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Shuanghui Development (000895): High Index Bright and Stable Growth Expected

Shuanghui Development (000895): High Index Bright and Stable Growth Expected

Against the background of the effects of African swine fever in the second half of 2018, the company’s dual-main business remained stable, the inter-provincial embargo restrictions on slaughtered beneficiary pigs reached a new high, and the expenditure on meat products expanded to promote transformation.

The 18-year high dividend policy has continued, with two dividend payout ratios up to 5 during the year.


In response to the upward pressure on the pig cycle, the company has increased its raw material reserves and gradually raised its price. 19 years of steady growth is still expected.

We adjusted the EPS forecast for 19-20 to 1.

57 and 1.

70 yuan, 19 times 19 years of PE, target price of 30 yuan, maintaining “strongly recommended-A” rating 18Q4 Although African swine fever has affected, the profit margin has improved, and the year’s yield is as 四川耍耍网 high as 5.


The company’s 18-year revenue was 489.

30,000 yuan, the average ten years -3.

3%, net profit attributable to mother 49.

100 million, an increase of 13 in ten years.

8%, of which the single quarter income of 18Q4 was 122.

80,000 yuan, ten years average -7.

3%, net profit attributable to mother 12.

6 ppm, a ten-year increase of 8.

0%, African swine fever is still affected in the short term, and the profit margin has improved.

18Q4 single quarter gross profit margin 21.

8%, Zhengzhou and Shenyang slaughter plants were lifted in the third quarter due to the impact of the suspension of the epidemic.

3 pcts, the cost advantage at the bottom of the pig price is obvious.

Initial selling expense ratio 5.

4%, an increase of 0.

7pct, meat products business increased expenses and slaughtering continued to develop channels, management expense ratio2.

3% (reduction of R & D expense account adjustments), a slight increase of 0 several times.


The company’s inventory increased sharply to 42 at the end of 18 years.

US $ 300 million, which has gradually increased the original reserves in response to the growth of the pig cycle, gradually operating cash flow51.

9 trillion, the overall cash flow remained stable.

The company’s annual report disclosed that it plans to pay 5 for every 10 shares.

A cash dividend of 5 yuan (including tax), plus a dividend of 9 yuan (including tax) for every 10 shares in the three quarterly dividend, the dividend distribution rate in 1997 is 97%, and the dividend rate is 5.


Slaughtering business: The slaughter volume is still suppressed by the epidemic situation, but under the hog embargo decree, the advantage of inter-provincial deployment of cold fresh meat is obvious, and the single season heads have reached new highs.

The company slaughtered 16.31 million heads in 18 years, an increase of more than 14.

3%, sales of 153 budget, a slight increase of 0.

8%, of which 4.28 million were slaughtered in 18Q4, a two-year low increase of 2.

2%, single season fresh frozen meat sales decreased by 38, -10.

The growth rate in the second half of the year was significantly lower than that in the first half of the year. African swine fever has been suppressed in the short term, and the impact of the shutdown of Q4 has been lifted.

At the same time, due to the short-term sharp reduction in pig prices, the slaughtering business had an external income of 289 for 18 years.200 million, down -4 a year.

9%, of which external income in the single quarter of 18Q4 was 74.

60,000 yuan, the average ten years is -6.


Operating profit from preliminary slaughter10.

5 ppm, a significant increase of 70 per year.

2%, usually a head average of 64.

For 4 yuan, single Q4 was restricted by the inter-provincial embargo of live pigs under the benefit of the epidemic. The advantage of Shuanghui’s inter-provincial transportation and allocation of cold fresh meat is obvious, and the average profit per season is as high as 84.

7 yuan, a sharp increase of 85 previously.

2%, a new high.

Meat products business: Revenue remains stable, expenses increase and expansion promotes transformation.

The meat product business sold 160 tons in 18 years, increasing slightly by 1 several times.

1%, income 232.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 2.

