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Guangming Dairy (600597) Interim Review: Distributors significantly increase new injections to inject new vitality

Guangming Dairy (600597) Interim Review: Distributors significantly increase new injections to inject new vitality

Commentary event: Bright Dairy released its 2019 Interim Report and achieved revenue of 110 in the first half of the year.

90ppm, net profit attributed to mother 3.

6.7 billion, attributable to non-net profit3.

9.8 billion, with annual growth of 4%.

91%, 9.

70%, 14.

90%, net interest rate 3.

31%, a year up 0.

14 points; single quarter revenue 56.

3.8 billion, net profit attributable to mother 2.

2.6 billion, attributable to non-net profit2.

2.7 billion, an increase of 3 each year.

04%, 12.

38%, 8.

60%, net interest rate 4.

03%, rising by 0 every year.

21 points.

Domestic dealers increased, and overseas new Wright steadily developed. In the first half of 2019, the company achieved revenue of 110.

90 ppm, a ten-year increase4.

91% (first quarter: 6.

92%; Q2: 3.


1) By product: Liquid milk sales64.

92 ppm, other dairy products 32.

1 billion yuan, animal husbandry products 9.

5.3 billion, others 3.

5.7 billion, an increase of 4.

36%, 18.

35%, -35.

10%, 24.

54%, revenue growth was mainly contributed by the dairy products business. The decrease in animal product income 北京桑拿 was mainly due to the decrease in trade revenue.

2) By region: Shanghai revenue 28.

2.4 billion, field 58.

02 billion, overseas 23.

8.7 billion, an annual increase of 6.

22%, -3.

48%, 18.

22%, the amount of new Wright led to overseas sales growth.3) Sales method: direct sales revenue29.

8 billion, 77 dealers.

1.7 billion, others 3.

1.5 billion, an increase of 3 each year.

94%, 7%, -48.

20%, dealers are selling well. In the first half of the year, the number of dealers increased by 794, Shanghai increased by 145, and overseas increased by 649.

Looking into the future, we believe that the company’s room temperature milk business is growing at a stable rate, the low temperature milk business is trying to develop its strength, overseas business is developing steadily, and revenue is slowly increasing.

Rising raw milk prices have lowered gross profit margins, and the net profit margins of supplementary expenses have increased by the company’s gross profit margins in 2019H132.

80%, zero for ten years.

68pct (Q1: 32.

24% /-2 per second.

07pct, Q2: 33.

34% / decade +0.

63pct), the decline in gross profit margin was mainly affected by rising raw milk prices.

The cost rate during the period is 25.

83%, down by 1 every year.

15pct, of which the sales expense ratio is 21.

82%, down by 1 every year.

12pct, mainly due to the decline in advertising costs, marketing and sales service costs.

Net interest rate 3.

31%, a year up 0.

14pct. In the case of a decline in gross profit margin, the increase in net profit margin was mainly due to the decrease in expense ratio.

The latest performance of the company’s board of directors on July 6 agreed to increase by no more than one.

$ 500 million in marketing expenses for the company’s 2019 Everbright brand marketing project.

Looking ahead, we believe that the company’s sales expense ratio will remain at the historical average level, and increased marketing expenses will contribute more increments to the company’s revenue.

The new leadership brings new vitality. After the acquisition, the old tree does not insert new flowers. In June 2019, the company hired Mr. Huang Liming as the deputy general manager of the company, and his colleagues served as the general manager of the normal temperature marketing center.

Mr. Huang Liming has successively served as the manager of the company’s low-temperature products area and the head of Guangming Animal Husbandry. He is familiar with the company’s business and is expected to drive the development of the room temperature sector.

The company acquired milk shed food 66 at the end of 2018.

27% equity and 100% equity of Yimin Food Factory No. 1, after the acquisition, the integration of various sectors accelerated, and the synergy effect was obvious.

As soon as the synergistic products Mossian yogurt ice cream and ice cream flavored milk were launched, they quickly became popular on the Internet. We expect that the introduction of more fusion products in the future will effectively drive the company’s revenue growth.

Earnings forecast and rating: Maintain “Overweight” rating The company’s domestic dealers increased in the first half of the year, the overseas new Wright developed steadily, and the company increased by 1 in the second half.

500 million US dollars in marketing expenses and increased brand marketing are expected to contribute more incremental revenue to the company.

The new bright leaders brought new vitality to the company. After the acquisition of Milk Shed and Yimin Food Factory, the company’s new products continued, and the old trees did not line up new flowers.

We expect the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to be 0.

39 yuan, 0.

443 yuan, 0.

50 yuan, according to the 2019 performance of 30 times the estimate, a year target price of 13 yuan, give the company “overweight” rating.

Risk reminders: food safety issues; increased competition in the industry; less-than-expected channel layout.

Hytera (002583): New business of smart urban management project wins bid again

Hytera (002583): New business of smart urban management project wins bid again

New business went to the next city, long-term growth was added. New Power Company announced on the evening of July 23rd that it won the bid for “Shenzhen Smart City Management Informationization Project Hardware Equipment” and won a bid of 48.86 million yuan.

The products awarded in this project are all 深圳桑拿网 new products of the company, and their application fields are pan-enforcement fields represented by urban management.

We believe that the successful bid is the re-landing of the company’s new business, and the cultivation of new business adds new impetus to the company’s long-term growth.

We expect company 19?
The 21-year EPS is 0.



