Psychological counseling for college entrance examination students

Psychological counseling for college entrance examination students

Psychological counseling is hot before the test. “I feel it’s useless to listen.

This past weekend, a key middle school in Zhengzhou City specially invited a team of psychological experts from Beijing to provide psychological counseling for senior high school students. All senior high school students in the school must participate.A senior high school student bluntly said: “Not only did I not reduce the pressure, but I felt more and more nervous.

The senior student also told reporters that this kind of psychological counseling is effective for some students, but most students benefit from it.

  And some parents also questioned the school ‘s approach: “The exam is coming soon, and the child ‘s time is already very valuable. At this time, how much effect can it take to spend so much time on psychological counseling?

Is it worth it?

“Similarly, there was a high school senior candidate who listened to the psychological counseling organized by the school. When asked by his parents, the candidates simply said,” I can’t listen after listening to a few words. It’s useless.

“It is understood that in recent years, more and more schools and parents are very enthusiastic about how to adjust their children’s mentality before the test.

Not only does the school invite psychologists to provide counseling to candidates, some parents have also been “learning lessons”
. From March this year to the present, many large and small psychological counseling lectures have been held in Zhengzhou, attracting many listeners.Over children.

  A parent told reporters: “My daughter is about to take the middle school exam. She belongs to the kind of child who” will be dizzy every test. “This time I want to help the child replace the burden of thought.

As for any gains after listening, the parent took out his notebook and said, “I felt that I was” symptomatic “with my daughter’s condition, and I wrote it down and went back to try it.

“Is psychological counseling useful?

  It is understood that the pre-examination psychological counseling organized by the school is a group lecture. The school organizes all students in the graduating class to listen to psychological counseling conducted by a psychologist or a team of experts.

  When reporters interviewed Zhou Jianxun, the head of the Ministry of Minority Health Education of the Zhengzhou Health Education Association, Zhou Jianxun said: “This kind of psychological counseling before the exam has indeed been very” popular. “Many middle schools hired psychologists to counsel candidates before the test.

Zhou Jianxun said that there are some problems with this kind of psychological counseling before the exam.

The biggest problem is the lack of pertinence. Psychological counseling faces hundreds of graduates. Most of the content is a wide range of common problems, resulting in a variety of assumptions, such as “What if you are nervous when you take the exam?

“” If you leave your brain blank after you roll out the test papers, what should you do?

“Wait, this kind of coaching has its positive side, it can make 30%?
40% of the children benefit, especially the junior students who are about to take the mid-term entrance examination, because they have not experienced a similar big exam, and they have some psychological preparation for the rehabilitation exam after listening to the guidance of a psychologist.

  However, this kind of counseling also has its negative side. It is lack of pertinence. Every time hundreds of candidates take counseling together, more than half of them avoid benefiting from it, and even become more nervous after listening.

“Some children have good psychological qualities and there is no psychological pressure, so receiving psychological counseling is a waste of time for them.

“To make matters worse, Zhou Jianxun said, some children who were not already nervous became nervous after receiving psychological counseling.” I have met a high school senior who had a failure experience in the middle school entrance exam.It had been adjusted, but I did not expect that after listening to a psychological counseling lecture, I became very nervous because of the original shadow.

“The deputy chief physician of the Ninth Ward of the Eighth People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou City said:” The docking of psychological state with test scores may also evolve into a dangerous psychological cue, exacerbating the burden of candidates, and some candidates do not have a link between scores and psychology. WhenYou keep reminding that stress can have serious consequences, and they may become more worried.

“Also, this kind of psychological counseling only teaches without practice and lacks interaction. Psychologists give lectures and leave after the lecture. There is no follow-up, no communication and interaction, no evaluation, and I don’t know what the effect is after the lecture.

  Psychological counseling should be targeted at the phenomenon that psychological counseling is currently popular for candidates. One person is not worried. “Because of the popularity, many schools are irrational and do not consider the actual situation.There is a great potential for comparison, and some psychological counseling agencies that do not have the qualifications and strengths are also taking advantage of it. ”

“In fact, schools should do screening work for seniors in advance.

Zhou Jianxun said that some candidates who suffered from “college entrance examination syndromes” such as memory loss or “come dizzy every test” should be screened out very early. Please have experienced teachers, psychologists, and targetedIndividual coaching, so you can also track, interact and feedback, and get good results.

For group coaching, the positive side should be acknowledged, but don’t force all candidates to listen.

I know myself best and ask my child’s opinions. Those candidates with good psychological quality and no pressure can not listen at all.