsessive-compulsive disorder

Parents must read: Urging children to learn is also an obsessive-compulsive disorder

Immediately after coming home from work to see if the child is sitting at the table and doing his homework, the child urged him to do his homework as soon as he watched TV. This is a true portrait of some parents paying attention to their children’s learning.

Experts say that it is necessary for parents to urge their children to learn, but do not suffer from “obsessive-compulsive disorder”.

  Wang Limin, a professor of medical psychology at Harbin Medical University, imitates that using “obsessive-compulsive disorder” to describe the current performance of some parents in urging their children to learn is not an exaggeration.

Some parents will see if their child is doing homework after work. If the child is not writing, they will say, “Still playing?”

Have you finished your homework?

“” How many times have you watched TV?

“” I haven’t done my homework yet?

Go homework!

“As long as the child doesn’t move, parents urge and chase over and over again.

Some parents even call to urge or ask their children to do their homework when they go to work.

  Such parents, if they see that their children do not obey the order to do their homework in time, will be furious until the children pick up their workbooks. If the children sit at the table soon, they will feel relaxed and full of hope.

  Professor Wang Limin said that many parents do not understand that this kind of repeated and excessively bad stimuli can cause children to have bad conditioned reflexes and reduce learning efficiency. That is, when a parent takes a mouth, the child’s most direct response is to not want to listen, upset, and some will cause rebellious mental.

  If parents have the above experiences and experiences, please correct them in a timely manner, which is good for the physical and mental health of parents and children.

Don’t let the mood be overcast _1

Don’t let the mood be “rainy”

The continuous spring rain, the sticky air, and the grey sky become “more dense”.
Under this sky, our mood “can’t help it” has become “grey” and “rainy”.
“So depressed”, “exhausted” and “so boring” have become our mantras.
I wondered, where was the happy and passionate you hiding?
Why does it all get so bad?
How can we reproduce the “clear sky”?
In this regard, psychologists said that temperature, humidity, air pressure, sunlight, etc. in our lives will affect mood.
In spring, it is cold and hot, low air pressure, high humidity, and rain and rain, and the sun is rare. Those depressed and irritable negative emotions are more likely to come in, and the mental illness is more likely to be repeated.
An epidemiological survey at the University of Munich in Germany also found that human emotions are closely related to climate change.
For example, in hazy weather, the sky is dark and the air is dirty, which easily stimulates the visual center of the brain, causing people to have depression and pessimism.
Emotion transfer method 1, go to exercise.
During exercise, the brain releases endorphins, a veritable excitatory hormone.
Therefore, doing more sports, such as running, jogging, yoga, playing ball, dancing, etc., can help you get rid of stress and stay alive.
2. Close to nature.
The famous French writer Moaro believes that the most extensive and benevolent sanctuary is nature.
The vastness of forests, mountains, and the sea makes individuals seem small.
The grudges between people are not worth mentioning, and the trauma of the soul can be soothed.
Therefore, if you put yourself in the embrace of nature, go to the mountains and look at the flowers and plants, all your worries will drift away with the wind, and your mood will return to peace.
It is recommended to set foot in the countryside on weekends to experience nature.
If the economic situation and time permit, it is better to let go of your work and travel for a while to enjoy complete relaxation.
3. Talk to a friend.
Bacon said, “If you tell happiness to a friend, two people will share happiness, if you pour out sorrow to a friend, you will be divided into half sorrow.
“So, when you are unhappy, you can find out your friends and have a chat, and talk about your bad emotions in order to get the sympathy, enlightenment and comfort of your friends.
At the same time, you can get more emotional support and understanding as you talk about your troubles.
4. Listen to music and sing.
Music helps to regulate emotions. When you are in a bad mood, don’t forget to listen to your favorite song, or open your throat to express a song that expresses your mood at the moment.
With singing, your feelings of depression, depression, or sadness can be released.
5, shouting to solve Qian worry.
When the heart is depressed, you will feel a breath of gas in your heart, and you will feel uncomfortable without venting it.
At this time, you can go to the open place and make a shout of your heart.
When you shout, try to confide what you feel depressed.
The more authentic and thorough this disclosure is, the better.

