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[How to Marinate Rutabaga]_Rutabaga_How to Pickle_How to Pickle

[How to Marinate Rutabaga]_Rutabaga_How to Pickle_How to Pickle

Pickled foods are more common in life, and many people prefer to eat them. However, most people buy them from the surface of the city. In fact, pickling these dishes is also very troublesome. Let ‘s take a look at the rutabaga.Curing method.

Main ingredients: 10 pounds of kohlrabi, plenty of salt.

Steps: 1. Replace the kohlrabi with green leaves, remove the old leaves, and cut the root into two petals.

Then air dry to atrophy, then wash with water.

2. Put the cleaned kohlrabi in the tank, and put a layer of salt on it (spray the salt evenly). After finishing, put a weight or stone on it, fill it with water, and cover the dish.
3. When everything is ready, place at 12?
Fermentation in a room at 15 ℃, the fermentation time is 30?
40 days.

The kohlrabi marinated in this way is crispy, tender and refreshing, salty and sour, and is an appetizer.

Of course, if it is novice pickling, some problems will inevitably occur. Sometimes white mold spots will be generated during the marinating process. You can add salt and a small amount of high-grade liquor, and then put them in a cool and ventilated place. The mold spots will disappear after about 5 days.

[Passion after bath is really a misunderstanding]

[Passion after bath is really a misunderstanding]

Common vaginitis, balanitis, and gonorrhea are related to unclean sex organs during sex.

Therefore, it is very necessary to clean the hygiene of the perineum.

So how to take a bath to keep the reproductive organs clean without affecting sexual function?

Because the human body has an automatic regulation of blood flow, organs will “mobilize” some blood to them when they are busy with work.

After bathing, temperature and friction make the blood flow to the skin and keep staying. At this time, when the house is visited, the sex organs “grab” the blood to the skin, a difference in the allocation will occur.

We all know that penile erection is caused by a large amount of blood pouring into the penile cavernous body, which makes the penis hard and erect. If the sexual organs don’t get enough blood, it can easily cause sexual problems such as impotence and erectile weakness, affecting the quality of sexual life.

[Is cervical erosion contagious]

[Is cervical erosion contagious]

Is cervical erosion contagious?

This is a problem that affects the physical health of women, so for most women this is of great concern.

However, in reality, because this problem involves professional knowledge, ordinary women do not understand this problem.

The so-called cervical erosion is just a common disease of women’s bodies, but many times this disease causes great harm to patients’ bodies.

In fact, when it comes to cervical erosion, I believe that many female friends are more familiar, because many people have suffered from cervical erosion in their daily lives, so they have a deep understanding.

In addition, due to the high incidence of cervical erosion, normal people are likely to get sick.

So, let ‘s talk about whether cervical erosion is contagious.

Cervical erosion is divided into mild, moderate, and severe. For patients with severe cervical erosion, they will show abnormal leucorrhea, purulent or even bloody leucorrhea, swollen waist and abdomen, and some patients will experience pain or even sexual life.It’s bleeding.

Suggestions: Hello, in general, cervical erosion is not contagious, does not belong to the scope of sexually transmitted diseases, and belongs to the stimulation of chronic inflammation.

Patients with this disease should pay attention to light diet. The disease is closely related to the spleen. If the diet is too greasy, it will increase the burden on the spleen, form phlegm in the body, affect the transport of the spleen to water, and aggravate the symptoms of the disease.

The protein intake in the diet should be controlled. If the protein supplement is too high, it will increase the burden on the kidneys, affect the water-liquid metabolism of the kidneys, cause water to stop, cause the disease, or affect the recovery of the disease.Patients cannot eat spicy foods. Spicy foods can accelerate blood circulation, which may cause bleeding on the eroded surface and worsen the disease.

Current food safety is difficult to guarantee. The hormone content of many foods exceeds the standard. In the choice of food, we choose green foods that are more secure. Hormone-induced patients cause irritation, cause hormone imbalances, and affect patients’ recovery.

In summary, we have actually learned that cervical erosion is generally not contagious because it is not part of some infectious diseases.

