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Kelemechanical (603960): Issuance of convertible bonds is set to break through high-end production capacity

Kelemechanical (603960): Issuance of convertible bonds is set to break through high-end production capacity

Event: The company issued a convertible bond issuance announcement on November 27, and the company issued a total of 1 convertible bond.

800 million, 6-year period, the initial conversion price is 27.

86 yuan / share.

  The convertible bond issuance is settled, and the subscription will begin on December 2.

The company released the convertible bond plan as early as November 27, 2018. The total amount of funds raised from the issuance of convertible bonds was 1.

80 trillion, with a circulation of 180,000 hands.

The registration date of the cocoa bonds is November 29, and the purchase date is December 2.

The issuance of convertible bonds is 6 years, that is, from December 2, 2019 to December 1, 2025, the initial conversion price is 27.

86 yuan / share.

  Breakthrough in intelligent manufacturing capacity growth is expected to increase performance orders.

All proceeds raised from the convertible bonds will be used for total investment1.

The $ 9.9 billion smart manufacturing production line expansion project is mainly aimed at the new energy vehicle market, adding five new types of flexible automated production 淡水桑拿网 lines (BRM production line, IB2 production line, 48DCDC production line, 3U driver production line and eAxle bridge production line), and fatigue of new energy vehicle drive motorAging test system complete equipment capacity.

  According to the announcement, this project is expected to realize an actual sales income of 2 trillion and an internal after-tax internal rate of return (IRR) of 16 after the completion of production.

60%, dynamic payback period after tax is 6.

In 1994 (including the construction period), the first to three years of production compliance are 60%, 80%, and 100%, which will significantly increase the company’s order performance.

  Layout of automated production lines and aging test systems, high-end product orders can be expected.

Among them, in terms of intelligent final assembly of on-board energy feedback controllers and on-line detection production 南京夜网 lines, the company has accumulated existing technology and sufficient engineering application experience, and has obtained global supply from Bosch IPB (Parking Brake) and BRM (Energy Recovery Acceleration Assist Controller).framework contract.

At present, the layout of the production line structure has been determined. Through the continuous expansion of the company’s production capacity, it will support the company’s product orders to continue to land.

  As for the assembly of the new energy vehicle drive motor fatigue and fatigue test system, the company’s system is mainly for its own use and passes the cost of external enterprise testing services. According to this announcement, the company has had the first six-year contract with customers for the first test service.

With rich production capacity and mature market demand, it is expected to assemble and sell production lines.

  Investment suggestion: As a leader in the field of automotive electronic equipment, the company has a thriving downstream market and an excellent competitive structure. It enjoys the bonus of engineers, gradually erodes the market share of foreign rivals, and continues to grow steadily.

From the consolidation caliber, the company’s net profit for 2019-2021 is expected to be 1.

19, 1.

66, 2.

34 trillion, the corresponding EPS is 0.

68, 0.

94, 1.

33 yuan.

Maintain Buy-A rating and give 6-month target price of 35.

6 yuan, equivalent to 38 times the price-earnings ratio in 2020.

  Risk warning: car sales are less than expected, downstream demand is growing, and new business expansion is less than expected.

Anjie Technology (002635) Interim Report Review: Non-net profit has improved for many years due to pressure on the structural component and hard disk business.

Anjie Technology (002635) Interim Report Review: Non-net profit has improved for many years due to pressure on the structural component and hard disk business.

Investment highlights: Interim report: operating income in the first half of 201913.

8.6 billion, down 5 from the same period last year.

50%; realize net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

780,000 yuan, a decrease of 25 over the same period last year.


1H2019 revenue fell by 5 in ten years.

5%, functional component revenue 都市夜网 growth gradually reduced the downward pressure on other products.

Revenue from consumer computer and communication products 5.

USD 2.5 billion, an annual increase of 18%, accounting for 38% of revenue; information storage and automotive electronics revenue3.