74 yuan, maintaining the target price of 11.


70. Re-buy rating.

From professional law enforcement to flooding, the project won the bid to consolidate the company’s new business development foundation. The professional law enforcement field, represented by the public security market, gradually broke through the company’s continuous expansion of research and development to drive new products to land, explore new markets, and create new business growth poles.

The winning project is a bid for hardware equipment for the Shenzhen Smart Urban Management Informatization Project. The application field is the general law enforcement field represented by urban management. The hardware products used in the project are new products of the company represented by PoC and ad hoc networks.

We believe that the implementation of this project will help to form a good model point, and it is expected to be promoted to domestic and foreign countries in the future to lay a solid foundation for the company’s new business development.

It is worth pointing out that this project is following the company’s bid for mobile and intercom project at the beginning of this year (project amount 2).

After 8.8 billion), new products have landed in the field of flooding law enforcement, and their future development deserves continuous attention.

Increasingly rich product layout helps the company to enhance the status of end-to-end solution capabilities. The company’s main product lines include command dispatch, integrated communications, proprietary Internet of Things and emergency communications, satellite communications, digital walkie-talkies and available systems, LTE broadband broadband systemsWith smart walkie-talkie.

We believe that the rich product line further enhances the company’s ability to combat downstream demand risks, thereby enhancing the company’s end-to-end solution capabilities and better meeting the diverse needs of customers.

We believe that with the company’s continuous penetration of new products into new application areas, the future growth space is expected to further open.

Interim report performance forecast The company showing continuous results of company management has issued a performance forecast for the first half of 19 years.
30 million, an increase of 154%?
282%; of which Q2 is expected to achieve net profit attributable to mother 1.


3 billion, a ten-year growth of 7.



We believe that the company’s overall synergy in the first half of the year has shown the continued development of overseas business, refined growth in operating costs, and is expected to drive continuous improvement in cash flow.

From the year-to-date announcement of the company’s announced orders, the cumulative amount of domestic and foreign orders (including this time) has reached 9.

1.9 billion, consolidating the foundation for performance growth.

Investment suggestion: Rebuy rating We believe that the successful bid is the re-landing of the company’s new business. 南京夜网 The cultivation of new business adds new momentum to the company’s long-term growth.

We expect company 19?
The 21-year EPS is 0.



74 yuan, maintaining the target price of 11.


70 yuan, pre- “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: Sino-U.S. Trade frictions intensify; overseas business development is below expectations; domestic private network demand is below expectations; new business development is below expectations.

You can choose to eat these 10 kinds of corn and black rice for weight loss

You can choose to eat these 10 kinds of corn and black rice for weight loss

Click to buy Many female friends want to have a sloppy figure, and among the various scientific and various weight loss methods, the main core is around rational diet and adherence to sports.

Today we mainly talk about this diet. Dieters who eat more miscellaneous grains in their diet have a headache for their health. The key is that they can lose weight. Let’s introduce the 10 kinds of miscellaneous grains that are getting leaner and thinner.

  10 kinds of miscellaneous grains that are getting thinner and thinner1, corn Corn is a crude fiber food. After eating, it will easily make you feel full, and it is rich in nutrients and can be very low, which is very helpful for weight loss.

  2. Black rice Black rice is rich in vitamins, impurities, and a variety of trace elements, has low conversion, and is healthy in nutrition. It is a food eaten by a diet.

  3. Oat is rich in soluble fiber, which can make the human body absorb food nutrients for a longer time, so that it is easy to achieve and maintain a feeling of fullness. In addition, it can also speed up the fermentation of peristalsis and low metabolism. The weight loss effect is very good.

  4, Chixiaodou is rich in protein, vitamin B1, calcium, iron and other nutrients, has the function of swelling and water, the effect of weight loss is very good.

  5. Coix seed Coix seed is a high-fiber food. This fiber is essential for weight loss. In addition, coix seed is a food with low feces and low content, which can reduce weight and maintain body.

  6, black beans Black beans contain cellulose, saponins, anthocyanins, soy protein and other ingredients, which saponins can prevent fatty acidification and prevent weight gain.

  7. Peanut Peanut is a low-sodium food, which is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which increases the consumption of calories. It also contains a variety of cellulose, which can remove internal waste and prevent slight accumulation.

  8. Pea Pea is rich in supplementary fiber, which can quickly initiate peristalsis and improve constipation. It also contains ascorbic acid, gibberellin and lectin, which can enhance metabolism and accelerate slight burning.

  9, buckwheat buckwheat is rich in protein, impurities, a large amount of cellulose, vitamins, etc., can digest trace amounts, prevent obesity, and can also clean the stomach.

  10. Mung beans Mung beans are detoxification products, which can promote lipid metabolism and make it difficult to accumulate a small amount under the skin.

  The above are the 10 kinds of miscellaneous grains that are getting more and more thinner. These miscellaneous grains are common foods in our lives. Everyone can make more miscellaneous grains when they are cooking, so that they are both nutritious and worry-free.Gaining weight is a great benefit for those who do not want to diet and lose weight.

What kind of gynecological disease is more suitable for Chinese medicine

What kind of gynecological disease is more suitable for Chinese medicine

Women will encounter all sorts of problems in their life, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease . When these diseases disturb your life, do you think of Chinese medicine?

These gynecological diseases are more suitable for Chinese medicine.

