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Financing customers buy 100 billion technology leader outbreak concept stocks listed (with list)

Financing customers buy 100 billion technology leader outbreak concept stocks listed (with list)
For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!  After the start of the financing year, some big stocks will be added to the stock market?  In the first week of the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rat, the A-share market quickly recovered after the first day of plunge. Among them, the GEM index took the lead in recovering the ground lost on Monday.Kitakami funds, which have always been called “smart funds,” have been shot frequently since the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rat. In just 5 trading days, a total of 300 net purchases have been made.600 million yuan.  GEM Yige became an active fund sought after GEM Yige Ningde era has become the key target for capital increase in the north. Since the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rat, the Ningde era has received a net purchase of north funds.At the same time, financing investors are also adding large positions to the stock.Data show that this week Ningde Times has received a net purchase of 12 from customers.1.6 billion.It is worth mentioning that the Ningde era is the stock with the highest amount of capital raised by investors since the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rat.  Under the continuous pursuit of funds from the two channels, the Ningde Times recently achieved a record high in Diego. The stock hit an all-time high of 169 yesterday.89 yuan, down 5 on Friday.7%, the latest A stock market valued at 353.8 billion US dollars, still ranking first in the GEM market value.  Holding Tesla in hand is undoubtedly the main factor driving the continuous expansion of the Ningde era.On February 3, Ningde Times disclosed that it confirmed the cooperation matters indicated by Tesla in the fourth quarter earnings call.The announcement said that the company has signed an agreement with Tesla to supply lithium-ion power battery products to it, and the agreement still needs to be signed by Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.After the announcement, Ningde Times surged more than 3% against the trend of the A-share market on the day when it fell more than 7%.  In addition, on 武汉桑拿洗浴会所 the eve of the Spring Festival, Ningde Times announced the 2019 annual performance forecast, and the company’s net profit is expected to be 40 last year.6.4 billion to 49.$ 1.1 billion, growing 20% to 45% annually.Ningde Times said that the pre-increasing performance was mainly due to the rapid development of the new energy automobile industry, and the demand for the power battery market increased from the same period of the previous year.  75 funded customers have increased their positions by over 100 million yuan. Since the Spring Festival of the Hamster Year, compared to going northward, the operation of financing customers has not been that sharp, but many of them have only achieved outstanding performance in large-scale additions and took the lead on Monday.Deep pit.Securities Times · Statistics show that in just 5 trading 淡水桑拿网 days, 75 stocks were raised by over 100 million yuan.  Ningde Times was approved to raise funds for customers to increase their positions12.1.6 billion came in first place, and TCL Technology was able to add 10 positions.7.8 billion came in second.Since February 7, 2020, the company ‘s securities abbreviation has been changed from “TCL Group” to “TCL Technology”. The company stated in its January announcement that it has replaced smart terminals and supporting businesses, focused on the development of the technology industry, and switched from related diversification.For professional operation, the company is committed to the world’s leading intelligent technology industry group, looking for mergers and acquisition opportunities in the core, basic, and high-end technology fields.On Monday, TCL technology stopped falling, and then rebounded successively, harvesting four consecutive years. The latest closing price has reached a four-year high, and the value of the A stock market has reached 77 billion.  Guoxuan Hi-Tech was approved to raise funds for customers to increase their positions8.5.3 billion ranked third. The stock is also a lithium battery. The Huawei concept also rebounded quickly after the limit fell on Monday. It hit a two-year high on Friday.After 6 yuan, it can continue to fall, and finally closed down 8.77%, the value of the A stock market fell below 30 billion.Other investors who received financing to increase their positions were China Satellites, a satellite navigation concept stock, Anjie Technology and Grammy, a gene concept stock, BGI, and a charging pile concept, Terad.  Among the large number of financing investors to increase positions, last year’s performance of 35 shares is expected to achieve growth.Data show that in accordance with the expected lower limit of net profit, the net profit of 10 shares is expected to double.The largest increase in net profit is expected to be Huahai Pharmaceutical. The company expects that net profit in 2019 will increase by 4 over the previous year.05 trillion to 5 trillion, an annual increase of 376% to 465%.The main effects of this period of pre-increasing performance are: 1. The effect of the variable salsartan employment event in 2018, the company took into account the loss that may be caused to the company by the Varsartan mutation event; 2. The technical service income increased due to the replacement of some products,Factors such as the successful bidding for centralized mining affected the company’s profit increase.  Apple concept stock Lansi Technology expects last year’s net profit to be 24.5.2 billion to 26.1.2 billion, an annual increase of 285% to 310%.The pre-increasing performance mainly includes the following reasons: 1. Technological innovation leads the development of the industry and the acceleration of market resources for the company; 2. Lean management optimization and comprehensive advancement; strategic layout opens a new development cycle; 3. Prosperous production and sales, continuous management and control, successfulComplete the preliminary breakthrough growth target; 4, the impact of non-recurring gains and losses on the current net profit is about 500 million US dollars.  Net profit is also expected to double, as well as Huiding Technology, Changchun High-tech, Nanjing Securities, Shanghai Rice, and ZTE.  Disclaimer: All information content does not constitute investment advice. The stock market is risky and investment must be cautious.

New Dairy (002946): Management empowers Bian Dean Food to grow at high speed through innovation and mergers and acquisitions

New Dairy (002946): Management empowers Bian Dean Food to grow at high speed through innovation and mergers and acquisitions

With the structural growth of the dairy industry, under the shape of a duopoly, regional dairy companies are innovating and competing with low-temperature milk. The overall growth rate of the dairy industry is overall, and the merger and expansion of mature companies is an important skill.