9.3 billion, accounting for 28% of revenue, down 18% year-on-year; revenue from consumer products and communications products metal structural parts4.

3.3 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 14%, accounting for 31% of revenue.

Comprehensive gross profit margin 24.

6%, accumulating 7 points in a year.

Functional products maintained high gross margins33.

2%, an increase of 4 per year.

6pct, better than expected; gross margin of information storage and automotive electronics products20.

4%, a significant decrease of 12.

5pct; gross profit margin of metal structure 13.

1% for more than ten years.

5 points.

Expense rate during 1H2019 is 18.

1%, an increase of 3 per year.

Benefiting from the quality of receivables, operating cash flow is better than profit performance.

Net cash flow from operating activities in the first half of the year.

US $ 2.9 billion, a significant increase of 69% each year, mainly due to the substantial decrease of US $ 4 billion in bills and accounts receivable in the interim report.

The impact of non-recurring gains and losses has decreased each year, and non-net profit has improved significantly.

The factor company failed to complete its performance commitments in 2018 and needed to compensate the shares of listed companies for repurchase and reorganization during the reporting period, and recognized 1H2019 non-operating income5.

83 ppm, gain or loss on changes in fair value -5.

1.5 billion.

The amount of other non-recurring subjects such as investment income, asset impairment, non-operating expenses, other income, etc. is relatively small.

850,000 yuan, compared with the same period last year 2.

A substantial decrease of 3.7 billion yuan.

1H2019 net profit after deduction is 0.

930,000 yuan, a substantial improvement each year.

Anjie Technology focuses on structural parts, functional parts, expanding 3C, automotive and other leading customers in the industry.

Anjie Technology specializes in the R & D and production of precision functional devices and precision metal structural parts for high-end consumer electronics products. At present, it has been used in smart phones, desktop and laptop computers, tablet computers, smart wearable devices and smart homes, and new energy automotive products.Such as precision functional devices and precision metal structural parts overlap industry leadership.

Follow the business strategy of “industry micro and regional level”, strengthen wireless charging, and develop in the field of 5G communications to promote the company’s continued growth. Maintain profit forecast and maintain overweight rating.

As the volume of the iPhone is expected to decrease in 2019, and Weibo Precision’s 2019 performance promises5.

The US $ 300 million forecast is difficult to complete, and the 2019/2020 revenue forecast is lowered to 40/48 trillion from US $ 3.94 billion, which will return the parent’s net profit forecast from 6.


7 trillion is reduced to 4.


6 trillion, plus 2021 revenue and net profit attributable to mothers 49 trillion / 7.


Anjie Technology currently estimates that the corresponding value of PE in 2019/2020 is 21 / 18X, maintaining the level of overweight.

Goodix Technology (603160): From the leading of fingerprint recognition to the chip design platform company

Goodix Technology (603160): From the leading of fingerprint recognition to the chip design platform company

Investment suggestion Huiding Technology is the global leader in fingerprint recognition chips. It first started with a fixed-line chip, and then introduced a capacitive touch chip to cut into the sensor field. It converted Huiding to grasp the trend of fingerprint recognition of smartphones, from capacitive fingerprint recognition chips to the screenOptical fingerprint recognition solutions continue to lead the industry.

We are optimistic about the company 1) Continuously expanding its wide product portfolio through endogenous extensions, 2) Actively building an IoT platform and opening up growth space. In the future, Huiding is expected to grow into a platform-based chip design company.

Reasons Under the screen optical leader, ultra-thin solutions drive further revenue growth.

In 2018, Huiding became the world’s first design manufacturer of optical fingerprint recognition chips for commercial screens. At present, the company’s screen optical solutions have been used by merchants for 101 transactions, which has become the main driving force for the company’s performance growth.