  I. Irregular menstruation Irregular menstruation refers to symptoms that exceed the normal range in terms of menstrual cycle, blood volume, blood color, menstrual quality, etc., manifested as early menstruation, delayed menstruation, irregular menstruation, more or less menstruation.

  Key words: Menstruation and TCM treatment of irregular menstruation due to the changing nature of the menstrual cycle and bleeding. Combined with the color of the menstruation, local and systemic symptoms, dialectical treatment from cold, heat, deficiency, and solid. The effect is satisfactory.

  Types of irregular menstruation menstruation: 1.

Blood-heat type 2.

Qi-deficiency type menstrual period: 1.

Blood deficiency type 2.

Blood cold type 3.

Qi stagnation type menstruation has irregular response methods: tonifying the kidney, or tonifying the menstruation to regulate qi and blood, tonify the kidney, help the spleen, sparse the liver, and regulate qi and blood.

Those who are sick in the Qi should be mainly treated with Qi, nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation; those who are sick in the Blood are mainly treated with Qi, supplemented with Qi for replenishing the qi.

“Through the water out of the kidneys,” the essence of regulating menstruation is in the kidneys.

  In addition, menstruation should be distinguished after the first disease.

If you are sick due to irregular menstruation, regulate your menstruation first; if you have irregular menstruation due to other diseases, you should treat your illness first.

And properly take care of different times and different ages, usually during menstruation.

  Second, the habitual abortion is less than 28 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is born naturally, does not have viability, 3 consecutive times or more, Chinese medicine is called “slippery”.

It is caused by lack of qi and blood, or weakness of kidney qi.

Abortion or miscarriage that occurs more than 3 times in a row is called “slippery”, and modern medicine is called “habitual abortion.”

  KEY WORDS: The most common cause of this disease is maternal congenital insufficiency or acquired damage; or the father’s congenital and acquired causes of poor male sperm;

There are also people who fall asleep due to inadvertent living after pregnancy, sexual intercourse, or emotional distress.

  Diagnosis Anyone who has a spontaneous natural abortion or a small birth more than three times can be diagnosed as a slippery child.

The clinical course of slippery fetuses can be manifested as fetal leakage, uneasy fetal movements, and it is difficult to stay at the beginning for abortion or miscarriage.

Some people even fall naturally every pregnancy.

  Note (1) Pay attention to rest, increase nutrition, forbid sex, and supplement vitamins B, C, E, etc.

  (2) Those with insufficient corpus luteum function should use progesterone as early as possible to prevent miscarriage, and the treatment continues until the 9th week and 10th week of pregnancy.

  (3) Uterine malformations should be corrected before the end of pregnancy, causing contraception for one year.

  (4) If the internal cervix is loose, repair of the internal cervix will be performed before the last pregnancy.

If you are pregnant, preferably at 12 weeks?
An intrauterine suture was performed at 20 weeks.

The sutures are removed when there is a threat of labor at term or when it is planned to select a sex birth.

  [Prevention and health]It is advisable to adjust the tire before pregnancy.

If you have irregular menstruation, you should adjust your menstruation first; if you have a slippery fetus due to other reasons, you should first treat it and then conceive;

It should be noted that women who are prone to miscarriages should not be too pregnant, and the two pregnancy periods should be at least one year apart.

  Third, the keywords of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease: recurrent chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is mostly secondary to acute pelvic inflammatory disease, due to incomplete treatment and prolonged illness.

Or the patient’s constitution is poor, the pathogenic bacteria have weak virulence, and it is chronic from the beginning.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is mainly due to internal invasion of the disease, leading to damp and hot stasis, and qi and blood stagnation, loss of collaterals and clots in a long time.

  Types of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease: chronic low cavity, susceptible to fatigue, pain in the lower abdomen, soreness in the lumbosacral region, anal swell, fatigue, increased sexual intercourse, defecation during and before and during menstrual periods; irregular vaginal bleeding or dysmenorrhea, prolonged menstruation, Excessive leucorrhea and so on.

Often secondary to female infertility.
  Treatment: Due to the repeated characteristics of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, it is more troublesome to treat. While cooperating with physical therapy, it is mainly taking Chinese medicine.

Damp-heat stasis type: pain or double lower abdomen pain, leucorrhea and yellowish color, odor, menstrual flow, red tongue, yellow greasy fur, slippery pulses.

  Governing law: clearing away heat and dampness, dissolving silt.

  Chinese patent medicine: Jinji powder 2.

Cold and wet stagnation type: cold pain in lower abdomen and lumbosacral region, local pain is relieved by increasing temperature, aggravated after menstruation or exertion, leucorrhea is more abundant, no odor, late menstruation, blood clots, cold chills, pale tongueOr there are silt spots, white greasy fur, and late pulse.

  Governing Law: Warm and disperse cold, dampen phlegm.

  Chinese patent medicine: Shaofei Zhuyu pills.


Qi stagnation and blood stasis: lower abdominal pain, lumbosacral soreness, more or less taken off, sticky white matter, premenstrual breast swelling, chest pain, dark menstruation, blood clots, dark red tongue or bruisingStagnant spots, thin white fur, pulse strings or astringent.

  Governing Law: Shugan Qi, Huayu analgesic.

  Chinese patent medicine: Xuefu Zhuyu pills.

  Prevent and nurse to keep the vulva clean.

  Treatment of acute pelvic inflammatory disease should be thorough.