Low-temperature dairy products and yogurt are structural growth points of the dairy industry. The rapid development of cold chain logistics is conducive to the low-temperature process of dairy products.

The dairy industry as a whole has a duopoly structure, and the market concentration has continued to increase.

There are four major trends in the dairy industry: product innovation, industry concentration, internationalization, and prolonged insurance coverage.

Regional dairy companies are at a competitive disadvantage, but there are also opportunities for overtaking.

Regional dairy companies compete mainly through low-temperature products and continuous innovation.

The main growth points: nationalization and mergers and acquisitions, differentiated fresh products, cost optimization growth point 1: the company to achieve capacity expansion through mergers and acquisitions and self-built, and complete regional distribution through mergers and acquisitions.

Anhui Baidi Project is expected to bring 25.

With a 4% increase, mergers and acquisitions and further capacity expansion ensure long-term potential.

The compound growth rate of income in three years may reach 25%, and the income is nearly 10 billion yuan.

Growth point 2: New Hope Dairy is guided by differentiation and implements a fresh strategy.

Low-temperature products have fast growth, high gross profit, and solid research and development support.

The increase in the gross profit of low-temperature products also increased the proportion, driving the company’s growth and increasing gross profit margin.

Differentiated marketing, increase consumer viscosity, increase repurchase rate, and gain growth.

Growth point 3: Transportation costs are expected to decrease due to the development of the cold chain, and management costs are expected to decrease due to the expansion of the scale. Within three years, the company’s net interest rate will increase to 7%. Core competitive advantages: post-investment management capabilities, major shareholder empowerment, and private enterprise competitionAdvantage 1: The company’s choice of strategic targets in mergers and acquisitions, bargaining and reorganization, post-investment management integration and target performance improvement all have excellent historical performance.

The company’s post-investment management capabilities are particularly excellent, forming a complete framework in all aspects of mergers and acquisitions integration, and its management empowerment capabilities are similar to 3G capital.

The profitability of the acquisition target has reached the industry-leading level after integration, and the company’s overall ROE has steadily increased.

Competitive advantage 2: New Hope Group is strong. New Hope Dairy is the Group’s only non-cyclical 深圳桑拿网 core profit point. It will be supported by the Group to foster more FMCG companies.

The group is in the whole industrial chain layout of the agricultural and animal husbandry industry. It is hoped that the dairy industry can obtain certain synergy in the cold chain and procurement.

Competitive advantage 3: The private management mechanism is advanced, the group decentralizes its subsidiaries, and the incentive mechanism is fully covered from top to bottom.

The company’s managers have grown in the field, are experienced, good at management, and have excellent performance.

Stone of other mountains: For Dean Food, New Hope Dairy may achieve high-speed growth through mergers and acquisitions.

Dean Foods has expanded through mergers and acquisitions for 10 years and 10 times.

Low temperature milk is subject 杭州桑拿 to milk sources, and M & A expansion is a better solution.

Dean Foods has grown from a non-dairy company to the No. 1 dairy company in the United States through mergers and acquisitions.


The success of Dean Foods comes from the expansion of mergers and acquisitions under high leverage, which is behind the integration of mergers and acquisitions integration capabilities and financial operation capabilities.

During the M & A process, profitability increased steadily.

After 2007, the shareholders of Dean Food seem to be reduced due to the decrease. The actual reason is that the profit growth department of WhiteWave is divested, and the overall shareholder income has increased.


New Hope Dairy’s fundamentals are better classified, and it is expected to follow Dean Foods’ M & A to achieve high-speed growth profit forecast: consider New Hope Dairy1.

M & A integration capacity budget, with room for breakthrough epitaxial growth; 2.

The differentiated competition strategy is effective. Focusing on low-temperature milk, further construction and production through production capacity can achieve rapid growth beyond the industry in the low-temperature milk field.

Considering mergers and acquisitions, it is expected that revenue will be 61-2019.



600 million, net profit 3.


810,000 yuan, EPS 0.



80 yuan, with reference to comparable companies, giving 30 times PE in 2020 with a target price of 17.

1 yuan, giving an overweight rating.

Risk warning: industry competition intensifies, ROE declines, M & A expansion is blocked, violation of preferential policy changes

The second quarter of the securities firm’s heavy storage stocks revealed the new 48 favorite medicine

The second quarter of the securities firm’s heavy storage stocks revealed the new 48 “favorite” medicine

With the intensive release of the semi-annual reports of listed companies in 2019, the list of securities companies’ heavy storage stocks has gradually surfaced.

  According to 厦门夜网the data, there are already 113 listed companies in the list of the top ten outstanding shareholders of circulating stocks, and the securities firm’s self-employed figure appears, holding a total of about 15 shares.

5.8 billion shares, corresponding to a market value of approximately 218 positions.

1.9 billion yuan.

  From the 2019 semi-annual report, it is not difficult to find that the self-operated funds of the securities companies favor the pharmaceutical and bio-industry, and it is expected that a new round of growth trends will be ushered in by the end of the year.

  In the second quarter of this year, long-term securities firms are expected to undergo a “big swap” of heavy stocks. Of the 113 securities stocks that have been disclosed so far, 48 are new stocks.

  From the perspective of the number of new shares, there are 6 stocks with more than 10 million new positions held by securities companies, namely Longjing Environmental Protection, Sinoma Science and Technology, Beichen Industry, Huasu Holdings, Fuxiang Stock, and Yunnan Tourism.