We believe that 2020 will be the first year of large-scale commercialization of 5G. The fingerprint recognition module needs to be developed to be ultra-thin. At present, the company’s ultra-thin screen optical fingerprint recognition solution has taken the lead in mass production. Commercial Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus, etc.For brand manufacturers’ 5G mobile phones, we are optimistic that the ultra-thin solution is expected to reduce the volume in 2020. The increase in unit price of the ultra-thin solution will also replace the erosion of profit caused by the decline in the price of traditional optical products under the screen.

Development Strategy # 1: Endogenous extension and broaden product portfolio.

Constantly converge the top research and development investment of high reliability, while continuing the fingerprint recognition chip solution, and continuously expanding the wide product portfolio, the introduction of low-power Bluetooth SoC, capacitive in-ear detection and touch two-in-one chip, heart rate sensorAnd many other IoT chips.

In August 2019, the company issued an announcement to acquire the NXP VAS product line and cut into the audio amplifier field.

We believe that in the future, the company will use the target’s more than 200 core patents. In addition, it can increase the value of its products in the unit cell phone, stabilize its position above the leader in Android smartphones, and open up the market space for IoT voice interaction.

Development Strategy # 2: Actively develop the Internet of Things business and open up room for growth.

The company has invested in the IoT field for more than 深圳桑拿网 three years on a large scale. It currently has a variety of products such as in-ear detection, heart rate sensors, NB-IoT, and low-power Bluetooth SoCs. At present, the company’s IoT products have started to generate revenue, in-ear detection and touch control.Two-in-one products have been commercialized on Android headsets such as Vivo, Oppo, and OnePlus. We are optimistic that the company will continue to maintain the pace of launching new products for the Internet of Things, cut into more segments, and achieve stable revenue growth.

Earnings forecast and estimation We estimate the company’s revenue in 2019/20/21 to be 74/86/98 trillion, and its net profit to reach 2.3 / 26 / 2.8 billion (pro forma net profit in 2020 is 2.8 billion).

The company’s current consensus corresponds to 55 in 2020.

At 4x P / E, we maintain our Outperform rating and maintain our target price of 350.

00 yuan, corresponding to 61 in 2020.

8 times price-earnings ratio (recommended price-earnings ratio 57.

3 times), which has 11% upside compared with the previous one.

The expansion of risk smartphones has expanded significantly; the layout of the Internet of Things business has fallen short of expectations.

Thirteen super privacy for women

Thirteen super privacy for women

1. Why do women wear high heels because women know that they are inherently shorter than men.

Wearing high heels is to make up for this kind of wound caused by their hearts.

  2. Why do women wear short skirts because women’s legs are shorter than men’s.

The short skirts were worn to set off their relatively slender legs.

3, why do women wear stockings because women’s hair is not sufficiently developed on the legs.

The reason they wear stockings is to cover up their lack of physiology.

As the saying goes, there is no hair on the legs and it is difficult to handle things.

  4, why women like to wear gold and silver because women lack of evaluation of their true value.

Wearing gold and silver is to increase their psychological security.

  5. Why do women want to dress up because women want to express themselves better.

Dressing up is because they lack confidence in their upcoming performance.

  6. Why are women used to bargaining because women do not want to lose money.

They are used to bargaining because they feel that they are often taken advantage of by others.

  7. Why do women choose more eggs and more pig tongues when choosing to eat pork tongue or eggs because women think of hygiene when they choose to eat.

The pig tongue is in the pig’s mouth. Some people think of it, and the egg is where the chicken is. Few people think about it.

Women always do this, think half, stay half.

  8. Why do women have a louder voice than men when arguing with men because women want to tell men that they are strong.

The voices are loud because they want to be first.

  9. Why are women more passive at the beginning of love because women want to see how unexpectedly active men are?

Being passive is a trick that a woman plays against.

Only romantic women use such romantic strategies.

  10. Why do women rarely contact former female friends after marriage because women are afraid of comparisons between the same sex.

A man who marries himself is afraid of being laughed at by his friends, and a man who marries himself is not afraid of being laughed at by his friends.