However, in reality, patients with cervical erosion still need to pay attention to personal hygiene, which is very helpful for the treatment of cervical erosion.

In addition, patients with cervical erosion should pay attention to their daily diet, it is best not to eat certain spicy and stimulating food.

Zhongke Sanhuan (000970): Shangtuo Resources, deep cultivation of rare earth magnetic materials leading into a new cycle of new energy growth

Zhongke Sanhuan (000970): Shangtuo Resources, deep cultivation of rare earth magnetic materials leading into a new cycle of new energy growth

The main points of the report are to expand resources, deepen manufacturing, and lead the rare earth magnetic materials into a new cycle of new energy growth. Zhongke Sanhuan is the pioneer and leader of the rare earth magnetic materials industry in China.Grow into the top supplier of global rare earth magnetic material industry.

There are three core investment logics: (1) The company adheres to “endogenous” development and gradually realizes product breakthroughs in high-end fields such as VCM, EPS, and new energy vehicle drive motors. The production scale has expanded from about 1,000 tons at the time of listing to about 1 at present.

6, ranking first in the world, the company’s sintered NdFeB production capacity will increase to about 2 in the next three years.

8 tons.

(2) New energy vehicle drive motors have a high level of customization of magnetic materials and strong customer stickiness after mass production. The company has strong R & D and production 深圳spa会所 capabilities, and is the first to merge Tesla and other world-class new energy vehicle supply chains with customer reserves.First mover advantage is obvious.

(3) The company plans to hold a 5% share of Nanfang Rare Earth in the form of capital increase and share expansion, and both parties plan to jointly invest in Ganzhou to establish a high-temperature sintered NdFeB project with an annual capacity of 5000 tons.

We believe that through cooperation with Southern Rare Earth Group, the company’s ability to acquire rare earth raw materials, especially heavy rare earth raw materials, will be further enhanced, leading to a qualitative leap in the company’s stable supply capacity.

China’s supply has reshaped the global supply chain, global electrification has given rise to a new round of development and changes, and the rapid growth of demand in new energy vehicles, smart manufacturing, and energy-saving appliances. The high-end rare earth magnetic material industry is ushering in a new round of development possibilities:1) It is estimated that by 2020, the global demand for high-end rare earth magnetic materials will be about 8.

8Each year, the compound growth rate of 2018-2020 is about 13%; especially in the field of new energy vehicles, the compound growth rate is expected to be about 45% in 2018-2020.

(2) Recently, Japanese manufacturers have actively deployed new energy magnetic materials business. Based on the traditional and stable strategy of “effective demand for capacity expansion” by Japanese companies, their strategic layout has also increasingly demonstrated the certainty of demand.

On the supply side, benefiting from its unique rare earth resource advantage and support from industrial policies, China has become a global rare earth magnetic material manufacturing center.

We believe that the Chinese magnetic materials companies rooted in the “rare earth fertile soil” have both cost advantages and raw material guarantee advantages. Leading magnetic material manufacturers will strive to harvest higher high-end orders and gradually grow into a global high-end rare earth magnetic material industry leader.By.
New energy magnetic materials orders are heavy, and the product structure is continuously optimized. The “Buy” rating is given from 2019 to 2020. The global “Electricization Wave” is committed to embracing substantial breakthroughs. The company is developing customers, raw material layout, high-end capacity reserves, and technology research, Patent layout and other aspects have been prepared, is expected to benefit from the release of new energy demand into a new round of growth cycle.

In the first quarter of 2019, the company’s gross profit margin increased by about 1.

Nine averages, the net interest rate increased by about 0.

1 unit, the net operating cash flow increased by about 1 month.

900 million.

The company’s production and operation have significantly improved margins. It is estimated that the company’s operating income will be 45 in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

500 million, 54.

800 million, 66.

200 million, net profit attributable to mothers are 2 respectively.

900 million, 3.

700 million, 4.

800 million, eps are 0.

27 yuan, 0.

34 yuan, 0.

45 yuan.

Corresponding PE is 41X, 33X, 25X, which gives the company a “Buy” rating.

Risk Warning: 1.