  Specifically, CITIC Securities New Ventures holds approximately 2629 of Longjing Environmental and Beichen Industrial.

42 million shares and 1764.

420,000 shares, the market value of positions (calculated at the end of the second quarter, the same below) is about 3.

2.6 billion and 6616.

680,000 yuan.

CICC and Huachuang Securities respectively hold approximately 1871 of Sinoma Technology and Fuxiang.

530,000 shares and 1481.

60,000 shares, the market value of positions is about 1.

700 million and 2.

2.2 billion.

China Galaxy Securities Xinjin holds approximately 1650 of Huasu Holdings and Yunnan Tourism.

960,000 shares and 1071.

510,000 shares, corresponding to a market value of approximately 4,523 positions.

630,000 yuan and 6900.

520,000 yuan.

  In addition, Huachang Chemical, Angel Yeast, Nanning Department Store, Christie Technology, and Satellite Petrochemical were newly opened positions by securities companies, and the number of positions held was more than 5 million shares.

  In terms of increase and decrease of holdings, the top five stocks in the second quarter of the securities firm’s self-supported increase were: Hengli Petrochemical, Hikvision, Zhonghuan, Shanghai Mechanical and Electrical and Hansen Pharmaceutical.

From the perspective of holding stock market value, Hikvision of CITIC Securities still holds the highest stock market value, holding about 24.

04 billion.

It appears to be true, although CITIC Securities has repeatedly reduced its holdings on Hikvision, it still increased its holdings on Hikvision this period.

With 290,000 shares, the market value of Hikvision, a heavy warehouse of CITIC Securities, increased by 24.04 million yuan.

In fact, the sudden reduction in the number of shares held by Qixin Group, Ninghu Expressway, and its China Securities Securities split Xinxin Group reduced its holding by 1356.

270,000 shares, the largest number of shares reduced.

  Against the backdrop of stock market shocks and fluctuations in the second quarter, some brokerages’ self-operated heavy storage stocks broke through against the trend and grew.

According to the “Securities Daily” reporter statistics, there are 32 securities companies outperforming the market.

  For example, CITIC Construction Investment Securities hit Hansen Pharmaceuticals in the second quarter of this year (the breakthrough rose by 21 in the second quarter.

7%) holds 1063.

860,000 shares, resulting in a sharp increase in the value of the stock market in the second quarter of 40.01 million, the market value of positions reached 1.

3.5 billion yuan.

  Judging from the investment roadmap of the brokerage’s heavy warehouse, the brokerage firm more “preferred” to the pharmaceutical and biological industry in the second quarter.

In addition to Hansen Pharmaceutical, blue-ray development, Changshan Pharmaceutical, People’s Tongtai, Lidman, Tongce Medical and other pharmaceutical and bio-industry stocks are all held by brokers.  In fact, at the end of the first quarter, the supplementary securities firm released a research report on the pharmaceutical and biological industry. At that time, the securities firm believed that the market ‘s forecast for the return of earnings in the first quarter was driven by the theme to return to value, which was interpreted as a significant comparative advantage in the pharmaceutical sector.

In the second half of the year, the securities companies still “love”深圳桑拿网 the pharmaceutical and biological industry. The Soochow Securities Pharmaceutical and Biological team believes that the integrated pharmaceutical industry policy has become a qualitative factor in the development and trend of the industry. Focusing on domestic demand in the Chinese market will be the core of the development of the pharmaceutical industrydirection.

The pharmaceutical and bio-industry industry is expected to usher in a new round of growth trends at the end of the year with a policy shortfall to supplement the estimated switch.

Yoga loves males too

Yoga loves males too

Clean, healthy, natural, fresh . like the air with dew.

When Chen Kun looks at you, they can all observe as comfortable as green plants.

Ranked in the muscle man’s eight-pack abs, Chen Kun’s refreshing is even better.

What’s even more surprising is that this big boy loves yoga.

  According to the “Body Line” magazine, Chen Kun has been practicing yoga since the last year of college, and it has been more than five years since then.

Chen Kun said: “The first contact with yoga was in a farmhouse in Amsterdam. I saw an old lady in her sixties practicing yoga. I am a Buddhist. Before I contacted yoga, I had a meditation habit.I think this thing works for me.

She taught me some basics of yoga and I have been practicing it myself since I came back.

“When it comes to the topic of yoga, people around me interjected and said how difficult it is to do posture, that leg, that huge, not practicing with the teacher, is not easy to practice.

“That’s because most people don’t know much about yoga.

Chen Kun didn’t take it for granted.

  ”The yoga I practice is mainly meditation, and I also practice extremely large postures, but not so mysterious.

The main thing in yoga is to regulate breathing. The correct breathing method can regulate your mood.

There is a saying: Human life is just in one breath.

It sounds esoteric, but it does.

“Sit cross-legged, relax your limbs, and balance yourself in meditation.

This is Chen Kun’s description of his state while practicing yoga.

  For him who does not like cardiovascular exercise, yoga is the most suitable.

There is a slang term for “who slips by what bird”.

In fact, some people choose a certain lifestyle.

Slow and long, soft and warm, this description can be used to describe yoga, but also can be used to describe Chen Kun.

  Yoga has become an important part of Chen Kun’s life.

He said: “Yoga has changed me a lot, and my body is more flexible. The important thing is to make me more peaceful and natural, including my attitude towards life.

Yoga has become my concept of life.