In such a dilemma, of course, the less you contact, the better.

  11. Why do women like shopping because women want to exercise themselves.

One is shopping for physical exercise-life is exercise; the other is to exercise will-buy or not buy 12, why do women like to try on all kinds of clothes in clothing stores because women understand the truth that Buddhas rely on gold clothes and clothes?.

Trying on can make women addicted to wearing without buying.

Why not let it be 13, why do women like to dress themselves and others? Because women not only have to look beautiful, but also require things in their visual range to have a good feeling!

The unexpected intersection of TCM and nasal and throat cancer

The unexpected intersection of TCM and nasal and throat cancer

Nasopharyngeal carcinoma is a common malignant tumor of the nasopharyngeal mucosa. It occurs in patients aged 30-59 years old and is mostly male.

Its distribution has certain regional differences and ethnic characteristics, and the incidence of yellow races is high.

It occurs frequently in the above South China (Guangdong, Guangxi, Hong Kong, Hunan, etc.) and some countries in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Thailand, etc.), and has family aggregation and genetic relationship.

  The cause of this disease is related to genetics, environment, immunity, Epstein-Barr virus, and diet, but the actual cause is not very clear.

There is no name for nasopharyngeal carcinoma in Chinese medicine. According to its clinical manifestations, it can be attributed to such places as loss of honor, nasal abyss, true headache, upper gravel, and brain sand.

The original record is found in the “Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor”.

“Su asked.

“The theory of Qi Jue” said: Biyuan people, not only under the turbid tear.

Passed as stigma, eyes.

The symptoms of this disease have been described in more detail by successive doctors.

For example, the “Surgery Authentic” of the Ming Dynasty said: Loss of vanity is lost in front of the ears and between the ears. It is like the sputum nucleus, but it is hard for a long time. It gradually grows like a stone, and there is no pus after breaking.It is a lifelong death.

The Qing Dynasty “Yongzong Jinjian” said: (Shang Shijiu) was born on both sides of the neck, shaped like a peach and plum, the skin color was normal, hard as stone, and the spinal pain was not hot.

Growing up in the early years, it is difficult to eliminate, and it is difficult to conquer, and it is difficult to converge, and fatigue is also a problem.

It was also said that yellow turbid sputum flowed in the nose, if it did not heal for a long time; the blood dripped from the nose, and the person with dizziness, dizziness, and pain was named brain sand.

Regarding the etiology and pathogenesis of this disease, doctors of all ages also have a deeper understanding.

“Surgery authentic” said: those who lose their honor, gain first, then lose, and then become rich and poor; there are also those who are rich and rich, whose heart may be impaired by the six desires, damage to the gas, stagnation of fire, entanglement of phlegm, and stop theto make.

“Surgical True Interpretation” believes that: Shijiu is a liver stagnation, qi and blood stagnation become.

Physicians have recognized that the medicine of this disease is ineffective, that acupuncture is ineffective, that a lifetime of death can be very harmful, and they have summarized many effective treatments.

“Surgery Authentic” has the method of taking Orongsanjian pills internally and applying Feilong Aweihua ointment externally.

“Yizong Jinjian” also predicts that according to the method of identifying and treating symptoms according to symptoms, those who are in the first place should take Shugan Kuijian Decoction; those with qi deficiency should take Xiangbei Yangrong Decoction.

For external use, light white, honey, and mud.

For those who do not die for a long time, daily moxibustion with impotence tablets will be used to eliminate or soften or will be destroyed.

The improvement of the above experience is still without losing its clinical value.

  Modern Chinese medicine started late in the study of nasopharyngeal cancer. In the late 1960s, some hospitals in Guangdong and Hunan have successively established nasal and nasal cancer incidence groups to conduct research on the incidence and treatment of nasopharyngeal cancer.

However, the first public literature was published in 1973, and there have been many clinical reports on the use of unilateral prescriptions, dialectics, and treaties.