Global electrification progress is less than expected, global macro fundamental risk, etc .; 2.

The risk that rare earth permanent magnet motor technology will be replaced by new materials and technologies.

Gujia Household (603816) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Subject to industry and consolidation factors 19Q1 temporarily under pressure for long-term bullish growth logic

Gujia Household (603816) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Subject to industry and consolidation factors 19Q1 temporarily under pressure for long-term bullish growth logic
Investment Highlights: The company announced the 2019 first quarter report: 19Q1 revenue 24.60 ppm, an increase of 32 in ten years.8%, realizing net profit attributable to mother 2.95 ppm, an increase of 10 in ten years.0%, deducting non-net profit 1.96 ‰, a decrease of 0 per year.9%, the total revenue exceeded us, and the profit basically met our expectations (looking forward 12%).The company’s national channel expansion has been continuously strengthened, marketing efforts have continued, and various categories of the company have continued to expand and exert synergies.The pressure on the overall income end of 19Q1 is mainly due to the impact of the real estate industry’s post-cycle, the advance of the Spring Festival, and the high base in the same period of 2018. We believe that 18Q4-19Q1 is the overall industry low, resulting in the gradual recovery of first- and second-tier real estate sales.The company’s revenue for the first half of the year strives for improvement. Revenue side: continued to implement multi-category expansion and development, and each business segment achieved steady growth.In 19Q1, we estimated that the company’s internal sales exceeded the growth rate of about 6%, and the external sales due to factors caused by 18Q4 orders caused a gradual decline in 19Q1 sales. We estimated that the gradual growth rate was about 4%. The net new stores in 19Q1 were estimated to be about 140, and the stores continued to expand.1) Multi-category development: The sofa business, as the company’s traditional main business, has been engaged in the industry for many years. The stickiness of consumer groups and brand attributes have been prominent, maintaining steady growth, and increasing the concentration while having a better growth rate.In accordance with the company’s multi-brand development strategy, the company continued to expand its categories and form a growth map for the large home.Among them, functional sofas and bedding categories have maintained rapid growth.2) Channel sinking continues to accelerate: The company conducts situational sales, big data marketing, and channel development. The remaining 19Q1 eventually has more than 4,800 stores. We believe that the company’s software home channel expansion is still in the space. We expect that in the next 3 years400-500 stores are opened every year. Currently, the first and second-tier cities have basically completed the coverage of at least one store. The third- and fourth-tier cities have encrypted stores, and the growth of single stores and new stores has consolidated the long-term growth logic.3) Optimization of management structure: The company’s management team keeps improving and meets the needs of market development. The talent reserve and organizational execution are leading, and corporate governance is getting better.In the second half of 2018, the company gradually changed from the original business unit system to a regional marketing center model, with clear team building ideas and a good team foundation for the company’s long-term strategic development.With the team building and running in 19 years gradually mature, it is expected to gradually bring out the advantages of regional marketing centers. Profit side: dragged by the quality of consolidated earnings, the gross profit margin is temporarily under pressure, and there is room for increase in single quarter earnings.19Q1 gross margin fell short-term 1.7pct, mainly due to the increase in the gross profit margin of the consolidated business.Profit highlights: 1) Higher ROE level: Home companies that maintain rapid growth.The company’s ROE (deduction) in 19Q1 was 6.1%, which ranks higher in the light industry and home furnishing industry, shows that the company has extremely strong profitability.2) Ongoing marketing and R & D expenses: 18 years of sales / management / R & D / financial expenses are: 52 every other time.7% / 19.8% / 236.5% / 18.3%. The sales expenses were mainly due to the company’s increased marketing support for distributors. The R & D expenses were mainly due to the company’s increased product R & D efforts.3) Stable operation quality: The company’s total assets turnover in 19Q1 was reset to 0.24 and 18 have basically remained stable through continuous improvement of the company’s supply chain and operating system. 成都桑拿网 Therefore, we believe that the company’s turnover rate is expected to continue to increase. Actively develop categories, steadily increase production capacity, and lead the software home furnishing business in a significant way. The company has the foundation to steadily contribute to the large home furnishing market.The company’s flagship product sofa benefits from the improvement of industry concentration; gradually promotes the gradual expansion of category expansion to create an advantageous product matrix; the expansion of channels continues to strengthen, and the store’s net opening data hits a new high; the company will continue to promote O2O integration by trying to expand the store modelAchieve new retail channel layout.The initial incentive was granted for the first time, and the convertible bonds successfully 夜来香体验网 raised funds to promote the sustainable development of the company’s business.The expansion of production capacity has been gradual and gradual, and the energy storage large home strategy module.According to the consolidation business in 2019, which is still in the integration stage, it is expected that it will still have a periodical impact on the profit side. We maintain the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to 2.88 yuan, 3.55 yuan, 4.A profit forecast of $ 14 is currently sustainable (54.(21 yuan) The corresponding PE for 2019-2021 is 19, 15, 13 times, and the profit growth rate for 2019-2021 is 25.4% / 23.2% / 16.5%, benefiting from the improvement of the concentration of the leading household industry leaders, the company’s incentive mechanism in place, and the endogenous growth logic is improving.We are optimistic about the company’s medium and long-term growth and development prospects, and look forward to the company’s various categories in the home sector to build a beautiful layout and maintain the increase in holdings!