5 principles you must follow in yoga practice

5 principles you must follow in yoga practice

1.Respiration is the key to regulating physiology.

Although we usually breathe unconsciously, if we consciously change our breathing, we can also effectively change our physiology.

Abdominal breathing is the basis of yoga practice.

Abdominal breathing does not draw air into the abdomen, or cause the lungs to expand the thorax through the regulation of autonomic nerves, the diaphragm moves up and down, and the alveoli exchange air.

A simple abdominal breathing is to swell the abdomen when inhaling, and to suffocate the abdomen when exhaling, consciously increasing the chest capacity, inhaling deeply and exhaling.

Breathing slowly can relax the heart and stabilize the large intestine. Of course, regulating the breathing will also have a good chain reaction to other internal organs of the body. Although abdominal breathing in yoga breathing is basic, it is more important to mobilize the diaphragm.The movement of the shoulders and throat regulates the flow of gas.

  Are we usually 1 point 15?
Exhale 16 times and inhale.

And yoga follows our different needs and is flexibly divided into 1 point and 4 points?
5 times of slow breathing to 1 minute 60?
120 rapid breaths.

Breathing slowly can relax the heart and calm the mind. Breathing quickly makes the heart energetic, clear the mind, and accelerates the body’s metabolism.

  In addition, through nasal breathing, the inhaled gas removes dirt from the air through the nose, and it can also absorb the appropriate humidity and temperature of the gas.

Unless specifically stated, breathing means suffocating from the nose and exhaling.

And often referred to as natural breathing refers to abdominal breathing.

Please aim at the integration of “body, breathing, and consciousness”. Even simple movements, just remember the essentials, breathing correctly, and concentrating consciousness can achieve the desired effect.

Remember to integrate “body, breath, consciousness”.

Breathing is basically exhaling when the body is bent forward, and inhaling when the back plate is straightened to promote physical activity.

It’s not as difficult as imagined. If you can remember the essentials, it will be effective when you do it.

First of all, remember the correct action essentials, then gradually add breathing and consciousness, and practice yoga step by step.

  3.When practicing yoga, exercise slowly. When you do gymnastics and other sports, your body will exert strength and speed will be fast.

In practicing yoga, from the initial preparation to the completion of the movement and back to the beginning of the whole process, you must master the basics of yoga, slowly move the body, breathe slowly, do not exercise with impetuous heart, only this way is easyConcentrated will.

The promise of yoga is that it is better to do some movements slowly than to do them slowly. Yoga is about the cultivation of the mind, and the essence of yoga is the concentration of tranquility. It is impossible to complete without perseverance.

  4.Focus on your consciousness and get a clear understanding of the feelings that come from your body. The most important thing in yoga practice is to listen to your “body voice.”

During the practice, focus on the consciousness and feel the body ‘s response. You will feel better when doing this posture, and you can bend to where you want to, and then try to bend 1 mm on this basis, and then slowly test the practice.

Be clear about the sensations from the body and remember them.

In the whole process from the beginning to the completion of the action, we must always maintain our ideal state. Only by clearly understanding each feeling in the body can we fully appreciate the vast vitality from the body.

  5.Please confirm the action steps. Each complete action has several actions such as “prepare-movement-finish-adjust”.

Each action has a different effect. Please practice in the correct order.

There are 3 necessary stages for starting a white hand?

There are 3 necessary stages for starting a white hand?

Introduction: This stage belongs to the stage of maintenance and development. The success of entrepreneurship is critical at this step. It requires you to pay attention to it at all times. At the same time, as an entrepreneur, you need to continuously learnUpdate corporate philosophy, development path and business model.

  The first stage is to prepare for your own entrepreneurship through learning. This stage is the key to your entrepreneurial pursuit. Then, only when you are fully prepared and in the entrepreneurial period can you be comfortable. However, you should master the most effective methods during this period of study, otherwise you oftenIt will be counterproductive. Therefore, choosing a certain type of learning platform is likely to be seriously inadequate. The author believes that this platform to assist you in learning must have the following conditions: First, it has a large number of successful cases and successful entrepreneurial stories, and armor improves its ownThe ability to do things, secondly, is to have a lot of business opportunity information, corporate information for selection, conversion, and should also include a wealth of news information, and there are not many websites that can meet these requirements. Among them, as the world ‘s first ChineseTianxia Business Network, an advertising business opportunity portal, is one of the large and rich websites.