By the end of 1991, more than 70 articles had been reported, with a cumulative total of more than 3,000 cases.

From the analysis of existing data, the effect of traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine is obviously improved compared with that of radiotherapy alone.

Based on clinical observations, laboratory research has always been carried out.

In terms of diagnosis, research on syndrome types and tongue images was conducted, and it was found that changes in tongue images were related to syndrome types, clinical stages, efficacy, and prognosis.

In terms of medication, it has also been observed that the drugs for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis have a radiosensitizing effect, and the medicine for nourishing qi and nourishing yin can improve the immune function of patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma and so on.

How to further develop the unique effects of traditional Chinese medicine, including the development and exploration of new dosage forms and new methods, and the discovery of more effective drugs and prescriptions, is still an important application at present.

Meet cellulose foods from infancy

Meet cellulose foods from infancy

[Introduction]Constants, proteins, traces, impurities, minerals and water are the six major nutritional factors on which humans depend.

Today, cellulose has been named the seventh nutrient.

Its effect on the human body is gradually being recognized.

Cellulose is widely found in coarse grains, bran, and vegetable fiber.

Infants start from 3-4 months of exposure to semi-liquid foods, that is, they should pay attention to supplementing with cellulose-containing foods. It can also be said that complementary foods are the adaptation process of infants to cellulose.

Cellulose is not added for normal digestive function.

1. Humans can not directly digest and utilize cellulose like herbivores.

However, the bacteria inside the first stage can decompose a part of the cellulose and be absorbed by humans and used.

2. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease should start from infancy.

Experiments have shown that cellulose in food can be combined with bile acid, a metabolite of plasma, in itself, thereby reducing the body’s absorption of cholesterol.

3, the cellulose in the food has good water absorption performance, so that the feces maintain a certain amount of water.

Avoid dry stools, prevent and treat constipation, hemorrhoids and other diseases.

4. Cellulose accelerates the peristalsis of the intestine, reduces the residence time of carcinogens during the occurrence, and reduces the risk of intestinal cancer.

5. Cellulose acts as a stent in food, giving a sense of satiety.

It has an inestimable effect on the treatment of diabetes and obesity.

6. Cellulose accelerates intestinal peristalsis, promotes digestive function, and improves the benefits of anorexia in children.

In summary, the recognition of cellulose foods should start with infants.

Teach you to maximize the function of the mask


Teach you to maximize the function of the mask

Are you a fan of paper masks?

Do you know how to use it properly to get the most out of it?

In the case that the skin condition must be quickly improved in a short period of time, the best way is to overcome the power of the paper mask.

  Problem 1: Face edema after getting up in the morning Even the big stars who have attracted much attention suffered from edema on the face, and the most effective countermeasures to deal with edema is to apply a cold facial mask to the face.

  Keep the mask in the refrigerator to lower the temperature. After getting up in the morning, take out the mask and leave it on for 15 minutes.

It should be noted that when the mask is refrigerated, it must be placed flat in the refrigerator, and it must not be placed vertically, otherwise the essence in the mask will flow to one place and be unevenly distributed, affecting the use effect.

  In addition, before using the mask, you can wash your face with warm water to expand the effect of expanding pores, which is more conducive to the absorption of the essence by the facial skin.

  Do not exceed 30 minutes when using a hydrating mask. Problem 2: The skin is dry like a desert. Do not exceed 30 minutes when using a hydrating mask. Otherwise, a little greed will cause the moisture in the skin to be taken away by the mask.

After removing the mask, gently pat your face with your fingers to allow the lotion left on the skin to be fully absorbed, and then use a moisturizing cream to form a protective film on the face to prevent absorption of nutrients or water loss during the mask.
  In addition, it is easy to ignore the skin around the eyes and lips when using the mask, they are not easily covered by the mask.

You can use a mild baby cream and a lip balm with excellent moisturizing effect for concentrated repair before using the mask.

