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Guotai Junan (601211): Significant improvement in performance driven by growth in investment business and reversal of asset impairment

Guotai Junan (601211): Significant improvement in performance driven by growth in investment business and reversal of asset impairment

The 1Q19 results were in line with expectations. Guotai Junan announced the 1Q19 results: operating income.

杭州夜网论坛 Billion, a ten-year increase of 7.

2%; net profit attributable to mother 30.

100 million, an annual increase of 33% (excluding the 18-year transfer of Guolian’an equity gains, an annual increase of 69%).

The average ROE during the reporting period +0.

5ppt to 2.


In addition, total assets increased by 13 compared with the beginning of the year.

8% to 49.69 million yuan, the net assets attributable to mothers increased earlier3.

2% to 1,274 trillion, own leverage +0.

15x to 3.

15 times.

Development Trends Significant growth in investment business and significant writeback of asset impairment are the main reasons for the improvement in performance; however, as the brokerage business improves with the market, asset management and investment banks are still down.

Investment income increased by 15% per annum / 7.

2 times to 23.

US $ 300 million, excluding the income from the transfer of Guolian Security during the same period of the year, an actual annual increase of 72%; the annualized return on investment of corresponding financial assets is 6.


In addition, the size of financial assets increased by 9 compared with the beginning of the year.

5%, or mainly due to the increase in the size and value of equity.

Brokerage income increased by 10% per year / 74% from the previous quarter to 15.

300 million (vs.

The market transaction volume has increased by 21% per year / 70% from the previous quarter.) It can be seen that the commission rate and market share show a trend of marginal stabilization.

Net interest income was basically flat at 14.

500 million (money-on-month or mainly due to the change in the accounting confirmation of interest income at the end of last year).

Among them: 1) Interest rate income decreased by 9% to 29.

800 million, of which the parent company represented by Liangrong raised funds for two years -29% / mom + 25% to 51.9 billion

6%), repurchase financial assets represented by stock quality for ten years -53% / money chain-21% to 48.3 billion US dollars.

2) Interest rate expenditure is reduced by 16% to 15 per year.

300 million, the cost of capital fell significantly.

In addition, the stock market picked up in 1Q19 and the combined company prudently accrued the two financial and stock impairments for 18 years. The current impairment was reversed by 3.

700 million, accounting for the total profit?

Investment banks and asset management continued to be under pressure.

Investment bank income is -15% per annum / -34% to 3%.

800 million, the stock and bond underwriting market share was 3 respectively.

1% / 2.

9%; asset management revenue was previously -21% / QoQ-3% to 3.
300 million.

The profit forecast remains unchanged at 101 trillion / 110 trillion in 2019 / 20e.
Estimates 上海夜网论坛and recommendations Guotai Junan-A / H meets 1/19.


0x P / B.

Maintain A-share recommended rating and target price of 24.

4 yuan, corresponding to 1 in 19 years.

6x P / B and 26% upside; maintain H-share neutral rating but lower target price by 12% to 19.

1 Hong Kong dollar, mainly considering the completion of the H share placement and its issue price on the estimated hub, corresponding to 19 years 1.

1x P / B and 15% space.

Risk stock market activity decreased; stock and bond markets increased significantly; market reform progress exceeded expectations.

Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (600031): 1H19 high growth in line with expectations. Multiple operating indicators set a new record and a new high

Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (600031): 1H19 high growth in line with expectations. Multiple operating indicators set a new record and a new high

1H19 results are in line with our expectations. Sany Heavy Industry announced 1H19 results: operating income of 433.

90,000 yuan, an increase of 54 in ten years.

3%; net profit attributable to mother 67.

50,000 yuan, an increase of 99 in ten years.

1%, corresponding to a profit of 0.

81 yuan, all reached a historical high in the same period, in line with expectations.

In a single quarter, 2Q19 operating income / net profit attributable to mothers were 220.

9 ppm / 35.