At this stage, there are also three periods of study: 1. Finding your favorite industry and foothold during the job-hopping period. 2. Accumulate your own entrepreneurial experience through part-time work. 3. Waiting period. Waiting for and finding entrepreneurial opportunities. Remember that the business is not familiar.Don’t do it!

  The second stage is to create your own business and guarantee a certain profit. This stage is the starting point for entrepreneurship. It is also related to whether your business can be profitable, and whether it is successful or not.Go on.

Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a project for entrepreneurship, and a good project must log on to a good platform to find it.

It is understood that, in order to help the majority of netizens more easily find the most suitable entrepreneurial project, Tianxia Business Opportunity Network came into being. It completely covers the latest and most popular and most profitable entrepreneurial projects. It also includes wealth business opportunities, real estate, Education, and other wealth-creating information, fully meet the various needs of different netizens, truly a world of Internet, unlimited wealth in front of the business opportunity portal.

At this stage, it is particularly important to note that this stage should go through the following stages: 1. The planning period makes a detailed plan for the entrepreneurship that you have already thought of, and you must pay attention to everything yourself!

  2. The creation period implements your own business plan according to your own plan. The shorter the creation period, the better, and the less you spend, the better!

  3, the survival period of the enterprise has been started, it is very important to maintain survival, think of a way to make the enterprise survive, only by living there is the possibility of profit and development.

  4. Earn your first bucket of gold as soon as possible in the struggle period, so that you can breathe a sigh of relief. The third stage allows the enterprise to develop to a stable level of profit, and continues to operate. This stage belongs to the stage of maintenance and development.This step is critical. It requires you to pay attention to it at all times. At the same time, as an entrepreneur, in the process, you need to continuously learn and continuously update the company’s concept, development path, and business model.

Therefore, the world’s business opportunities provide targeted entrepreneurs with reasonable business strategies for free, as well as entrepreneurial stories, entrepreneurial bibles . so that entrepreneurs can think and think in the process of entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurs are in this large number of entrepreneurial experiences., Make more accurate profit-making decisions for your business!

At this stage, the following three periods are included: 1. The key step in the adjustment period to ensure the fruits of victory. The goal of the struggle period has been achieved. It is time to consider new business ideas–expansion or the status quo?

  2. Consolidation period Strengthen the stage of the adjustment period and prepare for development!

At this time you should be a coach, not a player, so that every player is gradually in place!

  3. During the development period, the company has been operating at a steady and rising profit level, and you can easily become a boss, but it does not mean that you can sit back and relax, because the successful experience today may be out of date tomorrow, and it is the safest.The approach is to keep attacking and keep the enterprise moving forward!

Ectopic pregnancy diet guidelines ectopic pregnancy diet considerations


Ectopic pregnancy diet guidelines ectopic pregnancy diet considerations

Doing ectopic pregnancy surgery is extremely harmful to the body. Therefore, after completing the ectopic pregnancy, it is necessary to pay attention to diet and nursed back to health.

So, do you know what to eat after an ectopic pregnancy?

The following is an introduction to the guidelines for ectopic pregnancy, I hope to help you.

Ectopic pregnancy diet guide 1, soy milk rice raw materials: 2 bowls of soy milk, 50 grams of rice, sugar amount.

Method: Wash the rice and wash it with soy milk for porridge.

Take it on an empty stomach every day.

Role: reconcile the spleen and stomach, clearing heat and moistening.

Scope: ectopic pregnancy surgery and after the flow of people after the physical deficiency of the second, sugar preserved red dates raw materials: 50 grams of dried red dates, 100 grams of peanuts, 50 grams of brown sugar.

Method: Wash the dried red dates, soak them in warm water, cook the peanuts slightly, and peel them for later use.

Jujube and peanuts into the small aluminum pot, add some water, simmer for 30 minutes, remove the peanuts, add brown sugar, until the brown sugar dissolves the juice and Serve.