In fact, my level is very ordinary, many actions can not be done.

If you can’t do it, you can’t do it, take your time.

“With temperament like Chen Kun and such intensity of work, it’s not easy to stick to exercise.

But for yoga, he maintains an hour of exercise per day.

If you are at home, you won’t get up after 7 in the morning and you won’t go to bed more than 10 in the evening.

  If he was in the crew, he would get up an hour and a half in advance, practice yoga for one hour, and wash for half an hour.

Ask him what motivates him to keep going?

“Like me!

“It’s a natural answer,” I can’t escape anything like the word, as long as you like it, you won’t find it difficult.

“Because I like to choose yoga, and yoga gives Chen Kun a healthy body and a calm mind.

Psychological counseling for college entrance examination students

Psychological counseling for college entrance examination students

Psychological counseling is hot before the test. “I feel it’s useless to listen.

This past weekend, a key middle school in Zhengzhou City specially invited a team of psychological experts from Beijing to provide psychological counseling for senior high school students. All senior high school students in the school must participate.A senior high school student bluntly said: “Not only did I not reduce the pressure, but I felt more and more nervous.

The senior student also told reporters that this kind of psychological counseling is effective for some students, but most students benefit from it.

  And some parents also questioned the school ‘s approach: “The exam is coming soon, and the child ‘s time is already very valuable. At this time, how much effect can it take to spend so much time on psychological counseling?

Is it worth it?

“Similarly, there was a high school senior candidate who listened to the psychological counseling organized by the school. When asked by his parents, the candidates simply said,” I can’t listen after listening to a few words. It’s useless.

“It is understood that in recent years, more and more schools and parents are very enthusiastic about how to adjust their children’s mentality before the test.

Not only does the school invite psychologists to provide counseling to candidates, some parents have also been “learning lessons”
. From March this year to the present, many large and small psychological counseling lectures have been held in Zhengzhou, attracting many listeners.Over children.

  A parent told reporters: “My daughter is about to take the middle school exam. She belongs to the kind of child who” will be dizzy every test. “This time I want to help the child replace the burden of thought.

As for any gains after listening, the parent took out his notebook and said, “I felt that I was” symptomatic “with my daughter’s condition, and I wrote it down and went back to try it.

“Is psychological counseling useful?

  It is understood that the pre-examination psychological counseling organized by the school is a group lecture. The school organizes all students in the graduating class to listen to psychological counseling conducted by a psychologist or a team of experts.

  When reporters interviewed Zhou Jianxun, the head of the Ministry of Minority Health Education of the Zhengzhou Health Education Association, Zhou Jianxun said: “This kind of psychological counseling before the exam has indeed been very” popular. “Many middle schools hired psychologists to counsel candidates before the test.

Zhou Jianxun said that there are some problems with this kind of psychological counseling before the exam.

The biggest problem is the lack of pertinence. Psychological counseling faces hundreds of graduates. Most of the content is a wide range of common problems, resulting in a variety of assumptions, such as “What if you are nervous when you take the exam?

“” If you leave your brain blank after you roll out the test papers, what should you do?

“Wait, this kind of coaching has its positive side, it can make 30%?
40% of the children benefit, especially the junior students who are about to take the mid-term entrance examination, because they have not experienced a similar big exam, and they have some psychological preparation for the rehabilitation exam after listening to the guidance of a psychologist.

  However, this kind of counseling also has its negative side. It is lack of pertinence. Every time hundreds of candidates take counseling together, more than half of them avoid benefiting from it, and even become more nervous after listening.

“Some children have good psychological qualities and there is no psychological pressure, so receiving psychological counseling is a waste of time for them.

“To make matters worse, Zhou Jianxun said, some children who were not already nervous became nervous after receiving psychological counseling.” I have met a high school senior who had a failure experience in the middle school entrance exam.It had been adjusted, but I did not expect that after listening to a psychological counseling lecture, I became very nervous because of the original shadow.

“The deputy chief physician of the Ninth Ward of the Eighth People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou City said:” The docking of psychological state with test scores may also evolve into a dangerous psychological cue, exacerbating the burden of candidates, and some candidates do not have a link between scores and psychology. WhenYou keep reminding that stress can have serious consequences, and they may become more worried.

“Also, this kind of psychological counseling only teaches without practice and lacks interaction. Psychologists give lectures and leave after the lecture. There is no follow-up, no communication and interaction, no evaluation, and I don’t know what the effect is after the lecture.

  Psychological counseling should be targeted at the phenomenon that psychological counseling is currently popular for candidates. One person is not worried. “Because of the popularity, many schools are irrational and do not consider the actual situation.There is a great potential for comparison, and some psychological counseling agencies that do not have the qualifications and strengths are also taking advantage of it. ”

“In fact, schools should do screening work for seniors in advance.

Zhou Jianxun said that some candidates who suffered from “college entrance examination syndromes” such as memory loss or “come dizzy every test” should be screened out very early. Please have experienced teachers, psychologists, and targetedIndividual coaching, so you can also track, interact and feedback, and get good results.

For group coaching, the positive side should be acknowledged, but don’t force all candidates to listen.

I know myself best and ask my child’s opinions. Those candidates with good psychological quality and no pressure can not listen at all.

Who has pressure to turn into a vulnerable group?

Who has pressure to turn into a vulnerable group?

There are cars and houses, enjoying high salaries, brand names all over the body, often in and out of corrections and various high-end hotels and shopping places in the prime location . In people’s minds, this group of people is known as a white-collar and gold-collar special groupNo matter who is in front of or behind, the scenery is endless.