  Increase nutrition, exercise and improve body resistance.

  Physical therapy laser acupoint irradiation, drug iontophoresis, ultrashort wave, microwave, ultraviolet, spectrum, acupuncture, etc., all can promote blood circulation in the pelvic cavity, which is conducive to absorption and absorption.

  4. In the pelvic cavity of a woman with uterine prolapse, the center is the uterus and vagina; the front is the urethra and the bladder; the rear is the rectum.

Usually, these organs have ligaments or fascia as supporting structures.

During pregnancy and childbirth, these supporting structures become weak and relaxed due to injury or excessive contraction, without proper exercise and rest after delivery, and the ligaments and fascia have not recovered to their pre-pregnant state, causing some or all of the pelvic organs to fall from their normal positions., Resulting in genital prolapse.

In severe cases, the uterus can even prolapse outside the vaginal opening, forming a complete prolapse of the genital tract.

In this way, the patient feels that a ball has protruded out of the vaginal opening.

  The degree of uterine prolapse is mild and mild, and the cervix is less than 4 cm from the hymen edge, but does not reach the hymen edge.

Severe is that the cervix has reached the edge of the hymen, but the edge has not been exceeded. During the examination, the cervix was seen at the vaginal opening.

  Ⅱ degree light, the cervix has prolapsed outside the vaginal opening, but the uterine body is still inside the vagina.

The severe part is that the cervix and part of the uterus have been protruded out of the vaginal opening.

  The Ⅲ degree cervix and uterine body all prolapsed outside the vaginal opening.

  Key words: Qi deficiency and Kidney deficiency Qi deficiency: manifested as uterine movement down or prolapse, exacerbation after exertion, lower abdomen with falling sensation, weakness in limbs, multiple leucorrhea, and pale white.

  Kidney deficiency: manifested as sub-uterine shedding, backaches, soft legs, frequent urination, especially at night, dizziness and tinnitus.

  Oral Chinese patent medicine: Buzhong Yiqi Pill, Ginseng Jianpi Pill, Ginseng Deer Antler Pill Acupuncture: once a day or every other day, 2-3 weeks is a course of treatment.

  V. Uterine fibroids Uterine fibroids are the most common type of tumors in female reproductive organs. They occur in women aged 30-50 years old, and the proportion is as high as 70-80%, especially in older unmarried women, infertile women and womenWomen who live out of harmony.

  CONCLUSION: One of the most common tumors is that the pathogenesis may be due to excessive estrogen levels in the body. Long-term estrogen stimulation may cause uterine smooth muscle cell proliferation.

Chinese medicine believes that the formation of this disease is due to qi and blood disorders, emotional trauma, liver qi stagnation, visceral and abdominal dysfunction, and feeling of external evils, resulting in blood astringent qi reversal, stagnation of meridians, and occlusion of the tunnel causing clinical stagnation and blood stasis, Phlegm dampness.

  Symptoms Vaginal bleeding: Vaginal bleeding is the most common symptom of uterine fibroids.

  Abdominal masses: Abdominal masses are often found in occasional or census compression symptoms: such as fibroid compression of the bladder can produce frequent urination, urgency, urinary retention; compression caused by constipation; compression of the ureter, internal and external veins and nerves, thusOccurrence of ureteral obstruction, hydronephrosis, lower limb edema or neuropathic pain.

  Infertility: Because fibroids impede fertilized egg implantation, or factor uterine fibroids grow at the uterine horn, preventing sperm from entering the fallopian tubes, factor uterine fibroids may also cause ovarian dysfunction, etc., causing infertility.

  Abdominal pain, leucorrhea increase circulatory system symptoms: can cause secondary anemia

Encyclopedia of Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment of Vomiting

Encyclopedia of Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment of Vomiting

Vomiting is a reflex action in which the contents of the stomach return to the esophagus and spit out through the mouth.

It can be divided into three stages, namely nausea, retching and vomiting, but some vomiting can be without signs of nausea or retching.

Vomiting can expel harmful substances that enter the stomach from the throat. It is a defensive reflex of the body and has a certain protective effect, but most of them are not caused by the opposite. And alternate vomiting can cause complications such as dehydration and osmotic disturbance.

  Chinese medicine believes that vomiting is a loss of stomach and a decrease in stomach gas.

The cause of vomiting is due to real evil or vomiting due to deficiency, and it is divided into various symptoms such as dietary stop, emotional disorders, sputum drinking stagnation, spleen and stomach deficiency, and external evils stomach. Traditional Chinese medicine according to different pathogenesisDifferentiation and treatment of nausea and vomiting were given, of which Hejiang Jiangni is the basic rule.

  Dialectical treatment: 1. Spleen and stomach weakness symptoms: a little careless diet, or a little tiredness, that is, easy to vomit, and sometimes stop, poor stomach appetite, abdomen, dullness, light and not thirsty, pale white, fatigue, fatigue,The tongue is pale, the fur is thin and white, and the veins are weak.

  Governing Law: Yiqi Jianpi, and stomach Jiangni.

  Recipe: Xiangsha Liujunzi Decoction.

  Fangzhong ginseng, Poria, Atractylodes, licorice, spleen and nourishing qi, Amomum villosum, Muxiang qi and medium, Chenpi, Pinellia and Weijiang.