4%, of which 18-inch single season meat products sold 39 inches, a slight decrease of -2.

0%, is expected to be mainly due to the termination of control channel inventory, single quarter revenue of 55.

400 million, a slight increase of 0 previously.

6%, operating profit 10.

9 trillion, down -3 a year.

3%, the average operating profit per ton of meat products was 2822 yuan, a year-on-year decrease of -1.

3%, due to the company’s overall sales expense ratio increased by 1.

2pcs to 5.

5%, which indicates that the increase in expenses for the transition of the meat products business has been confirmed.

Multi-programme to cope with rising costs, stable growth is still expected, and we look forward to the price increase window period to stimulate channel vitality.

Facing the pressure of the 19th year of the pig cycle to enter the rapid growth channel, the company’s low-cost raw material inventory reserve has increased. It is also a plan to increase the import of US pork through Rotex. In addition, the company has raised the price of supplementary products at the end of last yearThe impact on income has reached 2.

5-3%, it is expected that in 19 years, further price increases will still be needed. Therefore, we believe that the company’s operating scale has the ability to hedge the pressure of pig price cost growth, and gradually stable growth is still expected.

However, we also hope that during the price increase window period, the company will further expand the channel profit under the reasonable adjustment to the terminal replacement, so as to adjust the dealer structure and stimulate channel vitality.

Investment suggestion: Adjust the target price to 30 yuan, and the allocation value is outstanding.

The company’s stable operating capacity is expected to hedge against cost pressure, and a multi-pronged approach will escort a steady increase in 19 years.

We adjusted the EPS forecast for 19-20 to 1.

57 and 1.

70 yuan plus 21 EPS forecast1.

87 yuan, giving 19 times 19 times PE, adjusting target price to 30 yuan, incorporating high dividend policy, outstanding allocation value, maintaining “strongly recommended-A” rating.

Risk reminder: drop in demand, impact of the epidemic, less-than-expected conversion of meat products, and substantial increase in costs

Aopu Home (603551): Category expansion steadily promotes layout of whole house air management

Aopu Home (603551): Category expansion steadily promotes layout of whole house air management

This report reads: The market believes that the scale of the land will affect the growth of the industry after the cycle. We believe that under the promotion of hardcover housing policies, integrated products will usher in development space. The company’s multi-category layout and channel expansion are expected to open new and long-term growth points.

Investment Highlights: Target Price 20.

5 yuan, the first coverage given an overweight rating.

The market believes that the expansion of real estate will affect the growth of the industry after the cycle. We believe that the integrated products 杭州桑拿 will usher in development space under the promotion of hardcover housing policies.

We predict company 2019?
EPS is 0 in 2021.



92 yuan, with reference to comparable companies to give 25 times PE in 2020, with a target price of 20.

5 yuan, the first coverage given an overweight rating.

After years of development in the Yuba and integrated ceiling industry, product demand has continued to increase.

As the upstream industry, the rapid development of the real estate market has driven the continuous expansion of the market scale of downstream related fields such as household appliances and integrated ceilings.

From the development stage of the industry, Yuba and integrated ceilings have been developing for many years. Product quality and added value have been continuously improved. Black companies have 武汉夜生活网 integrated their brand influence, channel layout, and research and development capabilities to continuously increase market share. Low-end products and OEM foundry markets.Merged by SMEs.

The company extended to integrated ceilings and other categories on the basis of Yuba, and gradually realized air management throughout the house.

After years of development, the company’s products have gradually expanded from Yuba, integrated ceilings to kitchen appliances, lighting products and drying racks, etc., comprehensively manage the family living space, and strive to create “temperature” + “dry humidity” + “purity” +”Freshness” + “gradual” “five degrees” healthy home environment, and gradually realize the whole house air management, the new category is gradually becoming a new growth point in the long-term.

Distribution is the main sales channel, a multi-level, multi-channel sales network layout.

The company’s sales channels mainly include distributors, bulk customers, export sales, KA, etc. At present, the company’s distribution channel revenue accounts for more than 75%.