  However, recently, there have been reports that more than half of this special group of people are gradually becoming psychologically “vulnerable groups.”

They are under unimaginable pressures, often because unless they are already indifferent, more than half of them are forcing them to dislike or even get bored with their jobs. Their psychological pressure is getting stronger and their physical conditions are getting worse.difference.
… “Boss Difficulty” in marriage highlights the fragility of white-collar workers. In a matchmaking agency set up by the All China Women’s Federation, staff members often see white-collar workers who are well-dressed and have good manners.

They have a house and a car, and their conditions are excellent.

But even so, you still have to overcome the matchmaking agency to find the “half” in your life.

  In an interview, a reporter from once encountered a typical elderly white-collar worker. When the staff of the Women’s Federation’s matchmaking office notified her to meet a man, she was so shy in her early thirties, she saidUntil now, she has n’t really met once. When she was in school, she concentrated on studying. From high school to university to graduate student to work, she has been busy. After more than ten years of busyness, she waited until her classmates and friends around her were “When she dragged her daughter, she suddenly said that she should also get married.

  Li Ya, the staff member of the All-China Women ‘s Federation ‘s secretary-general, told that there are still many white-collar workers looking for “the other half”
through the Women ‘s Federation matchmaking agency. In other people ‘s minds, white-collar workers ‘mating conditions must be very high.That ‘s like, “In fact, I do n’t want the other party to have much money, and how high a part is, as long as they can appreciate and like each other.

But even this is still very difficult to find.

“Many white-collar workers said helplessly.

  ”The Women’s Federation once hosted a white-collar worker who graduated from a medical university. Her standard of spouse selection was so low that she felt a little bit sad. She repeatedly said that as long as the other party could accept her cleanliness, it was enough.

Li Ya said that the white-collar worker works in a medical device company. Because of his outstanding ability to work, he is notorious in the industry, but with the increase of age and seniority, the men around him always feel that they see her.Sometimes there is a feeling of “it can’t stand the cold”, so even if I like it in my heart, it can only be discouraged.

  Li Ya also told that in recent years, marriage and marriage have become a common problem for white-collar workers, and work pressure and psychological pressure have been increasing. As a result, more and more white-collar workers have noticed the importance of marriage and love.Problem.

This is also a popular leader of various “white-collar dating” clubs and various television stations like “Rose Covenant”.

  White-collar and gold-collar workers can’t withstand the five major pressures. reporters learned through interviews that, in fact, the work of white-collar workers is not as interesting as expected.

  -Staying away from family life makes the white-collar workers almost exhausted.

  ”Half of the young people in our company are not married or even in love. They say that one is no time and the other is no mood.

“Li Yuan’s company is a foreign company outside Anding’s door. When talking with reporters about the emotional life of the company’s colleagues, Li Yuan used the word” depressed “:” The company’s affairs are already too busy every day.,哪儿有时间谈恋爱呀,就连公司里结了婚的一些同事都快‘后院起火’了!Li Yuan also told reporters that, to be honest, it is not that they can’t make time, mainly because they have no passion or mood.

  In fact, the phenomenon described by Li Yuan is widespread among white-collar workers.

Inexplicably irritable, depressed and bored, some white-collar workers gradually alienated the wind and snow and family life.

Unmarried began to refuse love and marriage, while married was regarded as an optional rest place.

They refuse or rarely communicate with their families, and things like watching movies, listening to concerts, and visiting parks have left them for many years.

  -Everyday high-intensity work fatigues white-collar workers.

  Song An is the creative director of a German advertising company outside Jianguomen. As early as three years ago, he was already a standard white-collar worker with an annual salary of 120,000.

As the military advertising industry has been getting longer, Song An feels more and more pressure on him.

“I spend more than twelve hours a day in the company.

There is no way. In fact, everyone knows that the end of work has already passed, but looking at a lot of unfinished work at hand and looking at colleagues who are still working at your side makes you have to put away your heart and go back to

According to reporters, the normal working time of an average person is 8 to 10 hours, which is the load of human health.

If you work more than 12 hours for a long time, it will cause stress to the human body.

But white-collar workers like Song An who work more than 12 hours a day are not a minority.

Song An told reporters that after driving home late at night, he felt that he had no energy to talk.

  -Complex interpersonal relationships make white-collar workers more and more hypocritical.

  ”I feel that my biggest ‘growth’ after work is that mood and anger are no longer visible.

“Yanko, who just graduated from university the year before last, is an employee of an Internet company. When she was the youngest in the company, she told her reporter the biggest feelings after working:” I can ignore it when I am unhappy beforeSomeone else was angry, even crying with a grin.

But now, no matter how uncomfortable he feels, his mouth still smiles like ‘rotten peach’.

“In fact, Yanzi’s feeling is also the common feeling of many white-collar workers.

Long-term depression and concealment of one’s true feelings, in the face of colleagues and supervisors began to become indifferent, the judgment of things is not right or wrong, even the daily armed work is not like or even bored.
  -Fewer and fewer friends can push their hearts, making white-collar workers increasingly lonely and lonely.
  ”The colleagues in the unit are busy with each other, and there is only hidden competition among colleagues. Therefore, it is basically impossible for colleagues to push each other, and some of the original friends are even close to each other because of time and location.Feelings are indifferent and slowly lose touch.