Dragon Tiger data reveals capital trading Mystery technology stocks are favored

Dragon Tiger data reveals capital trading Mystery technology stocks are favored
For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!  The original title of the Dragon and Tiger Rankings data reveals the mystery of capital manipulation. Reporter Wu Yuhua’s recent market’s Dragon and Tiger Rankings are a bit confusing. The stocks with a preference for hot money style frequently appear “institutional” buying, and some value investmentStocks frequently appear to be hot money.As a result, there is a voice in the market-chasing up and killing “fake institutions” and selling high and low to attract “real money”.Analysts said that the phenomenon of institutional and hot money role swaps can be trimmed. Under the background of increasing market risk appetite, market-related investment entities highly recognize the technology market outlook, which also prompts investors to participate in the investment of individual stocks in relevant sectors.In time, we need to adapt in time in terms of ideas and operation methods to keep pace with the market.  Institutional seat performance has been active Since 2020, market risk appetite has continued to rise, with 23 stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets that have grown by more than 50%.Judging from the situation of the Dragon Tiger Rankings, the individual stocks with a preference for collective hotspot styles have all grown up in the process of growth.According to Choice data, as of January 20, since 2020, a total of 634 seats for institutions have appeared on the list, with a total turnover of 197.9.8 billion yuan, buying 119.6.3 billion yuan, sold 78.$ 3.5 billion, showing active agency seats.  Judging from the individual stocks participated in by the agency-specific seats, the big bull stock Chengmai Technology has repeatedly appeared in the corporate rankings since 2020.On January 10th, three agency-specific seats appeared on the Dragon Tiger List. On January 13th, one agency-specific seat was ranked at five. On January 16th, one agency-specific seat was ranked at five.  Judging from the price-earnings ratio, Chengmai Technology is significantly higher than the industry level, not an individual stock preferred by institutions.At the same time, the market view has always believed that the rapid growth of stocks such as Chengmai Technology is caused by hot money speculation.However, recently, institutions have also participated in it, and continue to chase the rise, reflecting the changes in the operation of the institution to a certain extent, so there is a market voice saying “chasing up and killing fake institutions”.  Liu Gesong, the champion fund manager of public fund in 2019, who benefited from the technology market, said that the industry’s profit growth rate will break through in 2020. The technology industry is one of the sectors 天津夜网 with a high degree of growth certainty, and it is still optimistic about the technology sector this year.  Hot money intervention value stocks When institutions are frequently presenting hot money style stocks, while “strength hot money” operates on traditional hot money style stocks, it also intervenes in some trend style value stocks.  According to Choice data, as of January 20, since 2020, in addition to the special seats for the Shanghai Stock Connect and Shenzhen Stock Connect, “Strong Capital” has made a total of 1258 rankings.  Among the individual stocks involved in hot money, in addition to the stocks with a traditional hot money style preference, Shun Xin Agriculture, as a trend value stock, has attracted the purchase of “strength hot money”.In addition, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail attracted large sums of “strength money” after the listing.  Preliminary sources point out that in the current market environment, the investment philosophy is gradually changing, and some of the operating methods of hot money have transitioned from “dead squad” -style “fast-in and fast-out” to long-term value investments that pay more attention to fundamentals.  The continued activeness of favored institutions and hot money of technology stocks reflects the current level of market substitution.From the perspective of individual stocks participating in institutions and hot money, technology stocks are still the main direction of participation.  For the current market, Chen Guo, chief strategy analyst at Anxin Securities, said that in the medium and long term, stocks are in a “mature cow” stage. The core logic is the development of China’s economic development.This medium and long-term main line will not change easily, and it is not appropriate to switch lightly.In the short term, market risk appetite may gradually cool down, but the overall economy is still stable, the financial environment is generally loose, and the spring market will continue.Market focus will return to fundamentals, especially the quarterly report.It is expected that the growth sector will still show an upward trend in the first quarter.At the same time, under the expectation of the recovery of the manufacturing industry, the inventory is at a low level, and there is also a structural supplementary opportunity in the sectors that benefit from the improvement of fundamental margin support, such as some machinery, chemicals, nonferrous metals, and so on.  Dai Kang (Jin Qilin analyst), chief strategy analyst of GF Securities, said that the rule of thumb shows that short-term interest rates are likely to fall before the Spring Festival, dividends are likely to increase, and market styles are mostly biased toward growth stocks.In terms of industry configuration, we will continue to pay attention to technology growth stocks that “resonate with the industrial cycle and liquidity,” such as consumer electronics, new energy automotive industry chain mid-upstream and so on.