Dealers build their own specialty stores and franchise stores, and drain through brand promotion, star activities, word of mouth, O2O and other methods.

With the company’s continuous improvement in the layout of multiple types of channels and the continuous optimization of dealer channels, the medium and long-term lead continues to give full play to the comprehensive competitiveness of the channel.

Risk warning: risk of real estate fluctuation, risk of raw material price fluctuation

Domestic skin care products are loved by foreigners

Domestic skin care products are loved by foreigners

Chinese skin care products were once synonymous with outdated, old-fashioned and cheap in the eyes of Chinese people. In fact, as long as you taste these domestic products, you have their charming charm.

In foreign countries, many domestic brands are highly sought after.

Some of these brands are the originators of skin care products with a history of hundreds of years in China, and some combine traditional Chinese medicine and medical science. Perhaps, you will also find that these quaint skin care products around you will not be worse than some of the international big brands.

Now let ‘s take a look at what domestic skin care products have become the hearts of foreigners.

  1. Beijing Miqi (still popular in Japan) brand introduction: As early as 1988, “Miqi” products were brought to Japan by tourists, and their quality and magical effects were quickly recognized by Japanese consumers. Therefore, businesses rushed to be in the Ministry of Health and Welfare.Testing, trying to pass the test, a large number of imports for distribution.

However, due to Japan ‘s domestic trade barriers, this move was alternately blocked, so the merchants chose to re-export from Hong Kong to Japan. In 1993, after the “Mischief” cosmetics officially passed the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare testing, the products began to enter the Japanese market in batches.Set off a “strange” fever, and so far.

  In November 1996, the “Miqi” trademark was officially registered in Japan, making the appearance of the product more legal, stable, and the brand more popular.

At present, “Miqi” exports account for about 50% of the total sales. The products exported to Japan are: magic beauty honey, silk beauty honey, magic beauty honey (unscented), advanced anti-wrinkle skin care milk, advanced nutrition.Spotted honey, sea buckthorn beauty honey.

Several of them are necessary for the leadership of the central leadership.

  Consumers praise products: almost all of them, especially Fanci Advanced Silk Beauty Honey.

  2. China’s long-established Pien Tze Huang (Fujian export brand) Pien Tze Huang is a well-known Chinese and foreign proprietary Chinese medicine. Its prescriptions and craftsmanship are classified as top secrets of the state, and it is a national first-class Chinese medicine protection variety.

It was originally a secret recipe of the Taiyi of the Ming Dynasty, and the latter Taiji became a monk. He came to several stable Minshan Zhangzhou Sheshan Temple to become a monk. He developed a special medicine for reducing yellowing and swelling according to the secret recipe of the palace.

The Pien Tze Huang Pearl Cream containing Pien Tze Huang has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects, so it has magical effects on acne.

This product sells very well in the Asia-Pacific region such as Japan and South Korea.

  Efficacy introduction: skin care, beauty, nutrition, moisturizing in one.

It is particularly suitable for inhibiting the generation of acne and preventing skin blemishes and cracks, and can reduce the damage to the skin from severe environments such as wind and sand. At the same time, it nourishes, moisturizes, and softens the skin, making the skin fair, rosy, soft and smooth.

  3, Herborist Series Herborist is the first complete set of modern Chinese herbal medicine with high significance in China.

She is characterized by Chinese herbal medicine additives, adhering to the essence of Chinese beauty classics, combining the essence of Chinese herbal medicine with the latest achievements of modern biotechnology.

Since its launch, Herborist has been unique in the domestic cosmetics market with its unique positioning and sales methods, and has gradually established a fresh, natural and healthy brand image.

  In 2008, Herborist went public in France. Without any advertising, sales volume entered the Top 10 of 87 skin care brands in Sephora stores, of which Tai Chi mud mask single product advanced to Top 5 of 2000 products.