30,000 yuan, an annual increase of 38.

4% / 86.


All businesses achieved rapid growth and profitability continued to improve.

1H19’s excavator / concrete / lifting / pile / pavement machinery business revenues were US $ 159/129/85/30 / 1.3 billion, respectively, with annual growth of 43% / 51% / 107% / 37% / 44%; grossInterest rates have changed -3.





1ppt to 36.

8% / 29.

6% / 25.

8% / 44.

4% / 36.


1H19’s consolidated gross profit margin was 32.

4%, increase by 0 every year.


The expense ratio decreased during the period, and cash flow from operating activities improved.

1H19 company period expenses11.

8%, a decrease of 2 per year.

6ppt, in which the sales / management / financial expense ratio is reduced by 2.



8ppt, R & D expense rate increases by 1 every year.

2ppt, mainly because the company increased the research and development and promotion of construction machinery products and parts.

1H19 company’s net profit margin increased by 3 every year.

5ppt to 15.


Net cash inflow from operating activities was 76 trillion, a year-on-year increase of 22%, which was also the highest level in history over the same period, indicating that the company’s operating quality continued to improve. Development Trend The boom of construction machinery rebounded in the third quarter.

The sales volume of the excavator industry in developing countries increased by 7 in June each year.

0% /-2.

2% / 6.

The overall growth rate is 6%, which is flat, which has attracted investors ‘attention. 天津夜网 However, the sales growth rate of the excavator industry recovered to 11% growth in July.
Industry sales in September will still maintain double growth, and the sales growth rate of the excavator industry is expected to reach more than 10%.

At the same time, we expect that the sales growth rate of the truck crane industry will return to double-digit growth in August, and the boom of the construction machinery industry will rebound in the third quarter.

The outlook for overseas business is good, and it is expected to become a long-term growth point.

1H19 company’s overseas revenue increased by 15 in half a year.

3% to 70.

3 ‰, gross profit margin increased by 1 per second.


With the steady improvement of the company’s product quality, further improvement of its overseas layout, and a more complete marketing system, the company’s overseas market expansion is expected to form a long-term growth point.

Earnings forecasts and estimates We maintain the company’s 2019/20 earnings forecasts unchanged.

The company’s current consensus corresponds to October 2019/20.


9x P / E, maintain “Outperform” rating.

We maintain our target price of 16.

20 yuan is unchanged, corresponding to 12/11 times P / E in 2019/20, compared with the current consensus, there is 20% upside.

Risks Lower-than-expected downstream demand and intensified price competition in the industry.

Hui Wei’s one-to-three fund manager Ji Wei leaves the baseline to work for Huaan Fund

Hui Wei’s one-to-three fund manager Ji Wei leaves the baseline to work for Huaan Fund

Original title: Hui An Fund’s “one-for-three” fund manager Ji Wei left bankruptcy and served as Hua’an Fund China Economic Network Beijing July 24. Yesterday, Hui’an Fund Management Co., Ltd. issued an announcement saying that its FTSE China A50ETF (marketThe abbreviation: A50ETF) Ji Wei, the former fund manager, left his position as fund manager on July 19, 2019 for personal reasons.

  On the same day, Ji Wei also left the position of fund manager of Hui’an CSI 300 Index Enhanced A / C and Hui’an Fengze Mixed A / C funds.

  According to the data, Ji Wei was an auditor of Shanghai Zhonghua Huyin Certified Public Accountants, a credit analyst of Shanghai Bell Alcatel Co., Ltd., a fund manager 淡水桑拿网 of Huaan Fund Management Co., Ltd., and an operation analysis manager of China International Capital Corporation.

  He joined Hua’an Fund Management Co., Ltd. in January 2012 and served as the index indicator of the headquarters of the Index and Quantitative Investment Division. Since September 2015, he has served as the Hua’an CSI split medical transaction type open index securities investment fund and Hua’an CSI split medical transaction type.The fund manager of the linked index securities investment fund linked fund has since managed the Hua’an GEM 50 ETF.