Massage the four acupuncture points after soaking feet has wonderful results

Massage the four acupuncture points after soaking feet has wonderful results

According to Chinese medicine, there are four roots in a person: ear, nose, milk, and heel.

The most basic of the four is the heel.

However, modern medicine believes that many blood vessels are densely packed on the soles of human feet. Soaking the feet with hot water can accelerate blood circulation and promote the metabolism of the feet and legs.

  At the same time, hot water has a mild stimulating effect. Since numerous nerve endings on the soles of the feet are closely connected to the brain, stimulating the nerves of the feet can make people feel comfortable and relaxed.

Not only can speed up falling asleep, but also effectively eliminate the fatigue of the day.

When the feet are soaked, the reproduction in the water can enter the whole body of the human body through the soles of the feet, so that the kidney and liver meridians are maintained.

  Rubbing the Yongquan point The Yongquan point is the sole of the foot of the human body, located in the depression in the front of the foot, but the first point of the kidney meridian.

Pressing Yongquan points can nourish kidney qi, relieve fire and lower blood pressure, and strengthen muscles and bones.

When you have finished soaking your feet every night, when you are ready to go to bed, you can use your hands and palms to alternately massage and rub the Yongquan Point, pressing it more than ten times each time.

Keep rubbing this point can reduce the symptoms of cold hands and feet.

  Rub the Laogong acupoint to place the palm of your hand. When the 2nd and 3rd metacarpals are biased towards the 3rd metacarpal, the middle fingertips are used when you fist your fingers.

Make a fist in one hand and rub the Laogong acupoint in the other hand until the palm is hot.

Alternate hands.

Long-term rubbing of Laogong acupoints has the effect of clearing heart fire and reassuring, and is used to treat insomnia and neurasthenia.

  According to the kneading Qi Chong points, the Qi Chong points are located two inches beside the depression above the upper edge of the pubic symphysis in the lower abdomen.

There is an artery under this hole.

First press kneading qi to acupuncture points, then press kneading arteries alternately.

This method can promote blood circulation in the legs and warm hands and feet.

  Pat Shenshu Point Shenshu Point is located beside the spinous process of the second lumbar spine.

At 5 inches, it is the so-called “lower eye”.

Consistent massage and patting Shenshu points can help increase blood flow to the kidneys and improve kidney function.