  4, Dabao brand introduction: It is rumored that Dabao in Japan is equivalent to Shiseido in China.

The “Dabao” series of cosmetics were born in 1985, and the products such as instant eye wrinkle honey, age spot cream, eye bag cream, etc., which were launched during 1985 and 1990, are well-known both at home and abroad, and are well-known today;, Night cream, as well-known as SOD honey, with an average annual sales of about 14 million bottles; MT series cosmetics that attracted the market in 1994, created a domestic precedent for the production of metal sulfur protein (MT) as a cosmetic, and acceleratedThe speed at which nutrients penetrate into the skin, preventing the skin from aggravating the effect is more obvious, opening up a new field of cosmetic raw material applications.

  Consumers praise products: eye wrinkle honey (eyelid powder), eye bag cream, eye cream (nourishing but unfortunate), hand and foot care cream, SOD honey, beauty night cream, beauty cleansing milk.

Is poor sleep quality related to the weather?


Is poor sleep quality related to the weather?

Weather sensibility refers to the strong response to weather changes, especially to bad weather, and shows various symptoms of discomfort, such as tiredness, weakness, nervousness, depression, poor sleep, headache, migraine, lack of attention,Nervousness, irritability, gastrointestinal disorders, etc.

  Meteorological experts explain that in general, there are four main ways in which the weather affects the human body: one is through the cold and heat stimulation of the skin surface and the lungs, the body’s material exchange, and the blood circulation of the skin is regulated;Too little sunlight makes people feel depressed. It can be seen that sunlight affects people’s mental appearance, biological rhythms, hormone secretion and material exchange in the body; third, the solid, liquid and gaseous harmful substances in the atmosphere will harm human health, thereby enhancing weather sensation.The fourth is that wind, rain, snow and other mechanical forces on the human skin surface can cause people to feel uncomfortable and even cause pain.

What should I do if I get constipated in winter?

Try Double Melon Porridge

What should I do if I get constipated in winter?
Try Double Melon Porridge

Cold and dry are the characteristics of the winter season. In addition, some people like to eat some spicy food in winter to keep warm, and it is more likely to get angry.

Getting angry can bring many symptoms, such as acne, sore throat, constipation, etc. What should I eat if I get constipated?

Today, I introduced a bowl of sweet porridge-Shuanggua Porridge to my friend who became constipated.

Ingredients for double melon porridge: 200 grams of pumpkin, 200 grams of sweet potato, 50 grams of previous rice, white sugar, and water amount. Method: 1. Wash and peel the pumpkin and cut into small pieces. Peel the sweet potato and cut into small pieces for later use; 2.Wash the previous rice, add pumpkin pieces and sweet potato pieces, add water and bring to a boil, turn to low heat and simmer for 20 minutes. During the cooking process, pay attention to continuous stirring to prevent sticking to the pot; 3. After cooking, add according to your preferencePasta sugar is ready to eat after seasoning.

First, body dryness and heat can easily cause constipation, and symptomatic food therapy is effective for constipation. Many people will encounter trouble. Long-term constipation can easily increase the risk of colorectal cancer. Therefore, it has become a problem for many people.

Many people take a series of measures such as drinking more water, eating more honey, eating more bitter gourd, and implanting more fibers during constipation, but they often feel ineffective.

This is because constipation is a symptom, and the etiology is often diverse. Fire, low water intake, and insufficient fiber placement can all cause constipation. At the same time, people with different constitutions have different symptoms of constipation. Symptomatic food therapy is required to effectively relieve constipation.
Winter is a season that is easy to get angry, especially for people with hot and stagnant physique. This kind of people usually has a hard and dry stool, blood in the stool, persistent pain in the stool, and upset.Disorders, bitter throat, diet conditioning can replace pumpkin, apple, pear, banana, celery, spinach and other foods to clear heat and relieve fire, and intestinal laxative.

Recommended from the diet side, it is recommended to eat double melon porridge.