Still can add cloves, Evodia officinalis and Jiangwei; if the spleen is weak, chilling limbs may be cold, add dried ginger, aconite, or use Fuzi Lizhong pills to warm the spleen; if the stomach is weak, the heart is hard, drySilk, can be used to replace qitang decoction to stop vomiting; if there is a large loss of qi, less qi is weak, you can use buzhongyiqi decoction to replenish qi;, Can use Fuzi Lizhong Decoction with cinnamon, Evodia spleen and kidney.

  2. Symptoms of insufficient stomach yin: repeated episodes of vomiting, but small amounts of vomiting, or spitting, saliva, dry mouth and dry throat, noisy stomach, no desire to eat, red tongue and less,Pulse breakdown.

  Governing Law: Nourish the stomach yin, and lower the stomach.

  Recipe: Maimendong Decoction.

  Fangzhong ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus, previous rice, licorice nourish the stomach yin, pinellia tonice and vomit, jujube tonicate the spleen and stomach.

If the yin is weak and the five are upset, you can add Dendrobium, pollen, and nourish the yin to clear the heat; if the vomiting is more serious, you can add orange peel, bamboo rut, and loquat leaf to stop the vomiting; if the yin is constipated, you can add fireHemp kernels, melon kernels, white honey moisturizes laxative.

  3. Stomach symptoms of wicked offenders: vomiting food, vomiting forcefully, suddenly occurring, sudden onset, often accompanied by chills and fever, chest fullness, stuffiness, diet, white tongue coating, slow pulse.

  Governing Law: Dispel the evil and clear the table, and lower the stomach.

  Recipe: Huoxiang Zhengqi San.

  Fang Zhongxiang, Perilla, Paeonia lactiflora and turbidity, clearing away evil spirits; Magnolia officinalis, big abdomen skin and qi detoxification; Atractylodes, Poria, licorice, strengthening spleen and dampening; Chenpi, Pinellia, and Weijiang, reversing evilnessSolution, and Wei Jiang reversing vomiting.

If the wind is heavy, and the cold and heat are not sweaty, you can add nepeta to prevent the wind from dispersing the cold; if you see chest tightness, abdominal distension and rot.

For both food and stagnation, you can add chicken internal gold, Divine Comedy, Laizizi to accumulate and stay; if you have body pain, low back pain, heavy head and body, and thick greasy moss, you can add cricket live, solitary live, Cangshu toDehumidify the spleen; If the evil wicked stomach feels hot and sweaty, you can use a new fragrant sip to relieve heat and dampen it; If the turbidity makes the stomach vomiting, the vomiting can be swallowed to swallow Yushu Dan to quench thirst; RuofengHeat up the stomach, headache, body heat can be Yinqiao scattered to remove the eustoma lifting, plus Chenpi, Zhuru Shufeng heat, and stomach lowering.

  4, symptoms of stagnation in diet: vomit acid rot, abdomen fullness refused to press, belching anorexia, even more food, fast after vomiting, stool or belching or knots, stinky smell, thick greasy, smooth pulse.

  Governing law: digestion and stagnation, and stomach lowering.

  Recipe: Baohe Pill.

  Fang Zhong Shen Qu, Hawthorn, Laizizi digestion and stasis, Chenpi, Pinellia ternata, Poria, and Wei Jiang Niini, Forsythia clearing heat.

Can still add grain buds, malt, chicken internal gold and other digestive and stomach; if the accumulation of stagnation and heat, abdominal distension and constipation, you can use Xiao Chengqi decoction to relieve heat, make the turbid gas down, and stop vomiting; if the food is already vomiting, Bad breath, thirst, heat build up in the stomach, you can use Zhuru soup to clear the stomach and reduce inversion; if you eat unclean, sour food, and see the pain in the abdomen, fullness and vomiting, you ca n’t use the pressure to guide the situation.Tongue detection and vomiting.

  5. Symptoms of stopping phlegm drinking: vomiting is mostly clear water and spitting, chest fullness is stuffy, not thinking about diet, dizziness, heart palpitations, or vomiting and bowel sounds, greasy fur, slippery pulse.

  Governing Law: Wen Hua Tan Yin, and Wei Jiang Ni.

  Recipe: Xiaobanxia Decoction and Lingling Guizhu Gan Decoction.

  Fang Zhong Ginger, Pinellia and Weijiang Jiangni, Poria, Guizhi, Atractylodes, Licorice Warm Spleen and Drink.

Can still add Evodia, Chenpi warm spleen and dryness to drink.

If qi stagnation and abdominal pain, you can increase pak and make the shell full of qi; if your temper is suffocated and you don’t eat, you can add Amomum villosum, white cardamom, atractylodes appetizer to refresh the spleen; if the phlegm clouded Qingyang, dizziness, you can use halfXia Baizhu Tianma Decoction is to strengthen the spleen and dampness, and eliminate phlegm to quench the wind; if the phlegm is stagnation and heat, and the mouth is troubled, Huanglian Wendan Decoction can be used to clear the heat and phlegm, and to stop the vomiting: if the stomach is full, there is a vibration in the stomachThe sound of water can temporarily add 0.

5g, filled with capsules, washed with warm water on an empty stomach in the morning, once a day, even for 2-3 days.

  6, liver qi and stomach symptoms: vomiting and swallowing acid, frequent belching, chest fullness, distress and discomfort, each vomiting due to emotional failure, swallowing acid even more, red tongue, thin white fur, pulse string.

  Governing Law: Shugan Qi, and stomach vomiting.