  During the period of Hua’an Fund, Ji Wei’s products replaced ETF funds, but his return on employment was replaced.

On September 6, 2017, the management of the products of the exchange fund began. During the term of office, it involved the management of 5 funds, including 2 actively managed equity funds.

  Hui’an Fengze Hybrid A / C has the best performance in terms of employment. During the period from September 6, 2017 to July 19, 2019, both performance returns exceeded 50%, and Hui’an growth preferred hybrid A / CC’s remuneration from March 7, 2018 to April 4, 2019 was negative.

Sleeping improperly, ghost pressing in the middle of the night

Sleeping improperly, “ghost pressing” in the middle of the night

Many people suddenly feel as if they are being weighed down by heavy weights, and they can’t breathe dimly, as if awake but not awake, like sleep but not sleep, want to shout, not move, people feel uneasyXie and horror seemed to have something pressed on him, and some people superstitiously called it “ghost pressing”.
Gong Shouhui, deputy chief physician of the Department of Neurology, the First People’s Hospital of Xiangfan City, Hubei Province, pointed out that in fact, this is called “nightmare” in medicine and belongs to a symptom of sleep paralysis (paralysis).
Most of them are caused by incorrect sleeping position, especially due to high pillows.
  Dreaming usually occurs during light sleep, and nightmares are when people wake up during deep sleep.
The central nerve that controls people’s movements is still dormant, while the central nerves that can convey consciousness are active, resulting in conscious but unable to move.
  Gong Shouhui said that nightmare is a symptom of sleep paralysis (paralysis) in sleep neuromedicine.
  In addition to lying on a high pillow, there are also reasons to like sleeping with your chest down, or sleeping with your head down, or having a thick quilt or putting your hands on your chest. You are overstretched during the day, and you are full.
  Long-term high pillow will not only compress the carotid sinus, but also affect the patency of the airway and snoring easily, and easily cause neck discomfort or hump.
The human head will continue to be at the highest position of the human body; and the natural physiological curvature of the cervical spine will be artificially changed, so that the tight tendons and the skin compress the neck meridians.
头部血管如果长时间处于供血供氧不足状态,使人心烦意乱,夜难成寐,一旦入睡很容易出现梦魇现象  头部长期处于供血供氧不足的情况下,会影响脑细胞新陈代谢,导致人Memory loss, middle-aged and elderly patients with cerebral dementia and brain atrophy.
It is easy to cause vascular sclerosis, and the physical waste cannot be removed in time to form a thrombus, which leads to cerebral infarction and cerebral hemorrhage.
  From a physiological point of view, the pillow is preferably 8-12 cm.
Try to sleep on your right side and avoid the above incentives, then nightmares will not occur.
Don’t rush to bed before you’re tired and dozing off.
If you are tired, you will likely have a “nightmare” when you dream.

Anti-aging Beauty Skin Care Collection


Anti-aging Beauty Skin Care Collection

How to fight aging, beauty skin care habits are important.

Stick to the conditioning skin care steps, you can stay young forever!

Xiaobian summarizes the most comprehensive anti-aging skin care experience for you, let’s take a look!

  1 The use of high-quality skin care products should have a set of ideal and correct skin care procedures, which play a very important role in skin care; and long-term use of high-quality skin care products is the secret of beautiful skin.

  2Choose the right skin care product. You should determine what type of skin, hair and fingernails belong to.

But care should pay attention to any adverse reactions to skin care products.

  3 Moisturizing is the key point of skin care. Don’t let the skin dry, drink water often.

I drink 2 liters of water almost a day.

Take a bath every day to care for your skin.

  4 The key to adequate sleep and anti-aging is to ensure sleep and regular life, so that people can immediately recover their mental and physical strength.

  5Facial Care: Massage the facial skin from bottom to top, once each morning and evening.