At the same time, people with constipation should pay special attention to avoiding hot and spicy foods, such as pungent seasonings such as pepper, pepper, curry, and hot foods such as lamb hot pot and beef hot pot.

Second, pumpkin and sweet potato can help relieve constipation According to “Southern Yunnan Materia Medica”: pumpkin is warm, sweet and non-toxic, enters the spleen and stomach, can nourish the lungs and qi, remove phlegm and pus, expel worms, detoxify, cure cough and stopAsthma, constipation for lung dysentery, and diuretic, cosmetic and other effects.

Sweet potatoes contain a large amount of cellulose and pectin that are not easily destroyed by absorption digestive enzymes, which can stimulate digestive juice secretion and gastrointestinal peristalsis, resulting in laxative effects.

The fiber contained in white sweet potato is 10 times that of rice noodles. It is tiny and delicate, does not hurt the stomach and intestines, and can quickly move the digestive tract, causing defecation, clearing the digestive tract, and replacing the dwelling time of toxic substances in food to reduce constipation.The human body is poisoned by itself, reduces the concentration of carcinogens in the body, and prevents hemorrhoids and colorectal cancer.

Therefore, for patients with constipation, eating more pumpkins and sweet potatoes appropriately has certain benefits in preventing constipation, hemorrhoids, and promoting bowel movements.

Baby skin care starch for talcum powder?

Baby skin care starch for talcum powder?

Soothes the skin: After bathing the baby with starch instead of talcum powder, the mother loves to apply some talcum powder to the baby, which can replace the dry and smooth skin.

However, relevant experts point out that if talcum powder is used improperly for a long time, it will easily cause health damage to infants and young children.

Relevant information shows that the main ingredient of talcum powder is talcum powder.

When talcum powder is sprayed, if infants and young children ingest a small amount of powder, they can be eliminated by the tracheal self-defense agency.

However, if it is used for a long time, if it is absorbed too much, the secretion of talcum powder overlapping the surface of the trachea will be dried, which will destroy the function of tracheal cilia. In severe cases, it can cause tracheal rupture.

Once “talcum powder syndrome” occurs, there is currently no effective treatment in China.

As far as baby girls are concerned, it is best not to puff the talcum powder on the thighs, vulva, lower abdomen, etc.

According to surveys, long-term use of talcum powder in women increases the risk of ovarian cancer3.

88 times.

Although talcum powder cannot be completely produced at present, it will definitely cause the symptoms of ovarian cancer, but for the sake of caution, mothers should avoid using talcum powder to spray the lower body of baby girls, even adult women are better not to use talcum powder to lower the body.

For babies, use regular cereal starch from the kitchen.

Cheap and safe without entropy.

For example, corn starch is smooth and smooth, so there is no problem if it is inhaled by the baby.

Empty talcum powder is available on the market. Puff is included. Young parents can use starch in the powder.

Preventing diaper rash: using sesame oil instead of ointment Almost every baby has been harassed to varying degrees by nasty diaper rashes, which causes headaches for parents.

Every parent has their own set of diagnosis and treatment methods: apply skin ointment, apply powder, and even apply eye ointment . In fact, there is a simpler, practical and safe method-sesame oil.

Parents may wish to give it a try.

The sesame oil mentioned here does not mean that it can be used directly from the supermarket, but requires a heating and sterilization process.

The specific method is: wash the oil pan, dry the water, add 10-20 ml of sesame oil, turn off the heat after it heats up, let it cool, and put it in a clean bottle for use.

To ensure its effectiveness, once the sesame oil is retained for more than 1 week, it needs to be replaced with a new one.

If your baby ‘s butt is particularly fond of diaper rash, you may wish to use a cotton ball dipped in a little sesame oil on the front after changing the diaper rash.

However, it should be noted that if the baby’s chest has ulcerated, you can no longer use sesame oil, you should consult a pediatric health doctor.

In addition to preventing diaper rash, sesame oil has other uses.