Role: nourishing, range of imaginary: anemia after ectopic pregnancy or blood is low, etc., the pigeon broth soup ingredients: 1 pigeon, 鏋告潪 30 grams, salt seasoning.

Method: Remove the pigeons from the hair and internal organs, wash them, put them into the pot and add water and stew together. Add salt when cooked.

Eat meat and drink soup 2 times a day.

Role: Yiqi, blood, and the scope of imaginary deficiency: physical deficiency after ectopic pregnancy and qi deficiency after illness, body fatigue and fatigue, table deficiency and spontaneous sweating embolism.

Ivana: TPE Eco Yoga Mat (Rose Red + Brown)

Ivana: TPE Eco Yoga Mat (Rose Red + Brown)

Market price: 320.

00 Brand: Ivana Origin: Taiwan Grade: First-class Specifications: 173 * 61cm Thickness: 0.

5cm color: Rose red plus brown Packaging: Carton package 12 pieces per carton, each with a plastic buckle plastic packing Other: Each mat gives a beautiful backpack Material: Thermo Plastic Elastome, 100% TPETear-resistant layer.

  Material introduction: 1, non-toxic, exclude chloride (PVC).

  2. Good elasticity, high resilience, waterproof and cold resistance.

  3. Recyclable and remanufacturable to avoid secondary environmental pollution.

  4. Natural chlorination cracking characteristics.

  Instructions for use: Yoga mats are an aid when doing yoga exercises.

Tile the yoga mat on the ground and do yoga exercises on it to prevent injuries to the spine, feet, hip bones, knee joints and other parts.

After doing the exercises, you can roll up the yoga mat, lock it with a hair button, put it in a backpack, and keep it hygienic.

  Note: 1. The ground should be flat and clean to avoid friction with sharp and hard objects, so as not to scratch the surface of the mat.

  2. Please use soft cloth dipped in some detergent to clean.

Five principles of living room hygiene standards


Five principles of living room hygiene standards

The sanitary conditions of the living room are closely related to human health. Therefore, modern living rooms must comply with five health standards.


Room sunshine: The sun can kill microorganisms in the indoor air, giving people fresh vitality.

Therefore, it is advisable to have more than 2 hours of sunshine per day in the living room.


Room lighting: It is the natural light that can be obtained indoors.

The ratio of the effective area of the window to the floor area of the room is less than 1:15.


Indoor net height: The appropriate net height gives a good sense of space, and the net height is too low to reduce people’s feelings.

Experiments have shown that the room height is less than 2.

At 55 meters, the indoor carbon dioxide concentration is high, which will affect the indoor air quality. Therefore, the indoor net height decreases below 2.

8 meters is better.


Microclimate: room temperature is at least 12 degrees Celsius in winter and over 30 degrees Celsius in summer; relative humidity shift is greater than 65%; wind speed is 0 in summer.

15 / sec, winter is greater than 0.

3 seconds.


Air cleanliness: refers to the amount of certain harmful objects, metabolites, dust and bacteria in the indoor air can not exceed a certain amount.

These harmful substances are mainly carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, helium, formaldehyde and phenyl acetate.

Small Ai Ye greatly used, boiled water to wash the head, to remove oil and itching wounds, plus it can grow new hair


Small Ai Ye greatly used, boiled water to wash the head, to remove oil and itching wounds, plus it can grow new hair

Click on the top right corner to read more health knowledge!

As early as in ancient times, it was useful to boil water with Ai Ye, because Ai Ye has many kinds of effects, so people often use Ai Ye water to bathe, wash their hair, soak their feet.

In addition to being used in a large number of daily health care treatments, it is also necessary to make a variety of Ai Ye beauty cosmetics and food.

This kind of Chinese medicine, which has been closely related to our lives, has been hailed as 鈥渕edical grass鈥?

In fact, Ai Ye is also a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory herb. It can also relieve itching and dandruff with wormwood water to make the scalp feel fresh.

[What is the effect of Ai Ye shampoo?

銆?1, sterilized wormwood contains bactericidal and disinfecting substances, still retain the same effect after drying.