  Warm reminder: To those of us who usually don’t pay attention to keeping in good health, soaking feet is good for the human body. Through the introduction of the above content, let us further understand the benefits of soaking feet.

It seems that China’s health regimen is amazing. In fact, there is still a lot about health regimen. I hope that everyone will pay more attention to various health regimens around them and improve their physical fitness.

What to eat can make your skin beautiful

What to eat can make your skin beautiful

When summer arrives, savvy beauties detoxify and lose weight, and they will lose weight in 5 weeks.

  Taking food as the sky, in addition to being full and healthy, a scientific diet can also improve the skin.

Today, let ‘s take a look together. What can you eat to make your skin beautiful?


White and smooth low-fat yogurt beautiful recommendations: As a healthy food, three to five times a week, the health benefits of yogurt have a long history.

Experts say the study will uncover more concentrated yogurt in more recent areas.

Not just yogurt, any fermented dairy products, including yogurt, contain lactic acid bacteria, which can protect you in many ways.

  Research suggests that yogurt can reduce the risk of diabetes.

Health expert Ms. Senma pointed out: “There is a lot of strong evidence that yogurt can reduce irritating gastrointestinal syndrome, inflammation of the digestive system and gastrointestinal disorders.

At the same time, yogurt can help relieve stomach ulcers and vaginal infections.


Beautiful eyes beauty contains fatty fish (salmon, sardines) rich in beautiful recommendations: The maximum content of fish 2 to 3 times a week is omega 3 fatty acids, the most we have DHA, EPA.

“Fish with impurities not only plays a vital role in the health of our body’s cell membranes, it also protects us from the danger of disease among us,” said Professor Rowell-Taswin (a nutrition expert at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York).

  ”These threats include heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, depression, fracture pain, and obesity-related diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis.

“Ms. Senma pointed out that fish can protect humans against Alzheimer’s disease.

Many foods today, including walnuts, linseed oil, and some sauce brands, have omega 3 fatty acid content.

Among the omega 3 fatty acids, only DHA and EPA can be directly absorbed by the body.


Natural Hormones Beans Beautiful Recommendations: 3-4 times a week Beans are a low-fat food, a very good source of nutrition and fiber.

Beans have protective functions against cardiovascular and retina.

At the same time, beans have a magical effect on stabilizing female hormones.

Beans have been eaten for a long time, and people may not consider it as a new healthy food.

Professor Kees said that in fact, beans are one of the healthiest foods, and women have the potential to eat more.

  International journal studies on cancer have found that most beans, especially lentils, fight the retina.

Studies by the International Drug Archives have found that doctors have found a relationship between the low incidence of cardiovascular disease and the high absorption of beans.

Absolutely, this includes: peas, soy beans, lentils, peanuts.

  In Professor Kes’s thesis, beans contain soluble and insoluble fibers that help lower cholesterol.

And the isoflavones contained in beans can help regulate female hormones and reduce the symptoms of menopause and menopause in women.

In addition to soy milk, isoflavones are also found in red clover, kudzu, mung beans, alfalfa sprouts, and chickpeas.

The protease-inhibiting factors of legume vitamins help fight vitamins, slow down vitamin differentiation, and prevent lumps from forming.


Ruddy and beneficial tomatoes (watermelon, red grapefruit, red navel orange) Beautiful advice: 3 to 5 times a week called lycopene in these fruits, many reports suggest it helps fight prostate cancer, and more detailed investigations showIt’s just as great for women’s normal health.

“Studies have shown that lycopene is effective against titanium.

“Experts say that lycopene is also an antioxidant that helps women fight heart disease.

The latest research shows that lycopene can also protect against UV rays from sunlight, making you look younger.


Calcium Promoting Vitamin D (from low-fat milk or orange juice) Beautiful advice: Absorb at least 400IU of vitamin D every day to help the bones absorb calcium.

Ms. Samma said that vitamin D reduces the risk of osteoporosis, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis, breast tumors, rectal cancer, and tumors.
In fact, recent research from the University of California Alternatives suggests that in the United States, vitamin D has potentially prevented half of cancers, rectal cancer, and ovarian cancer.
  Ms. Senma told reporters that a study predicts that many women may lack vitamin D.