For example, some babies are particularly susceptible to getting angry in the spring, and their mouths are cracked.

You can use a cotton swab dipped in some sesame oil and apply it on the lips and mouth corners. If it is not cracked, prevent it from cracking, and it can also speed up healing.

If your baby has nasal congestion, you can also use cotton swabs to dip a little more sesame oil into the nostrils.

After a while, the “junk” in your baby’s nose will slip out automatically or sneeze out.

Xiaoxue solar energy tonic health drink sea cucumber black chicken soup warm up

Xiaoxue solar energy tonic health drink sea cucumber black chicken soup warm up

When Xiaoxue’s solar terms are coming, what should Xiaoxue do?

Xiaoxue’s solar terms pay attention to warming up, what should I eat?

Xiaoxue’s solar terms do not prevent drinking some health soup, not only can nourish the health, but also warm up the body and warm the heart.

Today I recommend a sea cucumber black chicken soup.

Ingredients for sea cucumber and black chicken soup: 1 sea cucumber, 1/3 black-bone chicken, 2 pieces of gelatin, 5 red dates, 10 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 5 grams of yam, ginger, salt, water Moderation: 1, soak the sea cucumber in advanceOK, the gelatin foam is good, the black chicken chops small pieces for later use, wash the yam and slice them, wash the red dates to remove the core, and the ginger slices for later use;Put all the ingredients in a saucepan, add enough water, boil over low heat and simmer slowly for 4 hours, season with an appropriate amount of salt and serve.

First, the sea cucumber warms the kidneys, but don’t be superstitious about the nutritional value of sea cucumbers. People are not unfamiliar with it. It is as famous as ginseng, bird’s nest and shark fin, and it is one of the eight treasures in the world.

Sea cucumber is always a precious food and a precious medicinal material.

According to the “Compendium of Compendium of Materia Medica”: sea cucumber, sweet and salty, tonifying kidney, replenishing the essence, taking urination, aphrodisiac, and treating yang, its temperature is tonic, and it is full of enemy ginseng.

Sea cucumber has the effects of improving memory, delaying gonad aging, preventing arteriosclerosis, diabetes and anti-tumor.

From the perspective of Western medicine, sea cucumber can have many functions because it repairs and strengthens the body’s immunity.

Analysis of the metabolic components of sea cucumbers found that this is mainly because the active substances contained in the sea cucumbers are acidic, polymerized, and doped, which can greatly improve human immunity. As long as the human body has strong immunity, it can resist various diseases.

Many people are superstitious about the nutritional effects of sea cucumbers and believe that eating more sea cucumbers can improve sexual function, but in fact, this is amplifying the effects of sea cucumbers.

Purely from a nutritional point of view, there is no decisive difference between Hai participation in ordinary food such as Tremella, food is not the more expensive nutritional value, and the more you eat, the better it is for your body.

Sea cucumber is a very good food. Occasionally, it can make people get high-quality protein and polysaccharides, but eating too much is not good for your health. Food complications and various kinds are the principles of healthy eating.

Second, how to dry hair sea cucumber?

Sea cucumber is delicious and delicious, and it is the first of 100 supplements. Naturally, it is very particular about eating. It must not be as rude and simple as treating radish and cabbage.

The key is whether the dried sea cucumbers can be made well.

The hair is good, the meat is smooth, soft and elastic, and the taste is delicious; if the hair is not good, the quality and taste are affected.

When foaming sea cucumbers, follow these steps appropriately: 1. Wash the sea cucumbers with water and remove the surface salt.

Take a clean, oil-free container, fill it with an appropriate amount of pure water, place the sea cucumber in the container and put it in the refrigerator freezer for 24-48 hours, and change the water every 8 hours until it becomes soft.

2. After foaming, cut the sea cucumber from the tail to the right along the midline of the abdomen, remove the inner tendons and sand mouth, and clean the impurities in the sea cucumber belly. There will be several tendons in the inner cavity of the sea cucumber. It is edible without removal, but it willIt affects the growth of sea cucumbers, so cut a few sections in it.