Therefore, using Ai Ye water to wash the head can cause fungal infections on the scalp, which can inhibit the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

2, adjuvant treatment of seborrheic alopecia has natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, so for people with seborrheic alopecia, it is especially convenient to use Aiye water to wash hair.

Because Ai Ye water can treat seborrheic dermatitis, it can remove oil and prevent hair loss by washing the head with Ai Ye.

3, to dandruff, itching, anti-hair loss scalp breeding excessive dandruff will be very troublesome, and the use of Ai Ye water wash head can eliminate the role of itching and dandruff, so that the scalp feels fresh and natural.

Moreover, while dandruff and itching, it does not hurt the hair of the scalp and hair at all, and it also has the function of nourishing hair follicles and preventing hair loss.

[Ai Ye shampoo method]Step 1: Boil a bowl of wormwood water with wormwood, the thicker the better.

Step 2: Put the whole scalp above with wormwood water, then wrap the hair with a towel so that the wormwood water remains on the scalp for 10 minutes.

Step 3: Rinse with shampoo or warm water.

Step 4: “Ten fingers are combing” and repeatedly comb the hair 100 times with your fingers.

[Ai grass soaked feet (supplement of kidney and cold prevention of hair loss)], method (1) generally take Ai Ye 50?
100 grams, put in the iron basin and add water to boil, then pour into the tub.

(2) It is best to use a tub with a foot bath, without an iron basin or an aluminum basin, because the metal is cold and not conducive to warming.

(3) After the water temperature reaches about 40 掳C, you can start to soak your feet.

At least the amount of water should be able to submerge the entire instep, and the foot can be exceeded. Set the following.

(4) The bathing time is preferably about half an hour. In the meantime, if the water is cold, it is better to add some hot water. It is best to soak it to a slight sweat.

2, the hour scale of the foot bath, want to warm the kidney yang, prevent hair loss, you can choose around 21 o’clock in the evening, because the kidney blood is relatively weak at this time, at this time, the feet, after the body enlarges, the blood vessels in the body will expand,It is good for promoting blood circulation and promoting blood circulation and metabolism in the body.

The nerves that are tense during the day and the kidneys that have been tired for a day can be completely relaxed and fully adjusted at this time.

After the bubble is finished, a proper foot massage for a few minutes can also relieve fatigue, promote blood circulation and help prevent hair loss.

Whether it is to wash your hair with Ai Yecai, soak your feet, you can only say that you can adjust your recovery hair loss, and you can absorb the fatigue of the day in daily life.

And some skin allergy friends should choose carefully.

[The most scientific and effective way to stop hair growth]Once you find hair loss, take active treatment, so as to avoid the final trend towards an irreversible future.

At present, the Chinese medical law has the advantages of mild medicinal properties, stable drug efficacy, and high rate of variability.

The traditional Chinese medicine spray which is effective and contains no hormones and will not harm the skin of the scalp -[Zhongyu Yurong Liquid]is the best choice, mild and no substitute, and can be used safely during lactation.

By insisting on use, it can nourish the skin, repair the scalp hair follicles, activate the hair follicle activity, and make the nipples get more nutrients from the blood to form melanin granules, thus achieving the effect of preventing hair loss, hair loss, hair growth and hair care.Specimen is applied.

For postpartum hair loss, seborrheic alopecia, alopecia areata and other types of hair loss continue to cure more than 90%.

Because this pharmacist is a traditional Chinese medicine object supported by the state, it is very convenient to find the major platforms now.

[Other effects of Ai Ye Shui]The ancients also pay attention to the compatibility of flowers and plants. They will add other flowers and plants to the leaves of Ai Ye in accordance with the specific conditions of the body to play a therapeutic role.

For example: 1, there is a cold, joint pain, bronchitis, can add ginger.

2, there are varicose veins, peripheral neuritis, numbness and blood in the hands and feet, can add safflower.

3, there are red eyes, toothache, angry and upset, get angry and cold, feet and legs swollen, can add salt 4, sweaty feet, foot odor, athlete’s foot, eczema, can add pepper.

In addition, you can also cook wormwood tea to drink, remove the cold and wet effect of the body is good, especially in the white-collar beauty in the air-conditioned room, feel that ginger jujube tea trouble, then you can drink wormwood tea to ease fatigue.