  6Precautions for care, use skin creams with high oil content, such as essence, to control the obvious horizontal lines.

  7 Before going out, apply a hot towel to your face to activate capillaries and soothe wrinkles.

  8.Apply some products containing vitamin c to keep your complexion ruddy, even if you don’t apply lipstick.

  9 When applying eye cream, do not ignore the stains around the corners of the eyes, otherwise they will deepen over time.

  10 nails also need to use nutrition cream to prevent yellowing.

  11 Cover with gauze or cotton with essence or moisturizing water on the ends for 20 minutes, and let your skin drink water overnight.

  12 Tired eyes: immerse a spoon in warm water, then put it on the eyelids for 5 minutes, until the temperature of the metal spoon slowly cools down, such a simple procedure to restore fatigue is completed.

  13 insist on doing some eye care exercises, you can try it in the office or before going to bed.

  14 Lip Care: Apply toothbrush with honey on the lips and leave it for 2 minutes.

  15 Use a lip balm before going to bed, apply it lightly around the lips after moisturizing, and gently massage with a gentle pat to make your lips smooth and diffuse.

  16 Aromatherapy: Maintain adequate sleep and massage therapy with peppermint oil.

  17 Adhere to a good and regular lifestyle, drink less water before bedtime, do eye massage when you have time, eliminate eyelid puffiness, and keep your eyes from aging.

  18 Do a facial particle scrub once a week, or use some fruit acid skin care products, or use an exfoliating cream to remove the aging horny skin, so that the skin will return to gloss.

  19 insist on using sunscreen every day when going out, uva in the sun is the culprit that causes skin aging, and it must be constantly effective sunscreen.

  20 insist on eating vitamins every day, such as cabbage, cabbage, peanuts, etc. that contain vitamins c and e, which help to dilute and break down the melanin that has formed.

Young love is a little more DIY

Young love is a little more DIY

Nowadays, a DIY toy called Patty Bear is popular on the surface. In the store, the child will choose the blank material, then add velvet, add ornaments to it, and even record its unique tone, and then bring this unique bearCome back home.

This can’t help but think of girls who fall in love with married men too much. What they ignore is just the experience of a boy growing up into a man, just eager to bring a “love product” home.

  The self-confidence of Shanmengmen’s pledges is far greater than what they pay for girls in real life.

A married man is always more meticulous than a hairy guy, and pays attention to details. Some kind of person pulls a chair for you at the restaurant, and reminds you to fasten your seat belt when you get in the car.and many more.

These little details in life will definitely make the girl’s heart feel extremely ironed.

At that time, the girl should only have the joy that she had secretly received. She would not think that for many years, the man in front of him had actually learned to be compassionate and caring for those around him.The ground was exposed, but the girl compared it with the boy of the same age around her, and naturally it was incomparable.

  A woman full of love often puts all good imaginations on the other person, only to find out in the end that what she loves may be the sum of imagination, but if the other person is a married man, it is almost impossible for a girl to discover the truth.may.

Because if he is successful enough, then the money, social level and marriage taught him how to get along with a woman will almost satisfy all the girl ‘s good wishes; if he is not successful enough, then usually he is also in the wife ‘s relationshipWith the help of Xie Xiang, I gradually understand how to achieve my dual personal efforts, as well as talents, luck, and so on. With the years, I also have a sense of Xi’an.

  Young girls should actually enjoy watching the transformation of a lover from a hairy guy to an elegant and stable married man, just like accompanying a caterpillar to a butterfly with a beautiful pair of wings, the process itself is aThis kind of happiness, although it will definitely undergo a painful process of transformation, but also because your lives will be closely connected to each other and will not be easily broken by the outside world.

  Love, still a little more DIY, don’t be too greedy for “finished products”.

The best time for a woman to win a man’s heart!

The best time for a woman to win a man’s heart!

It’s not just a man’s right to express love to a loved one. As a woman, you can also do it beautifully.