“Exposing yourself to the sun and then applying sunscreen will hinder the synthesis of vitamin D, which will cause many women to get too low of these nutrients to reach the danger line.


Sweet and sour berry (blueberry, strawberry, mango bilberry) beautiful advice: 3 to 4 times a week is similar to the role of wine. The anthocyanins contained in these fruits can protect your body against cancer and effectively repair it.cell.

Professor Kees said that research has shown that anthocyanins can reduce the risk of the following cancers: diabetes, healing cancer.

  Berry subfoods provide powerful antioxidant protection, not only protecting the heart, but also fighting skin ageing, from the inside out.

Professor Kees told reporters that Bilberry can help women reduce the risk of urinary tract infections.

Berries contain nutrients and lutein to help protect eyesight.

Summer Pediatric Cold Home Care Recipes

Summer Pediatric Cold Home Care Recipes

In the summer, your baby will often have a little cold and cold, so you do n’t have to take medicine. You can learn this home-made nursing recipe for children with a cold in the summer!

  Tofu is rich in nutrition, known as “vegetable meat”, sweet and slightly cold, can nourish the spleen and stomach, clear heat and moisturize, facilitate urination, and detoxify heat; onions are warm and have detoxification effects.

  Recipe ingredients: 2 pieces of fresh tofu, 2-4 onions, ginger slices, soy sauce, sesame oil, and MSG.

  Production method: 1.

Wash and cut the tofu into small pieces or strips, soak in clear water for 30 minutes and set aside.


Set the pan on the fire, add tofu and fry slightly, add an appropriate amount of water, ginger slices, soy sauce, boil and cook for 20 minutes, add in the onion, boil and add sesame oil, sprinkle with MSG.

  Suitable for the crowd: Babies over 8 months Health Tips: This product is suitable for children who have cold feeling outside, stomach heat, and hoarse throat.

Weak and cold, and those with more sputum and fire should not be used.

Four strokes to easily have charming thin legs

Four strokes to easily have charming thin legs

Sexy thin-legged “assembly number” sounded, and the beautiful MMs pay attention. Just take a little time every day to practice the four steps, mini skirts you can wear!

  First, remember to warm up before exercising.

Because warming up is enough to effectively avoid the injuries caused by exercise, and because the relevant parts of the body are hot, the joints are flexible, the posture and movement are more sufficient, and the effect of weight loss is more ideal.

Warming up is actually very simple. Sometimes walking for a few minutes or climbing several stairs is a good choice.

  In fact, insist on doing a few simple plastic movements every day, whether at home or in the office, as long as you are willing, you always have the opportunity to exercise.


1 Seated elbow exercise area: front thigh movement process: sit upright in a chair, abdomen, take a deep breath, while raising the left knee above the waist, hold for 5 to 10 seconds.

Change to the right and repeat 5 times.


2 Straight leg raising exercise part: front thigh movement process: sit upright in a chair, abdomen, take a deep breath, while raising the left foot until it is as high as the knee (larger: the thigh leaves the chair 3 cm) for 5 to 10 seconds.
Change to the right and repeat 5 times.

  Note: The above two actions are suitable for completing at home.


3 Upright knee flexion exercise area: Back of thighs Action process: Body upright, move center of gravity to right leg, keep spine straight

Slowly bend your knees and lift your left foot backwards as you exhale, and lower them as you inhale.

Repeat 10-15 times.

Change your right leg.


4 Squatting exercise area with booster lunge: thighs, buttocks Action process: Both feet are in lunge, front toe tip forwards, back heels off the ground, toenails forward, upper body upright, hands on the side of a chair and other furniture as support.

Then gradually sink slowly, and then slowly rise to the starting attitude.

Repeat 10-15 times.
Change your right leg.
  Note: The above two actions can be completed in the office, using lunch time, or during work breaks.

  Finally, after doing the shaping exercise, don’t forget to stretch.

Stretching after shaping plays a vital role in shaping a slim figure.