“The pony of a computer sales company in Zhongguancun South Street told reporters that he now basically finds friends who can go out to drink and drink together and stay up all night,” because people who have found a friend who can tell their troubles are gradually reluctantSpeak up your troubles.

“Loneliness and loneliness have become another big psychological pressure on modern white-collar workers.

According to a survey, modern white-collar workers prefer to face the computer all day, telling their friends, who have never met, their joy, grief, and sorrow, rather than find a friend or relative who exists in reality to share.

  -Physical fitness is getting worse.

  ”Apart from cosmetics, cell phones and some tissues, the most things in my bag are medicine.

Eye drops, band-aids, gastrointestinal medicines, everything.

“Twenty-four-year-old Yang Yang has a car that everyone admires, and he is often a famous brand in less than three years.

However, at this time, Yang Yang felt that his physical fitness was not as good as when he was in school.

Faced with the computer every day, eye drops became an essential medicine for Yang Yang.

In addition, she often suffered from stomach problems and enteritis because she could not eat on time.

  As early as the beginning of 2000, a survey showed that 78% of white-collar workers in the society are currently in a sub-health state, and these diseases have caused these white-collar workers who are endlessly tired to be tired.

In addition, illness can easily cause depression, and some will lose confidence in life.

  Experts help white-collar workers out of the psychological error zone. While facing various pressures such as work pressure, psychological pressure, and family pressure, many white-collar workers also seem to faintly find that their psychology is far from being free and healthy as in the past.

As a result, many white-collar workers thought of using a psychologist to ease their psychological pressure.

  In 2003, the Beijing Municipal Health Department conducted a survey of the city’s psychological counseling institutions. Beijing Anding Hospital and Beijing Huilongguan Hospital were the authoritative departments for mental illness in the city. In the past two years, they have been undergraduate in the hospital’s psychological clinic.There are nearly 40,000 consultants with academic qualifications above, and 80% of them are white-collar workers enjoying high salaries.

  ”Even in the presence of a psychiatrist, not all white-collar workers are willing to give up their minds in full, and many white-collar workers always have reservations.

“Gao Shiyuan, a psychiatrist at Huilongguan Hospital, told reporters in an interview with,” In fact, it is also a serious mental illness that he is unwilling to tell his mind.

Originally autistic in psychology.

“Doctor Gao also told reporters that the mental illness of white-collar workers is mostly caused by excessive stress. The most typical feature is the loss of interest in many things,” said many white-collar workers, who gradually lost their interest in shopping and gathering with friends.Interest in dating, many married people are even less interested in sex.

“In recent years, the psychological problems of white-collar and gold-collar workers have aroused the recognition of relevant experts. Gao Shiyuan initiated a long-term investigation and research and summarized the following countermeasures to reduce the psychological pressure of white-collar and gold-collar workers in their lives and work.
  Doctor Gao first suggested that the majority of white-collar workers slow down their work.

He said, “If you’re overwhelmed by the stress of work, it’s best to immediately put your work down, slow it down, and take a break. You might do better.

At the same time, we must also pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of work and rest time, strictly implement the work and rest system established by ourselves, so that life, study, and work can be carried out regularly.

  Basically, we should pay attention to cultivate a good mentality, strengthen psychological cultivation, and develop the habit of psychoanalysis.

Consider making friends with a psychiatrist in order to get their help often.

  Doctor Gao also mentioned a very important point, which is to ensure extra sleep.

“To maintain adequate sleep, care must be taken not to violate the laws of nature.

“Now many white-collar workers are accustomed to work at night until one or two o’clock in the evening, or even later, and sleep the next day until noon or even the afternoon. Such a schedule is extremely bad, and it can easily cause psychological problems.

  In addition, Dr. Gao also proposed that white-collar workers should always keep one by one, and do n’t feel uncomfortable with themselves, set goals unattainable, do everything within their power, and adjust goals at any time may notThe behavior of the weak.

Handle the relationship between the cause and the family reasonably: the harmony of the family and the success of the cause are by no means indispensable. Their relationship is interactive, “home and everything”.

We must be mentally prepared to face pressure: we must fully realize that the high efficiency of modern society will inevitably bring high competitiveness and high challenge, and we must be mentally prepared for certain specific effects, so as to avoid temporary panic and increase stress.
At the same time, we must maintain a normal attitude, be optimistic and open-minded, and do not worry about adversity.

  Finally, be kind to others, “big things are clear and small things are confused.”

Zheng Banqiao’s “rare confusion” has been chanted to this day, because of the truth in life.

At the same time, white-collar workers should also pay attention to enrich their personal amateur life and develop personal hobbies.

The fun of life often makes people feel comfortable. Painting, calligraphy, chess, sports, and entertainment can add a lot of fun to life, regulate the rhythm of life, and stand out from the gradual and gradual tension, moving towards joy and relaxation.

Health care before bedtime

Health care before bedtime

The eight methods of bedtime health care is a kind of benign health care method without side effects. If you stick to it for a long time, it can promote the metabolism of the whole body and have a positive effect on preventing disease and benefiting life.

  When casting, you need to close your eyes and calm your mind, your mind is quiet, the tip of your tongue lightly tops your upper jaw, and your limbs are fully relaxed. The 1-7 method can be used in a seated operation and the eighth method can be used in a supine operation.

The eight methods of anion should be operated close to the skin, the stronger the penetration, the better the effect.

The operation time of the eight methods is about 12-18 minutes. The old and infirm can cast 12 minutes, and the young and strong can continue to cast for 18 minutes. After the cast, the limbs are relaxed and they should sleep peacefully.