  Problem 3: A mask with significantly simple pigmentation and stains can also be so useful.

All you have to do is cut the mask into small pieces and store them in an empty cosmetic bottle in the refrigerator.

After washing your face every day, take out a piece of it and apply it to the concentrated spots for a while, and then use whitening products to make better use of the whitening effect, dilute the spots and let the pigment deposit.

  Problem 4: I wake up racially unequal, the skin is slack, and even a lot of high-concentration nutrient cream is used, the skin still feels rough?

At this time you have to consider carefully whether you should improve the skin’s absorption of skin care products.

South Korean famous movie star Song Yuner has a trick: before using the concentrated sheet essence mask, she will carefully remove the facial horny skin, making the skin softer. Only after the maintenance, can the skin reach the optimal absorption level and draw more masks.Essence.

  In addition, after removing the mask, gently rub the palms for about 10 seconds, then warm them alternately, and then cover the two toes, and then squeeze your hands horizontally to squeeze the forehead and the mouth, which can promote better absorption of the nutrients in the mask.

  Tip 5: Excessive makeup or lack of sleep can lead to skin deterioration. In addition, the need for makeup often makes the skin rough and dull.

At this time, you can use two different facial masks in the morning and evening-after washing your face every morning, use the time to prepare breakfast as a moisturizing and hydrating mask, so that the next makeup is easier.

Before going to bed at night, use a repair mask to improve skin elasticity.

Beautiful wedding becomes lost

Beautiful wedding becomes lost

Ms. Li grew up in superior family conditions.

After falling in love with Prince Charming for three years, it was a hundred years.

However, the good times did not last long. After the honeymoon, the young couple began to have some friction due to life chores. Later, the conflict escalated.

Not long ago, my husband was tired of this life and lived in a friend’s house.

Ms. Li was very surprised and indignant about the incident. She felt that the other party had changed her heart and had a sense of loss that had been abandoned. In extreme despair, she came to see a psychiatrist for consultation.

  Ms. Li shed tears and confided her distress after marriage: Mr. Li was considerate to me before marriage and found that he found a happy boyfriend and enjoyed the sweetness of love everywhere.

At that time, I really didn’t find anything about my boyfriend that wasn’t suitable for me, until I remembered how happy it was!

Now that the good times are no longer, after the honeymoon, I found out that my husband has changed into a person, it may be “the original shape”!

I have n’t found that there is such a lazy person in the world. The smelly socks you wear can be left under the pillow for ten and a half months. If you want him to buy something, do some housework, you call him ten or eight times. HeCan be indifferent.

When he’s in love, if he gives him an instruction, how dare he disobey him!

His temper has also deteriorated. He used to keep me in the past, but now he seems to be giving up.

When I am in love, I always look forward to getting married. Many friends say, “Marriage is the grave of love.” I still don’t believe it. Now I can truly feel this pain.

  Ms. Li’s situation is more representative among newlyweds, and there has been a process from unfitness to gradual adaptation.

At least, from love to marriage is a return from romance, ideal and even fantasy love to real life.

It is reasonable to say that both men and women before marriage should be fully psychologically prepared, otherwise the huge gap from dream to reality will be enough to catch you by surprise.

Ms. Li didn’t have enough mental preparation for her role change before marriage, so after the honeymoon, she felt that her husband and her ideal requirements were far away.

The destruction of her dream brought her a heavy blow, so it was difficult to adapt to her life after marriage.

In fact, it is not that his husband has undergone a drastic change after marriage. Men and women when they are not in love always imagine each other too well, and it is difficult to find each other’s shortcomings; and when they are in love, both parties always intentionally or unintentionally cover their weaknesses to win each otherAfter feeling married, I found out that the other party really had too many problems.

Coupled with Ms. Li’s own psychological weakness, she grew up in good times, has a strong vanity, relied on her weight, and has a poor ability to tolerate setbacks. She also had a strong sense of disappointment due to her high expectations of her husband before marriage.