But timing is the most important thing.

If the “appearance” is not timely, I am afraid it is a waste of affection; if the “show rate” is too high, it will surprise him.

When to take the initiative, it’s smart that you adapt.

  1. When he was “miscalculated”, Han Sheng was faced with a major choice: go left, the career path is smooth, and stay for another year and a half, the official is in the right place; go right, a friend calls to join, singled out a department vice president,The annual salary is as high as the risk.

Go and stay in a dilemma.

Ye Zhi looked at her husband in embarrassment, but did not “point the country” for him. She expressed her greatest trust and understanding of her husband with a calm normal state. She wanted her husband to think that “choice” is a form of life.

It was late that day, Han Sheng couldn’t sleep, got up and smoked on the balcony.

Yeats gave him a tea robe, and Han Sheng asked: “If you are an official, you may be able to level up your spirits; if you are in business, you may lose your money.

  Two, do you want that?

Yeats said, “What you do is not important. What matters is you.

Either way, I support you.

“After waking up the next day, I found Ye Zhi’s message on the breakfast table with milk and bread: First, think more about it.

Second, learn to give up.

Han Sheng finally went to sea, and two years later became a pioneer in the field of environmental protection building materials.

But he was always remembered by Ye Zhi’s point of view. When he was at the crossroads of life, it was his wife who turned on the traffic lights for him.

  Opinion: At a time when men are ambiguous, indecisive, and dilemmas, women’s encouragement has the effect of four or two pounds.

In fact, Han Sheng had already made his own decision in the subconscious, but he needed repeated and doubts to prove his correctness, and his wife Ye Zhi’s advice must have given him a magnificent magnified energy.

  2. When he was “aphasia”, Sun Juntao had a bragging problem, and he could even deliberately make up news that he had dinner with Clinton the day before yesterday.

It’s really untrue. Everyone knows that he is just for fun, and no one will be more authentic with him.

  One day when her mother-in-law came, Sun Juntao did the same trick again, coaxing the old lady with a fake necklace, saying it was real gold, and she unexpectedly dropped the small ticket on the ground. The old lady’s eye sharpened, she picked it up and took a look.This kid, he loves to coax me when he is a kid, and is still making up nonsense?

“Sun Juntao is uncomfortable, but Ruth” commends “and said,” Where, he doesn’t tell lies, isn’t it making you happy . Comment: Men talk, everything is always a great feat of vanity, but it can be “aphasia”It was when the woman captured it with great skill that the key was that Ruth never exposed it, let him climb to the top, and then hand down the ladder, without losing face, and seeing the blood, let him be obedient to the ground.

  3. When he was “oversight”, Jin Jun was fortunate to have married a good wife, Nini’s generosity and beauty, and was able to pass on the development of her married life to make him even more impressive.

Nini is good at home and outside.

When Jin Jun was in a good mood, he also found that Nini would always show the advantages or strengths that made him look good.

Jin Jun value has always claimed to be a computer master. In the past few days, he was designing a complex personal homepage. When he was halfway there, he was very proud and showed off to Nini.

Nini boasted a few words, but perfected several animation effects in random, the level was obviously above him.

Jin Jun was dumbfounded: “When is this hand still?

Comment: Nini ‘s beauty is to surprise her husband again and again, not to be aggressive, to win by overwhelming, to be in control of the situation, this is: adding icing on the cake to help her husband, let him understand, in fact I am better than you expectedbetter.

  4. When he was “distorted”, Hong had a highly inflated fermentation period, further arrogant, and stepped back to no one in his eyes. Anyway, he felt that he was too good anyway.

Because several academic papers have appeared in authoritative journals, and several titles have been promoted all the way through, he is somewhat proud and complacent.

  Liu Xin is a cautious wife, so arrogant to her husband is not tax-free.

  Once, she was cooking in the kitchen with her husband, yelling and daring not to kill the fish. Her husband walked over and said, “Let ‘s go, is there any better than me?