  Recipe: Sini Sanhe Banxia Houpu Decoction.

  Fang Zhong Chaihu, Coriander Shell, Bai Zhi Shugan Qi and Qi, Magnolia officinalis, Perilla frutescens Qi Kaiyu, Pinellia, Poria, Ginger, Licorice and Weijiang relieving vomiting.

You can still add orange peel, spiral flower, bamboo rut, 枇杷 leaves, etc. to enhance the power of relieving the stomach; if the Qi stagnation and fire, upset and dry throat, bitter acid swallow, you can combine Zuo Jin Wan to clear heat and quench thirstIf both Qi and Qi are unreasonable, those with constipation can use Da Chai Hu Tang to clear away heat and ache; if Qi stagnates blood stasis and tingling in the ribs, you can add salvia miltiorrhiza, turmeric, angelica, Yanhusuo and other blood circulation to relieve pain.  偏方治疗:  1、饮羊奶治反胃干呕  [方 剂] 鲜羊奶适量。  [制用法] 将羊奶煮沸。Drink 1 cup 2 times a day.

  [功 效] 滋阴养胃。Treatment of nausea and retching caused by yin deficiency.

  2、醋矾糊外敷止呕  [方 剂] 陈醋、明矾、面粉各适量。  [制用法] 上三味共调成糊状。When applied to the Yongquan point of the two feet, fixed with gauze bandages, generally antiemetic effect can occur after half an hour.

  [功 效] 消积解毒、清热散癖。Use to cure vomiting and diarrhea.

  3、萝卜蜂蜜止恶心呕吐  [方 剂] 萝卜1个,蜂蜜50克。  [制用法] 将萝卜洗净切丝捣烂成泥,拌上蜂蜜。Finished in 2 portions.

  [功 效] 健脾,和中,养胃。Used to treat nausea and vomiting.

  4、白胡椒半夏治呕吐  [方 剂] 白胡椒、制半夏、鲜姜等份。  [制用法] 前两味共研细末。Fresh ginger fried soup.

Mix ginger soup with noodles with white pepper, mix with pinellia and knead into large balls.

Take 30-40 pills per serving with ginger soup twice daily.

  [功 效] 暖肠胃。Use to treat vomiting (including gastritis, pyloric hypertrophy, stenosis, vomiting in early gastric cancer, etc.).

  5、甘蔗姜汁治吐食干呕  [方 剂] 甘蔗汁半杯,鲜姜汁1汤匙。  [制用法] 甘蔗汁是将甘蔗剥去皮,捣烂取的汁液。The method of making ginger juice is relatively the same.

Take the two juices and mix them gently, 2 times a day.

  [功 效] 清热解毒、和胃止呕。  Massage therapy rubbing the spleen meridian 100?
300 times (about 3 minutes), spleen and stomach.

Push the board door hole 10 0?
300 times (about 3 minutes).

Press and knead the labor labor point 100?
300 times (about 3 minutes).

Pushing Tianzhu Point 100 straight?
500 times (about 5 minutes).

Stomach 100?
300 times (approximately 3 minutes), digestion and stomach, lowering vomiting.

  Acupuncture is used to treat the stomach type of external evil criminals: Zhongli, Zusanli, Neiguan, Hegu, Gongsun are commonly used.

  Diet stagnation type: commonly used Neiguan, Gongsun, Zusanli, Tianshu, diarrhea, using diarrhea, digestion and stagnation, and stomach depression.

  Liver Qi and Stomach Type: Zhongli, Zusanli, Neiguan, Yanglingquan, Taichong, diarrhea, Shugan and Weijiang.
  Spleen-Stomach Deficiency Type: Spleen Shu, Weishu, Zhongyu, Neiguan, Zusanli, Tonic plus moxibustion, warming the spleen, and lowering the stomach.

  Spleen and stomach yin deficiency type: Zhongli, Neiguan, Yinlingquan, Weishu, commonly used tonic method, nourishing yin and nourishing the stomach, reducing backache and vomiting.

  Spleen and stomach heat type: Neiguan, Zhongli, Gongsun, Tianshu, branch furrow, diarrhea, diarrhea, heat stagnation, and stomach vomiting.

  Frightening Qi inverse type: Zhongli, Zusanli, Neiguan, Taichong, Shenmen, Yanglingquan, using diarrhea, clearing the liver and soothe the nerves, and reducing vomiting.

  Diet: 1, 100 grams of barley, soak for half a day, cook porridge, add a small amount of soda, sugar and salt, mainly drink rice soup.
Add soda to prevent metabolic acidosis caused by vomiting.

  2, pork belly (stomach) or lamb belly half, remove the fat film, shred after boiling water, simmer the soup slowly, add 50 grams of fresh ginger slices when cooked, and cook for 10 minutes.

  3, orange peel, bergamot 50 grams each, simmer for about 30 minutes, simmer 50 grams of cold water and add after boiling, boil, season with sugar.

  4. Pig or lamb cavity bones are about 500 grams, simmered slowly, 200 grams of white radish cut into pieces, 50 grams of dried ginger and orange peel are added, cook for about 20 minutes, add salt and seasoning, and drink soup frequently.

  5. 100g each of malt and malt (provided by yourself or available in a Chinese medicine store), wash, and cook for about 30 minutes, add 100g of capsule (peeled kernels), 50g of hawthorn (decored), then cook for20 minutes, add the right amount of rock sugar, edible pulp, drink soup.