  From the perspective of social psychology, the expression of love after marriage is indeed different from that in love. After marriage, love includes more pay, responsibilities and obligations.

Psychologists and sociologists believe that marriage is the continuation of love and requires more wisdom and tolerance to be maintained. In a mature marriage life, it can show true personality charm.

There are no perfect people in the world. Don’t place excessive demands on your husband or wife; and everyone has their own different perspectives and behaviors. You can’t impose your own opinions on each other, and don’t force the other party to always be consistent with yourself.Will help achieve a happy marriage.

It is conceivable that for a person who has a difficult relationship with husband and wife, even if he has a high IQ, it also means that he has more or less some personality psychological problems.

Therefore, it is necessary to continuously learn from life, gradually improve their personal weaknesses, and strive to improve their “emotional intelligence”.

  After Ms. Li’s three psychological consultations, she had a sufficient understanding of the changes in married couples’ lives after marriage, and through further communication between the couples, the relationship was gradually reconciled.

Self-massage of trigeminal neuralgia


Self-massage of trigeminal neuralgia

Primary pain is paroxysmal burning or puncturing pain, which lasts for a few seconds or 1-2 minutes, and can occur several times a day; secondary is usually caused by other diseases, pain is persistent, with facialFeeling disorder or masseter muscle spasm, atrophy.

Chinese medicine believes that the disease is caused by qi and blood blockage, liver and stomach heat or yin deficiency, impotence, and virtual fire.


Prepare for sitting position, double-headed micro-closed, relax, mix and breathe, rest for 1-2 minutes.


鎻?Press the 缈?绌?point with both hands on the thumb and abdomen, respectively placed on the same side of the hurricane hole, the remaining 4 fingers attached to the sides of the face, press the appropriate force to press 0.

5-1 minutes.

銆€銆€Efficacy: static pain in the town, open eyes.


鎻塒ress the finger hole and use the thumb of both hands on the right side of the same side of the car, press the appropriate force to press 0.

5-1 minutes.
銆€銆€Efficacy: decompression and pain relief, swelling and trouble.


鎻?Press the points on the same side with the index finger or middle finger on the same side of the lower point, press the appropriate force to press 0.

5-1 minutes.
銆€銆€Efficacy: Shufeng Qingre, relieve phlegm and relieve pain.


Pushing the hall points with a thumb and abdomen placed on the Yintang hole, and the remaining 4 fingers attached to the opposite side of the eye. Appropriate force is pushed from the Yintang to the hairline and pushed 20-30 times repeatedly.

銆€銆€Efficacy: Hurricane Kaifeng, soothe the nerves.


Pushing the forehead with two hands and 4 fingers close together, close to the middle of the forehead, the thumb is closely attached to the back, and the two eyebrows are pushed to the hair point with appropriate force, and pushed 10-15 times.

銆€銆€Efficacy: blood circulation, clear brain and pain.


鎻?Press the wind pool hole to place the thumb and the abdomen on the same side of the wind pool, and the other 4 fingers are attached to the head parallel.

Press the appropriate force and press 0.

5-1 minutes.
銆€銆€Efficacy: Shufeng Qingre, open analgesia.


Press the inner and outer points with a finger and thumb fingertips, and put them on the opposite side of the outer and inner points, and block the force against 0.

5-1 minutes, alternating hands.

銆€銆€Efficacy: and stomach and qi, soothe the nerves and pain.


Hegu point is placed on the Hegu point with the thumb of one hand, and the other 4 fingers are inserted into the palm of the hand.

5-1 minutes.
銆€銆€Efficacy: Shufeng solution, open analgesia.


Palm the temple with both hands palms, close to the same side of the temple, press the appropriate force to press 0.

5-1 minutes, with local fever is preferred.
銆€銆€Efficacy: warming and dispelling cold, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain.
銆€銆€The above techniques are done 2-3 times a day, and the technique has a soreness of acupoints.