  First, the nail of the first hand: the forefinger, middle finger and ring finger of both hands are bent to 45 degrees, and the scalp is massaged back and forth at the rate of eight times per second for 1 to 2 minutes, which can strengthen blood supply, enhance blood circulation and accelerate sleep.

  Second, rub the ears with both palms: that is, the thumbs of the two palms are close to the lower end of the front ear, from bottom to top, from front to back, rubbing the ears for 1 to 2 minutes.

Can clear the meridians, clear the heat and soothe the nerves, and prevent hearing degradation.

  Third, double palm rubbing face: That is, the palms of the two hands are close to the face, and all parts of the face are gently rubbed at a rate of two times and two times, which can clear the head and face meridians and promote sleep and wrinkle prevention.

  Fourth, rubbing the neck, shoulders and shoulders: that is, rubbing the neck and shoulder muscles with two palms at a rate of twice a minute, focusing on the spine of the neck for 1 to 2 minutes, which can relieve fatigue and prevent neck and shoulder fractures.

  Fifth, push the back of the chest: that is, the thumbs of the palms of the two hands, push the back and the front of the chest vigorously from top to bottom at a rate of twice per second, focusing on the front of the chest and the back of the waist, a total of about 2 to 3Minutes can strengthen the heart, strengthen the waist, and clear the viscera and meridians.

  6. Push your legs with palms: that is, with your hands facing each other, close to the upper end of the lower limbs, and push the lower limbs from top to bottom for 1 minute at a frequency of once per second, and then push the other lower limbs for 1 minute in accordance with the method. This method can lift the lower limbs.Fatigue, dredge the foot six meridians.

  Seven, rubbing feet: rubbing all parts of the left instep with the palm of the right foot, rubbing all parts of the right instep with the left foot.

Then rub your left foot with your right heel.

Rub your right foot with your left heel for about 2 to 3 minutes.

This method can eliminate the fatigue of both feet and penetrate the qi and blood meridians.


Folding palms and abdomen: The two palms overlap closely against the abdomen at a speed of 1 or 2 times per second, continuously surrounding all parts of the abdomen, focusing on the umbilicus and surroundings, for a total of about 2 to 3 minutes. This method can strengthen the spleen and stomach and promote digestionabsorb.

Men improve their combat effectiveness without relying on drugs, 10 things, and change Ding Ding fight

Men improve their combat effectiveness without relying on drugs, 10 things, and change Ding Ding “fight”

Men improve their combat effectiveness without relying on these slender and symmetrical researchers at the University of New South Wales found that men generally have a higher level of affection for girls with long arms in their lives.

On the contrary, the girl with slender legs has the lowest degree of affection.

This is because the slenderness of the arms often reminds the brothers of a comfortable and powerful hug.

The rounded hip male is rarely resistant to the girl’s rounded buttocks.

Even if you are calm on the surface, Tintin’s wake will remind you of this fact.

This is because the main component that forms the rounded wedge is the omega-3 fatty acid.

The role of this fatty acid can often prevent women from producing estrogen, which exudes femininity.

The set of underwear girls’ sets of underwear can often successfully evoke the excitement of men.

This is because we can receive sly hints from girls.

Although the woman around me said that the rabbit does not eat grass, the results of the study show that we often have more fantasies about the female colleagues around us.

A girl who leaves a man out of a single body is often a female colleague around her.

The reason for the pursuit is the heartbeat that can be generated every time you meet.

A woman who looks like her often uses some of her physical characteristics as a benchmark to find a girl who looks like her.

In other words, the person who can successfully provoke Ding Ding’s fighting spirit is ourselves.

A woman’s laughing male is often seduce by the girl’s big laughter, even accompanied by Tintin’s rapid awakening.

The reason is because the girl’s laughter can remind us of the cry of my girlfriend.

The smell of the pumpkin pie is located in the Smell Research Center in Chicago. The scent of the pumpkin pie mixed with lavender can use the blood to rush and successfully increase the excitement of Tintin.

Red is widely believed to be more charming in red or deep red.

Even if the same girl puts on a different color of clothing, men still think that wearing red is the sexiest.

Experts say this may be related to cultural associations in men’s minds.

The red session we successfully associated with the “red light district” and “valentine”.

Moreover, when humans have not evolved completely, female primates will become more rosy when ovulating, thus suggesting a role in male disease.

So, next time you don’t hinder your girlfriend to put on red clothes for a date, maybe you can provide more pleasure for the date.

Fear of this research in the University of British Columbia in developing countries.

The researchers arranged two teams of men standing on two different bridges up to 70 meters above the ground.

One bridge is short and steady, while the other is long and shaking.

After a few minutes, the same sexy hot girl asked them regular questions.

The study found that the answers to the men who stood on the more swaying bridge were more explicit.

Thus triggering fear can successfully stimulate the brain and make people feel like they are open.

In other words, if your brothers feel exhausted, they can go for an umbrella and smash the pole, which will help the core problem to be solved smoothly.

Health benefits of daily consumption of 6 kinds of rice

Health benefits of daily consumption of 6 kinds of rice

Rice can satisfy the hunger and is the staple food of the Chinese people. In fact, rice has many other effects besides being full.

Such as digestion, kidney and so on.

Here are six types of rice with different effects.


The most nutritious is that the ordinary rice, which was previously used as rice for daily use, is also known as the previous rice or polished rice. It has a translucent oval or oval shape, has a high rice yield, and has a small swelling, but a large stickiness.