Yoga 5-style cleansing the stomach and intestines_1

Yoga 5 “cleansing” the stomach

After completing a set of actions, you should immediately drink another 500 ml of warm water and repeat the exercise.
Generally speaking, you will feel defecation after doing two sets.
At this time, you can go to the bathroom to try, but do not force yourself to relieve yourself.
“It has to be natural and easy.
“After one bowel movement, you still need to drink 500 ml of warm water, and continue to practice until the water is discharged.
Skyscraper: Stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart.
When inhaling, slowly raise your arms over your head, straighten your hands, turn your wrists, palms up.
When exhaling, slowly pull your upper body down with your arms until your body is parallel to the ground.
Inhale again and slowly raise your hands. When exhaling, your hands are separated and fall on your side.
Wind-blown tree style: erect, feet close together, arms on both sides of the body.
When inhaling, slowly raise your hands over your head, close your palms on the top of your head, and raise your heels at the same time.
When exhaling, the upper body bends from the waist and leans to the right.
Hold it for a few seconds and close it when you inhale.
Exhale to the left and inhale to the right.
Waist rotation: 式 erect, feet separated, slightly smaller than shoulder width.
Inhale, raise your arms over your head, and cross your hands; turn your wrists, palms up.
Exhale, and slowly bend your arms with your upper body until your body is parallel to the ground;
When inhaling, use your hands to move your body as far as possible to the right, and when exhaling, try to turn to the left.
Snake twisting style: prone on the ground, palms on the ground, flat on the floor on both sides of the chest.
Inhale and lift your body with both hands until your arms are fully extended.
Exhale for a while.
Inhale, your head moves your body to the right, and when you exhale, your eyes look at your left heel.
Hold for a few seconds.
Inhale, turn your head to the left, and look at your right heel when exhaling.
People with better physical conditions can try to look at their backs.
Abdominal massage: squat down, put your hands on your knees.
Bend your left knee and place your knee on the ground.
Turn your body to the right as you inhale, exhale, place your chin on your shoulders, and keep your eyes behind you.
Inhale and resume the squatting position.
Exhale, bend your right knee, and do the same exercise on the other side.

31 don’t take a few deep breaths

31 don’t take a few “deep breaths”

Fatigue is now a chronic problem in the world.
Many mental workers go to work one day and feel tired and exhausted. Asking a doctor is no good idea.
For a while, I went to the bathroom or barber shop to ask someone to knock on my back when I was in this situation.
But you ca n’t just beat people every day!
Besides, why is it that the muscles are relaxed after being beaten?
  Later, I went to ask an acupuncturist and he told me: “A point on the shoulder of a person is called scapula, and there is a point next to the shoulder called” stomach “.The strength is enough, so I used this principle to sleep in bed for deep breathing exercises after a long day of work.
  The specific operation method is as follows: stand on your body, feet side by side, eyes straight forward (as when Taijiquan begins to prepare).
Imitate the action of pushing the palm and hand in Taijiquan, then pull two more to increase the vital capacity, and take a deep breath with the movement.
Do a hundred times.
The chest expansion exercise and fist-down chest exercise are used in the radio exercises.
Do 50 times in a row.
Breathe as far as possible while leaning down.
Fifty times doing the finishing exercises in the radio exercise.

7 moments that women should not lose weight anyway


7 moments that women should not lose weight anyway

Women should blindly follow the 7 moments of losing weight in any case. The wrong motives may affect your weight loss and even damage your health.

In the following situations, you should not consider losing weight.

1, the woman during pregnancy should not consider the issue of weight loss, because the baby needs to get enough nutrition from the mother, diet will greatly increase the risk of unhealthy baby after birth.

2, the lactating breastfeeding novice mother needs a high-metabolism diet to ensure adequate milk.

Therefore, it is necessary to adhere to the habit of healthy eating during this period, rather than reducing the consumption of calories.

3, blindly follow the trend of women to understand, “slim for beauty” is more of a concept advocated by the media, as long as your index of this body is maintained in a healthy range, blindly pursue the same slimming body like a star or modelShape is not a wise move.

4, if there is a health problem when you have health problems, you should be careful to deal with weight loss, it is best to consult a doctor for a professional, reasonable weight loss program.

5, why do you want to live in the eyes of others?

Even the sculpting figure depends on others?

Losing weight is a way of controlling yourself. If you can’t face it correctly, you won’t have enough motivation to carry it on.

6, excessive addiction to weight loss in this matter, not only to lose weight in life, don’t let the calorie calculate calories threaten your life.

7, when you have resistance to emotional changes, weight loss should be a spontaneous behavior, if you think it is a great pain, it will not go smoothly.


Summer weight loss must eat gourmet colorful fruit salad recipes


Summer weight loss must eat gourmet colorful fruit salad recipes

What to eat in summer to lose weight?

The weather is hot and the motivation to lose weight is to look for delicious weight loss recipes.

In the summer, there are a large number of seasonal fresh fruits on the market. Everyone can make fruit salad at home, delicious and appetizing.

The key point is to choose the fruit that has the effect of losing weight. How do you do it?

Take a look at the recommended summer fruit salad weight loss recipes!

銆€銆€Four-color fruit salad ingredients: cherry, grape, lychee, five saints, lemon juice, salad dressing amount.

銆€銆€Measures: Wash the cherries, grapes, and saints separately, peel the lychee and remove the nucleus, mix well with the salad dressing, and finally add the lemon juice.