Self-massage works better for the primary and is less secondary.

Usually pay attention to rest, keep emotional stability, avoid drinking, eat less spicy food.

銆€銆€Tips: Hurricane Point: A depression between the mastoid and the mandible after the earlobe.

銆€銆€Chest car hole: 1 horizontal finger in front of the mandibular angle, when the force is biting, the masseter muscle is raised.

銆€銆€Xiaguan Point: Located in front of the tragus, 1 horizontal finger is the depression formed by the two arches and the mandibular notch.

銆€銆€Yintang Cave: Located in the middle of the two eyebrows, facing the tip of the nose.

銆€銆€Fengchi acupoint: located behind the neck, under the occipital bone, on the hairline, outside the large rib depression.

銆€銆€Waiguan Point: Located in the middle of the horizontal line of the wrist of the hand, it is 2 inches straight between the ruler and the humerus.

銆€銆€Neiguan Point: Located in the middle of the lateral stripes of the palm of the hand, straight up 2 inches, between the two tendons.

銆€銆€Hegu point: located outside the midpoint of the second metacarpal, that is, the fingers are close together, the root of the tiger’s mouth; the first joint of the thumb of the other hand can also be used to face the tiger’s mouth, the thumb is flexed and pressed, and the fingertip is the Hegu point.
銆€銆€Temple: Located 1 inch above the corner of the eye.

How to get rid of big belly after childbirth


How to get rid of big belly after childbirth

After the birth, the abdomen is swollen and indecent, which brings a lot of inconvenience, trouble and frustration to life and work.

As the saying goes: “Fat people are fat first.

“Human hypertension usually begins in the abdomen. The main reason is that the abdominal muscles are supportive muscles. They rarely participate in exercise in daily life, and can not do tension contraction. The abdominal cavity and abdominal wall are easy to accumulate adults, soMany people are full of belly.

銆€銆€In order to make the abdomen fit, it is necessary to develop the abdominal muscles, maintain a certain degree of tension, eliminate redundant super aunts, and avoid the formation of a dangling belly and a large abdomen.

銆€銆€Commonly used exercises in addition to sit-ups: supine bed, knee flexion, two feet flat on the bed, hands on the abdomen, deep breathing exercise, belly and drum.

銆€銆€Lying on the bed, holding the back of the head with both hands, the chest and abdomen are slightly raised, and the legs are stretched up and down alternately, from small to large, from slow to fast, even for about fifty times.

銆€銆€On the back of the bed, hold the bed rails with both hands, the legs are warped upwards, the knees should not be bent, the toes should be straight, the angle between the legs and the body should reach 90 degrees, and the ups and downs will stop again for a while.Proceed until the bones are sour.

銆€銆€Put both hands on the ends of the body, step on the support bed, flex the knees, press the two feet on the bed, tilt forward and lift up, lift and stop, fall for 4 seconds, rest for a while and then lift.

銆€銆€Hands on both sides of the body, the legs try to warp upwards, tilted up and pedaled like a bicycle, until the legs are sour.

銆€銆€Standing on the edge of the bed, holding the bed with both hands, the two feet are pulled back, the body is in a straight line, the two forearms are flexed, and the body is pressed down. After stopping for two or three seconds, the two forearms are straight and the body is up, so repeated 5-15 times.

銆€銆€One leg stands on the ground, supporting the weight of the whole body, the other leg is bent and lifted, and then the legs that support the body are continuously bouncing, each time 20-30, the two legs alternate until the legs are sour.

銆€銆€Kneeling on the bed, two hands on the bed, the top is pressed down as much as possible, and has been shrinking for several years while taking a deep breath.

Then put the chest up, force the stomach, and exhale deeply, and practice 5-10 times each time after getting up and before going to bed.

銆€銆€Sit on the bed, take off your coat, heat your hands first, then massage your hands with your hands until the area is red and hot, 1 time each morning and evening.