“Xin Liu pretended to be terrified and said,” This fish is so fierce that it’s not easy to get it.

Hong was also the first time to kill a fish. He thought he was a piece of cake, but he could n’t catch it. When he really lowered the knife, his hands shook.

Honglang was stunned. His hands and body were covered with blood, and he left the kitchen knife to escape the scene.

After some tossing down, Liu Xinbian scraped the fish scales and said, “My husband, what else can you do?

“Hong Yi also pretended to be crazy:” Well, it’s a cow, and there are more cows than it.”Xin Liu said meaningfully:” Yeah, don’t overtake anyone. There are mountains outside the mountains, and there are people outside. ”

“Hong Yiyi, half a word did not speak, the process of killing fish became a living advice . Comment: In ancient times there was a drama of” killing a dog to persuade a husband, “Liu Xin just logically warned her husband to converge.

Men are prone to distortion and distortion at the peak.

Liu Xinzhi’s killing of a fish seems to be thrilling. In fact, they are interlocking and highly targeted. In the “bloody” lesson, he doesn’t worry about his husband “don’t forget”.

  5. When he was “lost in love”, Anjie was the business director of a company, and his passion for order production was no less than that of pursuing Lisa’s focus and persistence.

Lisa said that career is his “second love” and his second emotional sustenance.

Moreover, his performance has always been impressive, and his income and position have been rising steadily.

But caring for the family is a bit lazy.

This is accompanied by a shortcoming, but rather a successful embellishment.

However, during this time, Anjie felt “lost in love”-first, the client regretted it, and then several businesses were missed repeatedly. In addition, he was temporarily stranded in the company’s personnel changes. A strong sense of frustration made Anjie depressed.
Lisa arranged a birthday dinner, two short trips, and went to the sports center with friends for lively tennis and swimming games . Being still, Lisa appeared to be more dependent on her husband’s life.She is even more admired in her ability. Her husband was quietly arrested for the happiness she created, and said, “Family is as much worth paying special attention to as my body. My wife’s heart, I am convinced.

“Comment: Anjie’s condition is common among men. Lisa’s cleverness is charity in the snow.

The frustrated husband is the most fragile, and the power that impressed him is particularly touching. At the same time, shifting his focus on “lost love” and giving him a sense of ease and accomplishment beyond stress is also the best way to touch his weakness.

  6. When he was “out of control”, Anan passed the thirties and gradually became tired of the peaceful days. His temper grew day by day and he was impatient to see anything.

I accompany my wife to listen to a concert this time, and muttered for a non-lighting street lamp in the community when I went out. The music played by the driver was noisy . I was angry all night.

Ordinarily, her good mood has been destroyed, but she took the patience of coaxing the child and “hook up” with him. The husband said something, and she added two words.

Until he entered the house, Anan complained that the lighting switch at the door was too high, and he simply pretended to be “hot”, indicating that someone would smash a wall to remove the re-route.

The husband froze and asked, “Are you so upset?

“I smiled:” Whatever you are unhappy, I want to overthrow.

“The husband understands, but the wife is just treating her in her own way.

After the concert, Anan reminded that it was time to control himself.

  Opinion: Men are sometimes wayward like children. Anan is just “coquettish”. He accompanies him to play “angry” games with tolerance, creating a brake for his husband’s “out of control”.

Like a fast-moving express train, she found a smooth reducer, and her husband’s anger gradually went out.

Share Ten Tips For Your Fitness Exercise

Share Ten Tips For Your Fitness Exercise

Weight loss is an eternal topic for many women, and fitness and dieting are the two major ways to lose weight.

Among them, fitness is far healthier and more effective than dieting.

But people who often sit in the office rarely free up full time for fitness.

Therefore, the Russian “Newspaper” teaches you ten tips for fitness, so that you can exercise at any time in the changing life.