銆€銆€Efficacy: Cherry has high medicinal value, can warm bowel; grape can help liver detoxification; lychee can not only kidney, but also accelerate the metabolism of kidney; high concentration of lemon can improve blood circulation, exclude lungstoxin.

銆€銆€Apple cherry salad ingredients: apple, cherry, pineapple, kiwi practice: peel the apple to the nucleus, wash it, cut it into small pieces, soak it in salt water for a few minutes, remove the drained water for use.

Peel the pineapple, cut into small pieces, soak in salt water for 15 minutes, then remove the drained water, peel the kiwi fruit and cut the cherries.

Put apples, cherries, pineapples and kiwis in a large bowl and mix in honey.

銆€銆€Banana Grape Salad Material: Banana, Grape, Carambola, Kiwi, Strawberry Practice: Peel the banana into thick slices, rinse the grapes with water, wash the diced carambola, wash the strawberries and cut them in half, and peel the kiwi with diced diced.

Put all the fruits in a large bowl, add the yogurt, and mix well when you eat.

銆€銆€Efficacy: This banana grape salad has a laxative effect, and can also be supplemented with vitamins V and C. While losing weight, it can also make the skin elastic.

銆€銆€Strawberry fresh fruit salad material: a few strawberries, one apple, one banana, one cup of yogurt, and honey.

銆€銆€Practice: Wash the strawberries, apples and cut into pieces, cut the banana into small pieces, mix with the yogurt, add the right amount of honey.

銆€銆€Efficacy: Strawberry and apple contain a lot of pectin, which can clean the intestines and stomach; banana can be used for laxative, which can help to treat constipation; honey and yogurt are the best products for detoxification and beauty.

銆€銆€Efficacy: This kiwi salad can cleanse the intestines and help to lose weight. It is a must eat during weight loss!

銆€銆€Sweet orange apple salad practice: peel the apples clean, cut into thick, soak in the hay for ten minutes, then remove the drained water, which can prevent the apple from oxidative discoloration.

Peel the sweet orange into pieces, wash the strawberries and cherries, cut the strawberries in half, wash the lemons, and slice.

Put apples, sweet oranges, cherries and strawberries in a glass bowl, add yogurt, and place a lemon slice on the bowl.

銆€銆€Efficacy: This sweet orange apple salad has a very good detoxification effect, which can help to eliminate excess toxins in the body, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

銆€銆€Ingredients for colorful fruit salad: pear, apple, cherries, lemon, watermelon rind.

銆€銆€Ingredients: vanilla leaves, salad dressing, yogurt.

銆€銆€Practice: peel the lemon, add it to the juicer, add the vanilla leaves to break, and filter to remove the residue.

Peel the apples and pears, diced them, put them in a bowl, pour in the vanilla lemon juice and mix well.

Remove the watermelon slices from the outer sheet, then diced and wash the cherries.

Add the holy fruit, watermelon rind and navel orange to the mixed apple, then add the salad dressing and yoghurt and mix well.

銆€銆€Efficacy: This colorful fruit salad can effectively reduce plasma, eliminate traces, and achieve ideal weight loss.

銆€銆€Mixed fruit yogurt salad material: half a banana, half a peach, half a dragon fruit, one kiwi, a cup of yogurt.

銆€銆€Practice: 1. Peel all the materials, wash them, cut them into granules, and put them together in a bowl.

銆€銆€2, topped with yogurt.

銆€銆€Efficacy: Banana is a nutritious gastrointestinal regulating drink that can prevent constipation, and is surprisingly full of satiety. It is perfectly matched with dragon fruit and kiwi, and with rich flavor of yogurt, the flavor is unique.

The effect of Taijiquan on emotional adjustment


The effect of Taijiquan on emotional adjustment

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the activities of the Qing dynasty are based on the function of the viscera, and that “the question of yin and yang should be like a big theory” says that “people have five visceral five qis to live with anger and sorrow.

He also believes that the heart is happy, the liver is angry, the lungs are sorrowful, the spleen is thinking, and the kidney is fearful.

Abnormal changes in human emotions can lead to turbulence and dysfunction.

銆€銆€The former Taijiquan used to be called the 鈥減erception movement鈥? because the exercise is inseparable from the feelings of people.

The first practitioner should pay attention to whether the action is correct, and then pay attention to mastering each essential point in the practice.

Such as whether to achieve a virtual collar, with chest pull back, shoulders and elbows, loose waist and loose, gas Shen Dan Tian and so on.

However, this is only a preliminary intentional conductor. Later, it will gradually be used to guide the air and to transport the body.

Tai Chi Chuan’s intentional method is to control the movement of the human body and internal and external operation, to eliminate distracting thoughts and to seek emptiness.

It is said that the study is that the cerebral cortex motor center is in an excited state when practicing boxing, and the other areas are in a relatively restrained state. This relative intentional silence makes people throw all the troubles in the back while practicing boxing, and concentrate on the boxing.Therefore, after practicing boxing, not only can people be refreshed, energy is abundant, and long-term exercise can make people feel open-minded and emotionally healthy.

At the same time, Taijiquan regulates the nerve function, which is also conducive to the recovery of the patient’s condition.

In the above-mentioned “Su Wen, Ancient Innocent Theory”, he said: “The gloom is nothing, the qi is from it, the spirit is kept, and the illness is always.”