3. Fill the clean and oil-free pot with pure water. Put the cleaned sea cucumbers into it. After the high heat is boiled, cook on low heat for another 20 minutes. After the flame is turned off, cover it and let it cool naturally. Pick out the soft boiled sea cucumbers.Leave the hard sea cucumbers in the pot, and change to cool, pure water and cook until all are soft.

4. The clean and oil-free container is filled with cold and pure water, sealed with cooked sea cucumber, and then put into the refrigerator freezer, soaked for 48-72 hours, change the water once a day, and you can eat.

It should be noted that the sea cucumbers that have been sent out cannot be stored for a long time, and it is best not to exceed 3 days. If it is stored dry, it is best to keep it in a sealed wooden box to prevent moisture.

Winter calcium supplements need to move more


Winter calcium supplements need to move more

Long looking forward to not receiving sunlight in the room, it is prone to vitamin D deficiency, manifested as weak, weak, unresponsive, degraded bone quality, and even suffering from senile osteoporosis.

So in winter, you have to move more, and you have to add calcium to your fitness.

銆€銆€Many elderly people are willing to stay at home in winter, prefer to sunbathe through the glass window.

In fact, long looking forward to not receiving sunlight in the room, it is prone to vitamin D deficiency, manifested as weak, weak, unresponsive, degraded bone quality, and even suffering from senile osteoporosis.

銆€銆€Absolutely, the radiation of the sun will cause physiological changes in the shape of the human body, such as excessive expansion of the capillaries in the infrared rays, and accelerate blood circulation.

Ultraviolet rays can oxidize melanin, increase vitamin D and histamine in the skin, increase gastric acid secretion, and promote the increase of adrenaline, thyroxine and gonadotropin; and epinephrine, a hormone that maintains cell viability, if the content is insufficient, the cells willIn a state of inhibition, the elderly cause the body’s function to be suppressed.

Therefore, the elderly should go out and walk more in the winter.

If you look forward to the elderly at home, there have been depression, wilting, mental fatigue, etc., usually caused by a decrease in hormone secretion levels.

Swinging on the bed, shaking the slender water snake waist


Swinging on the bed, shaking the slender water snake waist

People can have no outstanding figure, but they must not have no “waist”, otherwise people will lose the visual enjoyment that sways in the wind.

銆€銆€The fat-reducing muscles together with the coach warned that “it is not going to do the sit-ups.”

Because shaping the shape of the body, the key is to increase the body’s basal metabolic rate, increase muscle saturation, reduce fat and increase muscle.

Dietary food should be eaten like an emperor, lunch is like a civilian, dinner is like eating, insist on low diet, low blood sugar diet; fitness should be combined with aerobic exercise will have excellent results.

銆€銆€The movement of the goldfish is very effective in stimulating the erector spinae.

Pitch, hands and arms, the back of the hand touch the forehead, control the core strength of the body, let the upper body and lower limbs leave the ground at the same time, control 2-3 seconds and then relax.

It is also possible to tilt the arm forward or to hold it on the back side of the body, which can clearly feel the stretching of the abdominal muscles and the tension of the back muscles.

銆€銆€Right angle In yoga, this posture is called right angle. When inhaling, control the body to lean forward. The upper body is at right angles to the lower body. The hands are gripped upwards. When exhaling, the body slowly relaxes and recovers.To the erect state.

銆€銆€The excess meat on the waist side is the key to shaping the waist.

銆€銆€Lie on your back, bend your knees, put your feet on the ground, and touch your right knee with your left foot.

After the left hand is inserted into the head, the elbows are enlarged and the right hand is slender.

The right arm drives the body slowly to the left knee, including the chest (the elbow always keeps a straight line with the ear, the head and the alignment do not bend forward), maintain the posture, and then slowly relax.

Then the other side repeats the same action, doing 4 groups of 10-15 each.