  1. Keep your head straight, slowly rotate to the right, then return to the initial position, slowly rotate to the left.

Repeat this four times back and forth, and you can easily move to your participation.

  2. Looking ahead, slowly tilt your head to the right, then back to the starting point, and then slowly tilt vertically.

Repeat the same four times.

  3. Lift the spindle up, then lower it, lift it up, and put it back in place.

This set of actions needs to be repeated eight times.

  4. Place your right hand on your left chest, with your arms parallel to the ground, and then turn your waist without moving your legs.

Then change your left hand.

  5. Stand upright, look straight ahead, raise your hands, palms crossed, and squeeze your arms up.

  6. Stand upright with your palms under the top and work hard behind.

  7. Straighten and straighten, slowly extend your arms backwards, straighten your arms as far as possible, and then slowly lower them.

  8. Sit on a chair, keep your hips straight, lift your right knee and turn right, then change your left knee and turn left.

Repeat this four times.

  9, next to the locker standing sideways, step on the locker, bend the left knee, lift and place it up, and then repeat the same action left and right.

  10. Stand straight at the table, bend your left leg, hold your foot with your left hand, and repeat left and right.

Taking Cordyceps sinensis varies according to disease

Taking Cordyceps sinensis varies according to disease

Ten effects Cordyceps sinensis is a traditional and valuable medicated diet tonic. It has a flat and sweet taste, has the functions of nourishing the lungs and kidneys, relieving cough, benefiting from deficiency, and nourishing essence.

  According to clinical research reports, Cordyceps sinensis has ten functions: ① antibacterial, ② immune regulation, ③ anti-cancer, ④ anti-inflammatory, ⑤ nourishing the kidney, ⑥ increasing the adrenal cortisol content, ⑦ resisting arrhythmia, ⑧ resisting fatigue, ⑨ expectorantPant, sedated hypnosis.

  Adapt to the crowd Suitable for deficiency of lungs and kidneys, insufficient essence gas, short cough, shortness of breath, spontaneous sweating, night sweats, impotence, nocturnal emission, impotence, sputum and blood.

Because of its gentle and gentle energy, it can replenish yin and yang, so it is also a good medicine for tonics for those who are old and weak, suffer from post-ill health, and have postpartum weakness.

  When choosing how to buy, you must first pay attention to the appearance and color.

Cordyceps sinensis has a silkworm-like body with a length of about 3-5cm. The surface is dark yellow to yellow-brown, with 20-30 ring patterns, and 8 pairs of feet (4 pairs in the middle are more obvious).

The peduncle is expected to be about 4-7 cm in length and about 0 in diameter.

3cm, the surface is dark reddish brown to tan, with fine vertical wrinkles, slightly swollen.

The cross section is white with a slight smell of gas and a slightly bitter taste.

In the selection, the insect body is complete, plump and enlarged, the outer color is yellow and bright, the inner color is white, and the short constellation is preferred.

It should be noted that some empty Cordyceps sinensis are sold after the active ingredients are extracted. The content of this Cordyceps sinensis is small and the appearance is not full.

You can also take a closer look. If there are foreign objects such as iron wire inserted in Cordyceps, it is a fake product.

It is recommended to buy products from stores or reputable vendors.

  Consumption of Cordyceps sinensis tonic deficiency varies from person to person due to illness, or it can be taken alone or in combination with other medicines.

It can be simmered in water, stewed in soup, mixed with medicated meals, and can also be used to make wine and tea.

For example, weak back pain, slippery dreams, impotence, premature ejaculation, tinnitus and forgetfulness, can be used with 2 grams of Cordyceps sinensis each time.Chuan Duan, etc., Jiantang drink service.

After the illness, the body is weak, or the normal body is prone to colds, and those who suffer from chills and spontaneous sweating can be commonly served with Cordyceps and chicken, duck, cattle, pig, lamb and other stew.