As a daily edible rice, the previous rice contains essential nutrients such as starch, protein, trace amounts, vitamin B1, niacin, vitamin C, calcium, and iron, which can provide the nutrition and content required by the human body.

  Using the previous rice to make porridge to maintain health and prolong life. In the history of 2000 years, the top layer of the previous rice porridge oil can be replenished with liquid and refined, which is beneficial to the nourishing yin and kidney essence.Suitable for patients, maternal and elderly.
The previous rice has the effects of strengthening the spleen and stomach, replenishing qi, nourishing yin and promoting fluid, removing irritability, thirst, and intestinal diarrhea. It can be used for complications such as weak spleen and stomach, irritability, malnutrition, and weakness after illness. However, patients with diabetes shouldBe careful not to eat too much.


The most aided digestion is the so-called coarse rice, which is the “light yellow rice” in which the rice with shells is removed during the milling process to retain the husk and retain the germ and cobalt.

Crude rice contains more protein, trace amounts, and vitamins than polished white rice.

  The crude fiber molecules of the rice bran layer help the body move, and it is effective for digestive diseases such as stomach diseases, constipation, and hemorrhoids.

Compared with refined white rice, coarse rice supplements can reduce plasma and reduce the risk of hypertension and stroke.

Slightly suitable for the general population to eat, but because it is slightly larger than rice, it has a thick texture and a tight gap, and it takes time to cook. It is recommended that it can be soaked and soaked in cold water before cooking, and then continuously soaked in water to occupy a pressure cooker.


The most nutritious is black rice. Black rice is rich in nutrients. It contains protein, trace amounts, B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and other substances, and its nutritional value exceeds that of ordinary rice.

It can significantly increase the content of human hemoglobin and hemoglobin, is conducive to the health of the cardiovascular system, is conducive to the development of children’s bones and brain, and promotes the recovery of maternal and physically weak patients after illness, so it is an ideal nutritional health productfood.

  Black rice has the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing kidney, nourishing qi and strengthening body, strengthening spleen and appetizing, nourishing liver and eyesight, nourishing essence and astringent, and is an anti-aging beauty, nourishing and strengthening body.

Regular consumption of black rice has a better nourishing effect on chronic patients, patients during rehabilitation and young children.

As black rice is not easy to cook, it should be soaked overnight before cooking.

Young children and elderly patients with weak digestive function are not suitable for consumption.


The most detoxified is glutinous rice and glutinous rice, also known as Jiangmi. Because of its fragrant and sticky texture, it is often made into flavor snacks, which is loved by everyone.

Glutinous rice contains nutrients such as protein, trace amounts, sugars, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B2, and a large amount of starch


The most beautiful is the barley, barley, also known as barley, barley.

Barley has high nutritional value and is known as “the world’s king of grass plants”.

Coix seed rice is rich in nutrients, containing Italian coix seed oil, coix seed fat, sterols, amino acids, arginine and other amino acid components and vitamin B1, diet and other nutritional ingredients.
  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that barley is sweet, mild, slightly cold, enters the spleen, stomach, and lung meridian, and has therapeutic and preventive effects on spleen deficiency, diarrhea, muscle acidity, and joint pain.


The most nourishing is millet millet also known as beam rice, corn, corn.

Its protein, trace, sugar, vitamin B2, niacin and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients.

Because millet is easily digested and absorbed by the human body, it is called “healthy rice” by nutrition experts.

  Xiaomi has the effects of strengthening the spleen, replenishing kidney qi, clearing heat, urinate, and treating irritability, and is a good nutritional rehabilitation product for the treatment of weak spleen and stomach, physical weakness, impaired essence and blood, postpartum damage, and loss of appetite.

Due to the slightly cold nature of millet, the stagnation of the Qi and the physique are relatively cold, and the elderly should not eat too much.

At the end of the year, body detoxification grasps three dietary factors


At the end of the year, body detoxification grasps three dietary factors

The year is closed, are you looking forward to the coming of the new year?

Don’t worry, first learn a few tricks to learn about the body toxins with Xiaobian, and raise your body for the coming of the new year.

銆€銆€Tip 1: Add vitamins A, C, E to the body to become light, first of all to find the body detoxification of nutrients, vitamins A, C, E essential.

銆€銆€The foods of such nutrients are: vegetable tomatoes, sea lily, kale, leeks, coriander and pepper; squid, hairy vegetables, seaweed, kelp, sea cabbage and wakame seaweed food in fish.A good choice.

銆€銆€The right choice of dieters in the weight loss process can effectively supplement vitamins, avoiding the bias of 鈥渟limming and reducing vitamins鈥?

銆€銆€Trick 2: Select positive foods are divided into yin and yang, negative foods increase energy input, positive foods increase energy output.

Absorption of positive foods can increase the rate of basal metabolism, and even if you are at rest, the body can actively release energy, which is one of the reasons why some people do not eat fat.

銆€銆€Positive foods are: red meat; root and tuber vegetables, garlic and ginger, grain roots, soybeans, nuts, sesame.

銆€銆€Trick 3: A small amount of staple food changes the single food, can better help the stomach to clean up the body.

銆€銆€Rice contains cellulose and multivitamin B; wheat protein content, trace, starch and cellulose; barley contains high quality protein and amino acids, rich substituted fiber, vitamin B complex, iron and magnesium and other mineralsOatmeal protein; millet replaces tryptophan, carotene; beans replace high-quality protein; sorghum contains high fatty acids, and is rich in iron; potato contains carotene and vitamin C.