For example, 5-10 pieces of Cordyceps sinensis and one husband duck can be used to remove the miscellaneous belly. Add some rice wine and boil and eat to enhance the physique.

Or use 4 cordyceps per day and take it on an empty stomach after decoction.

  Other products due to the high price of natural Cordyceps sinensis and the shortage of natural resources, people have researched and explored artificial cultivation methods.

The method of in vitro culture using isolated strains of Cordyceps sinensis has gradually matured. The isolates obtained from Cordyceps sinensis have many names. Currently, some medicines or health products and their strains on the market are not genetically related to Cordyceps sinensis and are produced through fermentation.Many of the product types are not gradually true Cordyceps sinensis strains, so pay attention to selection.

Understanding of the lower body


Understanding of the lower body

Too many netizens have tried various ways to lose weight, but the results are not good.

And more female friends, the weight is in the normal range, only want to slim down the body, but did a lot of attempts, but also did not see thin and thin, how to thin the lower body?

銆€銆€According to the data, 60% of women around the age of 20 have experience in weight loss, and it is surprising that more than half of the people are within the standard range.

However, the standard weight person, no matter how slim down, does not necessarily maintain a well-balanced shape, and the result of the past weight loss method is only to make the upper body become more thin, more prominent in the leg obesity, but cause bad results.
銆€銆€The fat and thin parts of each person are different, and the causes are different. However, most of the Oriental women have problems with the proportion of the lower body being too large, so that the lower body becomes slender and becomes the wish of modern women.

However, before making the lower body slim, you should first understand which type of obesity your lower body belongs to in order to get the right medicine and achieve the desired effect.

銆€銆€Types of obesity in the lower body: Muscle type – First, stand upright with your feet, then pick up your toes and look back at the calf. If there is muscle protrusion, it means muscle type, which may be the result of improper exercise or walking.

Because people of this type have very developed muscles, they must not be slender in the general way.

銆€銆€At this time, try to avoid excessive use of muscles, stimulate the muscles, make the muscle cells gradually shrink, and then adjust the muscles by the same length motion of kneading.

However, it should be noted that because the isometric movement does not move the joint, nor does it make the muscles stretch or contract, the consumption is very small, so the source of dietary conversion should be relatively reduced, so as to avoid the shape of the muscle replaced by subcutaneous feces.

銆€銆€濮?type 鈹€ 鈹€ subcutaneous sputum thicker, obese tendencies, usually people who are underactive.

銆€銆€At this time, the speed in the food should be reduced, and the softness of the lower part of the body should be strengthened at the same time to improve the curve of the lower body by reducing the abdomen and tightening the muscles.

In addition, high-sugar, high-fat delicate foods should be absolutely avoided, because the small amount of blood sugar in such foods rises rapidly in a short period of time, resulting in an increase in insulin fractionation, resulting in a slight accelerated accumulation, forming the root cause of lower body obesity, not careless!

銆€銆€Edema type – About 60% of the human body is water. The edematous type is because the cell’s metabolism is slow, and the body is prone to accumulate excess water.

It is characterized by edema, excess parts loose, soft, and easy to swell at night, and cold hands and feet.

In the face of the problems caused by this coldness, it can be improved by alternately flushing the feet with hot and cold.

銆€銆€First, wash your body, let your body warm up before you finally come out, then rinse your feet with plenty of cold water until you can’t stand it, then soak the hot water on your feet until the feet are completely warm and then flush the cold water.After three times, put your body into the bathtub until the body is warm.

銆€銆€If you can’t stand the cold water, at least go out of the bathtub, dry the body, and then enter the bathtub. This is repeated three times, and it can also improve the leg swelling caused by poor metabolism and poor circulation.

銆€銆€It is also necessary to pay attention to the warmth of the waist and the light taste to reduce the burden on the kidneys.

As the kidney function gradually increases and promotes metabolism, it can redistribute excess water and old waste. The lower body has a good circulation and naturally has a slim and slim lower body curve.